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Just2know : There is no knowledge that is not power

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As Amended Through 9 June 2004


A analog

A&P administrative and personnel

A2C2 Army airspace command and control

A-3 Operations Directorate (COMAFFOR)

A-5 Plans Directorate (COMAFFOR)

AA assessment agent; avenue of approach

AAA antiaircraft artillery; arrival and assembly area; assign alternate area

AAAS amphibious aviation assault ship

AABB American Association of Blood Banks

AABFS amphibious assault bulk fuel system

AABWS amphibious assault bulk water system

AACG arrival airfield control group

AADC area air defense commander

AADP area air defense plan

AAEC aeromedical evacuation control team

AAFES Army and Air Force Exchange Service

AAFIF automated air facility information file

AAFS amphibious assault fuel system

AAFSF amphibious assault fuel supply facility

AAGS Army air-ground system

AAI air-to-air interface

AAM air-to-air missile

AAMDC Army air and missile defense command

AAOE arrival and assembly operations element

AAOG arrival and assembly operations group

AAP Allied administrative publication; assign alternate parent

AAR after action report; after action review

AAT automatic analog test; aviation advisory team

AAU analog applique unit

AAV amphibious assault vehicle

AAW antiair warfare

AB airbase

ABCA American, British, Canadian, Australian Armies Standardization Program

ABCCC airborne battlefield command and control center

ABCS Army Battle Command System

ABD airbase defense

ABFC advanced base functional component

ABFDS aerial bulk fuel delivery system

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

ABFS amphibious bulk fuel system

ABGD air base ground defense

ABL airborne laser

ABM antiballistic missile

ABN airborne

ABNCP Airborne Command Post

ABO air base operability; blood typing system

A/C aircraft

AC Active Component; aircraft commander; alternating current

AC-130 Hercules

ACA airlift clearance authority; airspace control authority; airspace coordination area

ACAA automatic chemical agent alarm

ACAPS area communications electronics capabilities

ACB amphibious construction battalion

ACC Air Combat Command; air component commander; area coordination center

ACCE air component coordination element

ACCON acoustic condition

ACCS air command and control system

ACCSA Allied Communications and Computer Security Agency

ACDO assistant command duty officer

ACE airborne command element (USAF); air combat element (NATO); Allied Command Europe; aviation combat element Marine air-ground task force (MAGTF)

ACEOI Automated Communications-Electronics Operating Instructions

ACF air contingency force

ACI assign call inhibit

ACIC Army Counterintelligence Center

ACINT acoustic intelligence

ACK acknowledgement

ACL access control list; allowable cabin load

ACLANT Allied Command Atlantic

ACM advanced conventional munitions; advanced cruise missile; air combat maneuver; air contingency Marine air-ground task force (MAGTF); airspace control measure

ACMREQ airspace control means request

ACN assign commercial network

ACO airspace control order

ACOC area communications operations center

ACOCC air combat operations command center

ACP air commander’s pointer; airspace control plan; Allied Communications Publication; assign common pool

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

ACR armored cavalry regiment (Army); assign channel reassignment

ACS agile combat support; air-capable ship; airspace control system; auxiliary crane ship

ACSA acquisition and cross-servicing agreement; Allied Communications Security Agency

AC/S, C4I Assistant Chief of Staff, Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (USMC)

ACT activity

ACU assault craft unit

ACV aircraft cockpit video; air cushion vehicle; armored combat vehicle

ACW advanced conventional weapons

A/D analog-to-digital

AD active duty; advanced deployability; air defense; automatic distribution; priority add-on

ADA air defense artillery

A/DACG arrival/departure airfield control group

ADAL authorized dental allowance list

ADAMS Allied Deployment and Movement System

ADANS Air Mobility Command Deployment Analysis System

ADC air defense commander; area damage control

ADCAP advanced capability

A/DCG arrival/departure control group

ADCI/MS Associate Director of Central Intelligence for Military Support

ADCON administrative control

ADD assign on-line diagnostic

ADDO Assistant Deputy Director for Operations

ADDO(MS) Assistant Deputy Director for Operations/Military Support

ADE air defense emergency; assign digit editing

ADF automatic direction finding

ADIZ air defense identification zone

ADKC/RCU Automatic Key Distribution Center/Rekeying Control Unit

ADL armistice demarcation line; assign XX (SL) routing

ADMIN administration

ADN Allied Command Europe desired ground zero number

ADNET anti-drug network

ADOC air defense operations center

ADP air defense plan; automated data process(ing)

