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Just2know : There is no knowledge that is not power
Just2know : There is no knowledge that is not power

Generating Excitement – how to learn and memorize math             


I once read Mike Koenigs on speed-reading. For him, one of the best methods for speed reading a book is to pretend that you will be interviewing the author. Not only that, but the interview will be taking place on live television the next day. Millions of viewers will be watching, meaning that you’ll need to know the book well. You’ll need to have a depth of understanding and accuracy about the specific details of the content.


I think Koenigs’ idea is brilliant and adaptable to memorizing math principles and formulas. When learning and memorizing math, for example, you can pretend that you have a book to sell. You know that people are only going to want to own it forever if you are able to win their hearts by speaking to them intelligently. You need to explain the math you’ve memorized in clear, crisp terms. To amp things up, when I use this technique, I sometimes pretend that a movie deal is in the works. But it will only happen if I can convince the producer that I know math well enough to consult on the screenplay and production.


I know this sounds bonkers, but such “Jedi Mind Tricks” can work well. They create excitement, motivation and urgency.


There are many motivational tricks like this. Anyone can explore them. Once you begin, you’ll find tricks that get you excited. Yes, even if you don’t naturally feel motivated to learn and memorize math.


Just take these ideas, put them in place and experiment with your own. Track your results and then rinse and repeat what works.


Now onto the job of …




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