HOW TO SURVIVE in a mineField


HOW TO SURVIVE in a mineField

It’s quite hard to tell that you’re in a minefield until it’s too late – they are either
 generally nearly impossible to access, or they aren’t signposted at all… If you do find
 yourself in one and have yet to be blown to smithereens, however, then a methodical
 approach is essential if you want to make it out in one piece.

1  Lie down on your stomach. Keep your elbows in as much as possible and begin to drag your body
 very slowly forwards. This spreads your weight, protects you from the blast of nearby mines going
 off, and gives you the best view of booby traps ahead.

2  Use a tripwire detector (should you happen
 to have one!) with your left hand. This is a long,
 thin, lightweight piece of wire with which you
 can gently check the air ahead of you. Very
 gently, please.

3  With your right hand, use a long spike – a
 large knife will do – to probe the soil in an arc
 in front of you. Be methodical, prodding at a
 shallow angle every 5cm (2in). Clear a path at
 least 0.5m (1½ft) wide to pass through.

If you feel anything 

4  If you feel anything, gently place a flag, stick or cane in the ground to mark it. Go around the
 obstacle, inching forwards and using the tripwire detector and spike. Slowly.

5  Don’t try to defuse anything. Your aim is to get
 out of the minefield as safely and quickly as you can.
 The build-up of stress will cloud your judgement,
 so focus solely on probing, flagging up dangers and
 inching onwards.

6  When you exit the minefield, help
 others evacuate using your route and
 leave a mark or sign to warn people.
 Contact the local police immediately.

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