Dumeril’s Boa – size, distribution, habitat, food, breeding, important notes(venomous or not)


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DUMERIL’S BOA Acrantophis dumerili


Chris Mattison

A thickset boa with beautiful, complex markings of dark brown on a tan or fawn background. It has a dark brown line passing through the eye and inky black marks on the upper lips. The young often have a pinkish tinge. It lacks heat pits.

Size To about 1.5 m.

Distribution Madagascar.

Habitat Forests, especially near streams and rivers; mainly on the ground among leaves.

Food Small mammals and birds.

Bre e ding Live-bearing, with litters of up to 20 young.

Note s The other Madagascan ground boa, A. madagascariensis, is slightly larger and its dark markings are less extensive. Both species are sometimes referred to the genus Boa, and both are strictly protected.


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