And to prove it.htm

Just2know : There is no knowledge that is not power
Just2know : There is no knowledge that is not power

And to prove it, I have a special gift for you. – how to learn and memorize math


Robert Ahdoot is an accomplished mathematician. He’s also the man behind, a popular math-learning resource from which you can benefit at any time. And now even more so with the memory skills you’ve learned.


But just because Robert’s a math whiz doesn’t mean that he has formulas memorized.


Quite the contrary. As he told me, he writes out formulas for students from the textbook, not from memory.


Complex formulas.


Twisted formulas.


Long, snarling and daunting formulas.


Guess what?


I helped him learn how to memorize even the most complex of these. In fact, he memorized 9 extremely complex formulas in just 45 minutes using a Memory Palace.


And then we made a video together in which he describes exactly how he did it. And he describes how incredible it felt to make such an achievement.


I’m going to give you that video.


Here’s the link. This is from my private Dropbox account so please do not share it. It also includes the transcript of the interview, which you’ll also find at the end of this book:


Have you watched the video?


You have?

Good. Inspiring, isn’t it?


Here are the most important points to consider about Robert’s Memory Palace work with these formulas:


1. He used a familiar location with meaning for him.


2. He drew upon narrative elements from his real life. These elements involved drama and drew upon familial cliches.


3. Robert filled the images along his journey with vibrant and intense action.


4. Robert packed his journey in a compact manner. In some parts, he moved from one chair at the dinner table to the next.


5.      Robert reviewed the material using Recall Rehearsal. This process involved a minimal amount of time and ensured that the formulas eased their way into long-term memory.


It is on the matter of Recall Rehearsal to which we now turn. This technique will not only ensure that the numbers and formulas you’ve memorized go into long-term memory. It will also exercise your imagination so that you can memorize faster, memorize more and improve your mind.




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