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more cunning, the dangers are much more hidden. And frankly, men are just much more naturally suited for hunting dinner for making it through a four-course black tie dinner. But if you’re going to be the complete man, your manskills have to include a toolkit of basic social abilities.

It’s not just a case of playing nice for nice’s sake. How well you navigate those dark and churning social waters can determine if you get the girl you desire, get the job you deserve, and get the respect due you. Mastering this particular set of skills starts with your sartorial expertise (understanding how to dress, genius). Doesn’t matter if it’s your wife of ten years or that barista you see every morning at the coffee shop; women appreciate a guy who knows how to put himself together with style. Just ask James Bond.

But your look is just the simple part of the puzzle. The hard part is understanding how to behave. It’s a matter of knowing how to drink with discipline so that a night of partying doesn’t turn into an Internet viral video sensation. This means knowing how to order and drink wine, and the right and the wrong ways for downing harder cocktails.

We can all make it through the appetizer platter at Applebee’s. It’s only the truly skilled man who can handle himself with ease at a formal dinner or a three-star restaurant, and knows how to make himself at home at other social events as well. He is the panther that blends into the jungle.

You will soon be that man. It’s just a matter of learning the code. A few rules, a couple new ways of doing things. It’s worth the effort. Society is just waiting to reward the man who is willing to wear something grander than a track suit, say all the right things at all the right times, and generally be a truly social animal.


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