HOW TO SURVIVE losing your job


HOW TO SURVIVE losing your job

The dreaded words ‘you’re fired’ still ringing in your ears, you’ve done the walk of shame
 with your cardboard box crammed with paperclips and a half-dead pot plant, and now
 you’re out in the big bad world of the job market. What to do?

1  Get a second opinion about your dismissal.
 Depending on the circumstances, it can
 be useful to speak to a lawyer or a union.
 ‘Wrongful termination’ does happen and there
 are laws to protect workers. Listen carefully to
 what the Human Resources department says
 and know your rights. 

2  Check what you’re entitled to in the way
of support. If redundancy is being offered,
the amount will typically be dependent on the
 length of time served. If you receive a payout,
 bank it, don’t spend it on whisky. Analyse
 your expenditure and work out where you can
 cut back in the short term while maintaining
 essential payments (mortgage, schooling,
 insurance, credit cards, not whisky).

Update your résumé 

3  Update your résumé and LinkedIn profile.
 Reach out to your network of contacts –
 you have been maintaining your contacts,
 haven’t you? Update your recommendations,
 references and photos. Follow potential
 employers on social media so you get wind
of vacancies or projects that suit your skills. 

4  Consider retraining. Perhaps this is the right
 time to do something completely different?
 There may be grants available to help you
 change career or set up a business.

5  Let yourself grieve. You may have really,
 really liked your former colleagues and your job.
 It’s OK to feel sad. Talk to others and share the
 pain. Then put your best foot forwards.

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