Carpet Python – image, size, distribution, habitat, food, breeding, important notes(venomous or not)


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CARPET PYTHON Morelia spilota variegata


A widespread and highly variable snake. Typically brown or grey with paler bands crossing the body, which often break up into irregular blotches and streaks. Some Queensland specimens are darker, almost black, with yellow bands.

Size To 4 m, but usually much less.

Distribution E and SW Australia; parts of New Guinea.

Habitat Forests, scrub and rock outcrops. Often along river courses and around human dwellings.

Food Mammals, including bats, wallabies and other small marsupials, and birds. Young also eat lizards.

Bre e ding Egg-laying, with clutches of up to 50 eggs.

Note s Centralian Carpet Python, M. bredli, comes from central Australia, and Rough-Scaled Carpet Python, M.

carinata, from NW Australia.


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