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Just2know : There is no knowledge that is not power
Just2know : There is no knowledge that is not power



Deng Wei (CHN) enjoyed a dream Olympic debut at Rio 2016. On 9 Aug, she achieved the heaviest weightlifting 63 kg clean & jerk with 147 kg (324 lb 1.27 oz). With a snatch of 115 kg, Deng posted a total of 262 kg (577 lb 9.77 oz)

– earning her both a gold medal and two world records.


After winning gold at Rio 2016, Oscar Figueroa (COL) left his shoes upon the mat as a way of announcing his retirement.



On 12 Aug 2016, Kianoush Rostami (IRN) lifted 396 kg (873 lb 0.49 oz) to win the gold medal in the 85 kg category at Rio 2016. He lifted 217 kg (478 lb 6.44 oz) in the clean & jerk, and achieved a 179-kg (394-lb 10-oz) snatch, breaking his own combined world record by 1 kg (2 lb 3.27 oz).

Heaviest weight squat-lifted (female, assisted)

On 8 Jul 2016, Samantha Coleman (USA) squat-lifted 661 lb (299.82 kg) at a United Powerlifting Association-sanctioned event in Rosemount, Minnesota, USA. She also bench-pressed 391 lb (177.35 kg) on the same day. Coleman is one of only a handful of women to have deadlifted more than 600 lb (272.15 kg). She wears a tiara while lifting to symbolize the “beauty in strength”.

Heaviest weightlifting 77 kg snatch (male)

Lu Xiaojun (CHN) lifted 177 kg (390 lb 3.49 oz) at the Rio Olympics on 10 Aug 2016. Unfortunately, even this wasn’t enough for Lu to win overall gold. He finished with a silver medal behind Nijat Rahimov (KAZ), who achieved the heaviest weightlifting 77 kg clean & jerk with his lift of 214 kg (471 lb 12.62 oz). Rahimov eclipsed the previous record of 210 kg (462 lb 15.52 oz), set in 2001 by Russian Oleg Perepetchenov.

Heaviest weightlifting +105 kg snatch (male)

Behdad “Salimi” Salimikordasiabi (IRN) lifted 216 kg (476 lb 3.17 oz) at the Rio Olympics on 16 Aug 2016. However, triumph turned to heartbreak for Salimi in the final of the +105 kg clean & jerk. All three of his attempts were ruled invalid by the judges, leaving the Iranian weightlifter without a score and therefore removing any hope of a medal in the overall category.

Heaviest weightlifting +105 kg total (male)

In an event filled with drama and recordbreaking lifts (see above), Lasha Talakhadze (GEO) posted a combined total of 473 kg (1,042 lb 12.64 oz). He lifted 215 kg (473 lb 15.9 oz) in the snatch and 258 kg (568 lb 12.68 oz) in the clean & jerk. Talakhadze took the gold medal ahead of Gor Minasyan (ARM) and compatriot Irakli Turmandize (GEO).

The previous best at +105 kg was 472.5 kg (1,041 lb 10.94 oz), achieved by Hossein Rezazadeh (IRN). The Iranian still holds the record for the heaviest weightlifting +105 kg clean & jerk, with 263.5 kg (580 lb 14.69 oz) set at the Athens Olympics on 25 Aug 2004.

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Heaviest Paralympic powerlift (+107 kg, male)

In the heaviest weightlifting category at the 2016 Rio Paralympics, Iran’s Siamand Rahman bench-pressed 310 kg (683 lb 6.92 oz) on 14 Sep.

The lightest weight category was won by Nazmiye Muratli (TUR) on 8 Sep 2016. Her lift of 104 kg (229 lb 4.49 oz) was the heaviest Paralympic powerlift (-41 kg, female).

Most wins of the Arnold Strongman Classic

On 4-5 Mar 2016, Zydrunas Savickas (LTU) won the Arnold Strongman Classic. It was his eighth title, following previous victories in 2003-08 and 2014. The Arnold Strongman Classic is an offshoot of the Arnold Sports Festival, originally a bodybuilding competition named after its co-creator Arnold Schwarzenegger.



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