HOW TO SURVIVE public speaking


HOW TO SURVIVE public speaking

Unlearn the ‘rules’ of public speaking. Authenticity is more important than anything else
 and rules can make you act unnaturally. You want to seem like an expert in whatever
 you’re talking about, not a pro at public speaking.

1  Treat a presentation like you would a date.
 It’s about connecting with people, being
 yourself and not being a bore. The more
 likeable and approachable you are, the more
 effective you will be at conveying information.

2  Watch TED Talks. These online think-tank
 presentations show how passion for a subject
 overrides performance. Some of the smartest,
 most dynamic people in the world are not
 necessarily great public speakers.

3  Video yourself. But do not critique every detail – use film to spot the most obvious issues, like the
 overuse of filler words such as ‘um’ or ‘like’, or to catch distracting hand gestures. Or try it out on a
 small audience of friends. Get them to ask you difficult questions afterwards.

Dress the part. 

4  Dress the part. For formality and authority,
 don a suit; if you want your presentation
 to have a more free-form feel, dress more
 casually. Most importantly, wear something
 that helps your audience relate to you.

5  Embrace nervousness. You can still give
 a great presentation if you’re nervous, and
 acknowledging it, to your audience or just to
 yourself, often minimises it. View it as being
 excitement directed inwards, to be channelled
 outwards into animation and passion.

6  Nail the first 10 minutes. Nervousness usually subsides after the first few minutes, so spend most
 of your prep time practising the beginning of your talk. Or kick it off in a way that helps you relax,
 such as by asking questions, doing a physical demonstration or telling a story.

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