Common Boa – size, distribution, habitat, food, breeding, important notes(venomous or not)


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COMMON BOA Boa constrictor


E. & D. Hosking

A large boa (though not as large as is often thought!) with quite variable markings: usually grey or beige with dark brown markings along the back. It has a dark line on the top of the head and another dark line runs through each eye. It lacks heat pits.

Size To about 4 m, usually rather less.

Distribution South and Central America, including some West Indian islands (Dominica, Trinidad, St Lucia).

Habitat Rain forest clearings and riversides, agricultural land and thorn scrub. Often around villages.

Food Mammals and birds.

Bre e ding Live-bearing, with litters of up to 50 young.

Note s The most common boa and not easily mistaken for other species. A common

exhibit in zoos and a popular pet.


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