Just2know : There is no knowledge that is not power
Just2know : There is no knowledge that is not power

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loVe anD THe ceReBRal

The cerebral type takes most of his love out in dreaming. He is as impractical about his affections as about all else and often nothing but hopes come of it. next to the osseous he marries less frequently than any other type.

Head and Heart in the clouds

The cerebral often remains single because he can not come down to earth long enough to propose, or if he does he is so gentle and timid about it the girl is afraid to trust her life to him.

Timidity His curse

Timidity costs the cerebral man most of the good things he could otherwise get out of life. He is almost afraid to fall in love, afraid to speak after he does and afraid to face the hostile world with two lives on his hands.

women like Him

The average woman likes the cerebral type of man but seldom loves or adores him. His helplessness appeals to her motherly sympathy.

can not Buffet the world

But women are afraid to marry the extreme type even when the feeling he prompts is more than mere protectiveness. They know he can not buffet the world for them and their offspring.

so, even when they love him best they usually marry the fat salesman, the muscular worker who always has a good job, the Thoracic promoter who promises luxury, or the osseous man who won’t take “no” for an answer.

always leap year for Him.

when this type of man does marry it is often due as much to her proposal as his. He is especially aided in his courtship if “she” happens to be a quick-spoken Thoracic, a straight-from-the- shoulder muscular, or one of those determined osseous girls.

The much-loved cerebral woman

The cerebral woman is more fortunate in achieving marriage than the cerebral man. The impracticality which so seriously handicaps him, since the husband is supposed to support the family, is not quite so much of a handicap to her.

men who love her at all, love her for her tenderness, conscien- tiousness and delicacy and deem it a pleasure to work for her, and she is one type of woman who usually appreciates it.

The cerebral’s weaknesses

The tendency to dream his life away instead of doing tangible things that assist in the progress of the family is the greatest marital handicap of the cerebral type.

inability to make money results directly from this, and since money is so important in the rearing and educating of chil- dren, those who can not get it are bound to face hardship and disillusionment.

The saddest sight

The most pathetic sight to be seen anywhere is that of the delicate, intellectual man who loves his family dearly, has the highest ideals and yet is unable to provide for them.

when love Flies out the window

“When poverty comes in the door love flies out the window” is a

saying as old as it is sad.

and it is as true as it is both old and sad.

Despite the philosophers—who are all cerebrals themselves!— love should grow in sheltered soil, protected from the buffetings of wind and storm. without means no man can provide this protec- tion. Happy marriage, as we have seen, is based on the cultivation of the strong points and the submergence of the weak ones of each partner. Poverty does more to bring out the worst in people and conceal the best than anything else in the world. so, although this type is high-minded, more idealistic in his love than any other type and has fewer of the lower instincts, he makes less of a success of marriage than any other type.

mates for the cerebral

Because he lives in his mind and not in his external world the predominantly cerebral must marry one who also is predominantly cerebral.

The reading of books, attendance at good plays, and the study of great movements constitute the chief enjoyments of this type and if he has a mate who cares nothing for these things his marriage is bound to be a failure.

The cerebral he marries should, however, be inclined to the muscular also.

second choice for this type is the predominantly muscular and third choice is the Osseous. The firmness of the latter is often a de- sirable element in the combination, for the cerebral does not mind giving the reins over to his osseous mate; he does not like driving anyhow.

The last type of all for the pure cerebral to marry is the pure alimentive because it is farthest removed from his own type. These two have very little in common.

Remember, in marriage, TyPe is not a substitute for loVe. Both are essential to ideal mating. People contemplating matri- mony are like two autoists planning a long journey together, each driving his own car. whether they can make the same speed, climb the same grades “on high” and be well matched in general, depends on the TyPe of these two cars. But it takes loVe to supply the gas, the self-starters and the spark plugs!

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