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Just2know : There is no knowledge that is not power
Just2know : There is no knowledge that is not power

When it comes to a talent for record-breaking, Ashrita Furman (USA) remains the greatest. More than 550 records broken, and counting…


On 13 Jan 2016, Sun Chaoyang [CHN] balanced a 44.2-kg [97-lb 7-oz] stack of bottle crates on the set of CCTV – Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China.

The previous best was 42.40 kg [93 lb 7 oz], set by Ashrita Furman in 2006.

Sun also holds the record for most bicycles balanced on the chin – three, on 8 Dec 2011.

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Odd Talents

Fastest time to duck tape (duct tape) a person to the wall

Ashrita Furman taped Alec Wilkinson [both USA] to a wall in 26.69 sec at the Sri Chinmoy Centre in New York City, USA, on 9 Jun 2015. It was the sixth time that Ashrita had broken this record.

Ashrita is also responsible for the fastest time to duck tape (duct tape) yourself to a wall – 2 min 12.63 sec, also achieved at the Sri Chinmoy Centre, on 5 Oct 2011.

Fastest sport stacking individual cycle stack

William Orrell [USA] broke the 5-sec sport stacking cycle stack barrier for the first time on 7 Jan 2017, recording a time of 4.813 sec in Columbus, Georgia, USA. William also holds the record for the fastest sport stacking individual 3-3-3 stack: 1.363 sec, achieved in Eatonton, Georgia, USA, on 14 Nov 2015.

On 18-19 Oct 2013, Mohammed Sahraoui [DEU] of the SST Butzbach club completed the most sport stacking cycle stacks in 24 hours: 4,719. The record attempt took place at the ninth Sportkongress staged in Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany.


Lit candles in the mouth

On 10 Jul 2016, Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya (IND) stuffed 17 lit candles in his mouth in his home city of Mumbai, India.

He followed up with the record for the most blueberries stuffed into the mouth -70, recorded on 25 Jul 2016.

Dinesh had previously set the fastest time to peel and eat three oranges – 1 min 7.94 sec – on 25 Feb 2016.

Bowling balls stacked vertically

I I Shen Xiaoshi [CHN] vertically stacked i’ I 10 bowling balls without the use of r , adhesive on 8 Jan 2016, in front of t ,4 the audience of CCTV – Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China. It took Shen more than 2 hr to complete his stack, which collapsed when he tried to add an 11th ball. He equalled the mark set by Dave Kremer [USA] in Los Angeles, California, USA, on 19 Nov 1998.

Swim caps put on in one minute

Andre Ortolf [DEU] put on 26 swim caps in 60 sec K in his home town of 5 Augsburg, Germany, ^ on 16 May 2016.

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Cream-filled biscuits stacked in 30 seconds

Mr Cherry, aka Cherry Yoshitake [JPN], stacked 26 cream-filled biscuits in half a minute on the set of CBBC’s Officially Amazing programme in Glasgow, UK, on 22 Nov 2016. He edged out rival Stephen “Sizzling Steve” Kish, who had managed 25 in the same time.

Also on Officially Amazing, acrobatic group Acropolis [UK] completed the most skips over a human skipping rope in one minute: 48, achieved on 18 Oct 2016 at Durham Cathedral in County Durham, UK.

Coupe glasses stacked with a forklift

An Liqiang [CHN] stacked a total of 16 coupe glasses using a forklift on the set of CCTV -Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China, on 9 Jan 2016. This tricky feat took almost an entire hour to complete.

Head spins in a wind tunnel in one minute

On 6 Dec 2016, a trio of skydiving records were attempted across Australia and broadcast on Facebook Live. At iFLY Indoor Skydiving Downunder in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Kurmet Jaadla [EST] achieved 54 head spins in 60 sec.

At iFLY Indoor Skydiving Perth in Western Australia, instructor David Hyndman [AUS] managed the longest distance run on the wall of a vertical wind tunnel in one minute -227.89 m [747 ft 8 in].

Meanwhile, at iFLY Indoor Skydiving Gold Coast in Queensland, 11-year-old Amy Watson achieved the most 360 horizontal spins in one minute (individual), with her mark of 44 smashing the previous best of 26.

Socks sorted with one foot in one minute

Using just one foot, Japan’s Yui Okada sorted out 11 pairs of socks, picked them up and put them in a basket in one minute. The attempt took place on the set of Grand Whiz-Kids TV [NHK] in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, on 3 Jun 2012.

Skips of a rope wearing ski boots and skis in one minute

Sebastian Deeg [DEU] managed 61 skips while dressed for the slopes on the set of ZDF Fernsehgarten in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, on 27 Nov 2016.



Passing body through a tennis racket


Thaneswar Guragai [NPL] passed through a tennis racket 38 times in 60 sec on 26 Feb 2012

Most hand claps     * f


Coins snatched off elbow



Dean Gould [UK] caught 328 10p pieces from the back of his forearm into the same downward palm on 6 Apr 1993


On 3 Jan 2017, James Acraman [UK] returned to GWR HQ in London to take another shot at the 171-cup stacking record, having missed ^ out by just 5 sec on a previous attempt on 1 Dec 2016. This time, watched by thousands of viewers on Facebook Live, James successfully completed a pyramid with an 18-cup bottom row in 1 min 26.9 sec. James has been a dedicated sport-stacker ‘ for almost eight years, and practises his skills for 1-2 hr a day.


Andre Ortolf [DEU] celebrated another year of recordbreaking success by popping 78 party poppers at the old fire station in Augsburg, Germany, on 9 Jan 2016. Previous holders of this party record include survival expert Edward “Bear” Grylls, cricketer Andrew Flintoff (both UK) and – of course – Andre’s hero,

Ashrita Furman [USA].



On 26 Sep 2016, Brett Stanford, Derek Herron and Scott Gaunson [all AUS, pictured right] – from the How Ridiculous YouTube channel – travelled to the Mauvoisin Dam in Valais, Switzerland, to regain a record they had lost to fellow sports entertainers Dude Perfect [USA]. From the top of the dam, Herron took aim at a basket 180.968 m [593 ft 8 in] below him. Incredibly, it only took him three attempts to sink a successful shot.






On 15-16 Mar 2016,

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Bryan Berg [USA] built a

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measured 3.3 m [10 ft

9.9 in] and comprised

‘rt 10,800 cards taken

from 200 decks.


Mr Cherry [pictured] and Haruka Kuroda [both JPN] caught 23 shuttlecocks with chopsticks in 60 sec on the set of Officially Amazing at RAF Bentwaters in Suffolk, UK, on 8 Aug 2015. In a specially designed televised challenge, “Team Japan” destroyed the competition, beating both of their rivals – “Team USA” and “Team UK” – by a margin of 19 shuttlecocks.


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