HOW TO SURVIVE as a woman in a  male-dominated industry  (and vice versa)


HOW TO SURVIVE as a woman in a
 male-dominated industry
 (and vice versa)

For all we’d like the world to be a fair place, in some jobs not all genders are created
 equal and you have to fight like hell if you happen to be the minority. Here’s how.

1  Be good at your job. Personality clashes
 arise irrespective of the gender of you and
 your boss. Your boss may just not like you very
 much, or be a total pig to everyone. Doing your
 job well in a way
 only you can is
 the best way to
 rise above this.

2  Relish being the outsider. You’re in a unique
 position and don’t need to try that hard to
 cultivate a distinctive identity, so turn yourself
 into the go-to person for things only you can
 know about.

3  Be aware of your office’s
 views on commitment and
 productivity. Some value
 presenteeism (putting in the
 hours, and making sure your
 boss and colleagues see you
 doing so). Others prefer social
 players (those who get stuck
 into extra-curricular activities).

Don’t be a pretender. 

4  Don’t be a pretender. Just because you roar along with the office banter, go to the socials and
 ingratiate yourself as one of the ‘lads’/‘girls’, you’re not fooling anyone. People who behave counter-
 stereotypically can experience a backlash. Authenticity is key.

5  Find a mentor at work. Somebody who will
 teach you how to manage difficult situations
 and who will bring new opportunities your way.
 They don’t have to be of the same sex as you,
 but it might help.

6  Get loud. Once your position in the team is
 cemented, shout. Not in a petulant or autocratic
 way – but make sure your ideas are heard. Be
 vocal in meetings or book time with your boss
 to debate concerns and offer solutions. You’ll be
 in the power seat before you know it.

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