HOW TO SURVIVE AN earthquake


HOW TO SURVIVE AN earthquake

There are roughly 50 earthquakes around the world every day. Luckily, most of them are
 no great shakes, being minor or too small to feel. But there is always an exception, and
the Big One could hit at any time.

1  Plan ahead. Channel your inner Boy Scout and stock up on
 non-perishable food, water, a battery-operated radio and fire
 extinguishers. Pack a bag with a first-aid kit, a pair of work
 gloves, a torch, some cash and a whistle.

2  Keep away
 from things that
 can fall on you.
 If an 8.5 quake
 hits while you’re
 meditating in
 the middle of a
field, you’re in far
 less peril than
 you would be
if a 6.5 were to
 strike while you
 were shopping
 in the bazaar in

3  Don’t try to move or run outside. Drop to a more stable
 position, like your hands and knees, get underneath the most
stable piece of furniture near you and hold on so it doesn’t
 shake away from you. If you’re in a car, stop and stay put
(a car provides decent cover from falling debris).

Stay away from 

4  Stay away from doorways. Once
 deemed strongpoints, they’re now
just considered places where you’re
 more likely to have a swinging door
 slamming into your head.

5  Once the shaking stops, get to higher
 ground as soon as it’s safe to do so as an even
 bigger quake could be on its way. If you’re on
 the coast and an earthquake lasts more than
 20 seconds, there’s also a chance there will be
 a tsunami.





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