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beats the heart of an incurable romantic. Yes, it’s true. Part of being the complete package is knowing the art of the mythic Don Juan, that singular ability to make the right woman happy for a long, long time. The truly accomplished Manskills man is just like really good candy—hard and crunchy on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside.

That’s okay, because he knows that handling himself with grace and style means managing relationships with the opposite sex. Never uncomplicated, those relationships. Whether they be with a wife, girlfriend, or potential girlfriend, those relationships inevitably involve a spider’s web of friends, family, issues and, yes, feelings. (Don’t make that face.) But you can hold your own in a fight, fix just about anything that might break, and pull off a high-society dinner.

There will be parents to meet and win over, and they will be critical. There will be flirting to be completed, and snippy friends to be convinced. And, of course, there will be sensitive listening to be done. That’s a lot to handle with football season fast approaching, but you’re up to it. The reward is, one day at the end of that relationship rainbow, a proposal will be made for a life spent forever together. Hello, Hallmark?

Yes, any Manskills dude is much more comfortable under the hood of his car or even fighting large, angry beasts in the wild. Those are built into your nature, part of your Y chromosome. But the true man will not shy from the task at hand; he will rise to the challenge of romance. He will do everything necessary to woo. Nothing intimidates him and, truth be told, he has feelings. No, he doesn’t cry at Kodak commercials, and he doesn’t hunker down for a week at a time with a pint of ice cream and daytime TV when things go wrong. But he does have feelings.

Let’s remember though, mum’s the word.


Ways to Woo : Must Know Manskills -Romantic Prowess


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