HOW TO SURVIVE A zombie attack


HOW TO SURVIVE A zombie attack

Flesh-eating, brain-dead and highly infectious, zombies can ruin your day. They infect
 through any exchange of fluids, so protection is key.

1  Get some body armour. Chain
 mail is ideal but hard to find. Look
 for chainsaw-rated gear at your
 local DIY store. Underneath, wear
 an all-in-one protective suit and
get a good dust mask and goggles.

2  If you are bitten,
 immediately tourniquet the
 limb tightly. Encourage it to
 bleed by keeping it low and
 very warm, to discourage
 clotting. If the flesh looks as
 though it has been infected,
 amputate immediately.

3  Use neat bleach to
 clean up any liquids
 that come from
 zombies. At 5 per cent
 sodium hypochlorite,
 it is strong enough to
 kill most viruses and

Travel at the sunniest 

4  Travel at the sunniest, hottest times.
 Zombies are unlikely to have the same cooling
 responses as humans, and moving generates
 heat in their bodies. Even if they can withstand
 the pain of hyperthermia, there is a maximum
 load their body can take; they may literally
 have a meltdown.

5  If a zombie does not display the full
 spectrum of symptoms, herd immunity may be
 starting. Isolate them to confirm this is not just
 delayed-onset zombification. If it is real, take a
 blood sample and wait for it to clot in a sterile
 dish. The lighter, runny liquid that separates
 from the clot may contain valuable antibodies.
 Find a volunteer for trials.

6  Once the epidemic infects
 30 per cent of the population
 it will be unstoppable, but if
 it is biological (rather than
 supernatural) you can wait
 it out. Basic maths tells us
 that a sedentary, unfed 80kg
 (175lb) zombie will waste
 away to a pile of bones and
 skin after 150 days. Stockpile
 enough supplies for five or
 six months, and stay indoors.

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