How to Read This Book – The Natural way to effortlessly attract any woman you want

Just2know : There is no knowledge that is not power
Just2know : There is no knowledge that is not power

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How to Read This Book

In coaching thousands of students over the past four years, I’ve learned how to structure my teachings for maximum impact. Reflecting that experience, this book is organized in a very specific manner, the goal of which is to give you, the reader, the quickest possible route to mastery over the natural art of seduction.

Because of this, I urge you, please, do not skip, skim, or flip through the pages in hopes of finding a magic “pickup line.” If you do, I guarantee you will not find what you are looking for.

Instead, read this book cover to cover, taking in each section in the correct order, allowing each piece to build upon the previous.

You will begin with “From Geek to Natural.” This is my personal story of transformation from a twenty-three-year-old who had kissed only one girl, to a guy whom many now consider one of the world’s top seducers. My road to mastery was not easy. I started in a very dark place and had all the chips stacked against me. But I overcame the countless obstacles in my path and pushed forward to get what I knew deep down I really deserved in life. My hope is that in reading my story you are inspired. That you begin to realize that anything is possible; that if you aspire to be incredible with women, you really can be.

In reading my story you will see the challenges I faced and how I dealt with them. This will provide you with a map to navigate the sometimes- stormy seas of personal transformation and the path to a newfound confidence and success with women. You will be equipped with a perspective that I simply did not have, and this will allow you to greatly accelerate the pace at which you improve with women. It took me years to get where I am today. For many of my students it takes just weeks, and in some cases, just days.

In the second chapter, titled “The Attraction,” you will learn what attraction really is, how it works, and most important, how to be a guy who makes women feel it. If you’re thinking that it has something to do with having fantastic facial features or a big bank account, I suspect you will be pleasantly surprised. The truth is, there are a few “triggers” that cause attraction in women. In this section, you will learn them, and the result will be responses from women that far surpass anything you’ve ever experienced before. Women will attempt to lock eyes with you when you pass them walking down the street, they’ll laugh at your jokes even when you’re not funny, and they’ll generally make the whole process of seduction very easy for you.

In “The Seduction” you will learn the exact steps you need to take in order to seduce a woman in a smooth, natural fashion. We’ll begin with the overarching structure of a seduction that I have developed—the “three characters of seduction” model—and then in subsequent chapters we’ll go step by step through the model, giving you all the methods and techniques you will need to make it work. This includes how to approach a woman whom you’ve just laid eyes on; what to say to her to immediately lower her guard; how to build trust, comfort, and a deep connection; how to smoothly take things forward in a sexual way, while limiting any chance of rejection that might have existed; and how to handle the days and weeks following your first encounter so that you maintain control of the relationship, whether you want it to be a casual thing or something more serious.

We will then turn our attention to specific situations, such as meeting women during the daytime, online dating, and a whole host of situations in which you may find yourself at one point or another. With the information contained in these chapters, you can easily master the skills and become a natural at dealing comfortably and effectively with women.

A Word of Caution

When you have completed this book, you will possess a kind of raw power that at first can be intoxicating. With great power comes great responsibility. I encourage you to use your moral compass when operating from this new place of strength. Use these skills to treat women better, not worse. And when you find that special someone, offer her the love and respect she deserves.


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