ADPE automated data processing equipment

ADPS automatic data processing system

ADR accident data recorder; aircraft damage repair; armament delivery recording

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

ADRA Adventist Development and Relief Agency

ADS air defense section; amphibian discharge site

ADSIA Allied Data Systems Interoperability Agency

ADSW active duty for special work

ADT active duty for training; assign digital transmission group; automatic digital tester

ADVON advanced echelon

ADZ amphibious defense zone

AE aeromedical evacuation; assault echelon; attenuation equalizer

AECA Arms Export Control Act

AECC aeromedical evacuation coordination center

AECM aeromedical evacuation crew member

AEF aerospace expeditionary force

AEG aerospace expeditionary group

AELT aeromedical evacuation liaison team

AEOS aeromedical evacuation operations squadron

AEOT aeromedical evacuation operations team

AEPS aircrew escape propulsion system

AES aeromedical evacuation squadron; aeromedical evacuation system

AETC Air Education and Training Command

AETF air and space expeditionary task force

A/ETF automated/electronic target folder

AEU assign essential user bypass

AEW airborne early warning; air expeditionary wing

AEW&C airborne early warning and control

AF amphibious force

AFAARS Air Force After Action Reporting System

AFAOC Air Force air and space operations center

AFARN Air Force air request net

AFATDS Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System

AFB Air Force Base

AFC area frequency coordinator; automatic frequency control

AFCA Air Force Communications Agency

AFCAP Air Force contract augmentation program; Armed Forces contract augmentation program

AFCC Air Force Component Commander

AFCCC Air Force Combat Climatology Center

AFCENT Allied Forces Central Europe (NATO)

AFCERT Air Force computer emergency response team

AFCESA Air Force Civil Engineering Support Agency

AFCS automatic flight control system

AFD assign fixed directory

AFDC Air Force Doctrine Center

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

AFDD Air Force doctrine document

AFDIGS Air Force digital graphics system

AFDIS Air Force Weather Agency Dial In Subsystem

AF/DP Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, United States Air Force

AFEES Armed Forces Examining and Entrance Station

AFFIS Air Facilities File Information System

AFFMA Air Force Frequency Management Agency

AFFOR Air Force forces

AFI Air Force instruction

AFID anti-fratricide identification device

AF/IL Deputy Chief of Staff for Installations and Logistics, USAF

AFIRB Armed Forces Identification Review Board

AFIWC Air Force Information Warfare Center

AFJMAN Air Force Joint Manual

AFLC Air Force Logistics Command

AFLE Air Force liaison element

AFLNO Air Force liaison officer

AFMAN Air Force Manual

AFMC Air Force Materiel Command

AFMD Air Force Mission Directive

AFME Armed Forces medical examiner

AFMIC Armed Forces Medical Intelligence Center

AFMLO Air Force Medical Logistics Office

AFMS Air Force Medical Service

AFNORTH Allied Forces Northern Europe (NATO)

AFNORTHWEST Allied Forces North West Europe (NATO)

AFNSEP Air Force National Security and Emergency Preparedness Agency

AFOE assault follow-on echelon

AFOSI Air Force Office of Special Investigations

AFPAM Air Force pamphlet

AFPC Air Force Personnel Center

AFPD Air Force Policy Directive

AFPEO Armed Forces Professional Entertainment Overseas

AFR Air Force Reserve; assign frequency for network reporting

AFRC Air Force Reserve Command; Armed Forces Recreation Center

AFRCC Air Force rescue coordination center

AFRRI Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute

AFRTS Armed Forces Radio and Television Service

AFS aeronautical fixed service

AFSATCOM Air Force satellite communications (system)

AFSC Armed Forces Staff College; United States Air Force specialty code

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

AFSOB Air Force special operations base

AFSOC Air Force Special Operations Command; Air Force special operations component

AFSOCC Air Force special operations control center

AFSOD Air Force special operations detachment

AFSOE Air Force special operations element

AFSOF Air Force special operations forces

AFSOUTH Allied Forces, South (NATO)

AFSPACE United States Space Command Air Force

AFSPC Air Force Space Command

AFSPOC Air Force Space Operations Center

AFTAC Air Force Technical Applications Center

AFTH Air Force Theater Hospital

AFTN Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network

AFTO Air Force technical order

AFTTP Air Force tactics, techniques, and procedures; Air Force technical training publication

AFW Air Force Weather

AFWA Air Force Weather Agency

AFWCF Air Force working capital fund

AFWIN Air Force Weather Information Network

AF/XO Deputy Chief of Staff for Plans and Operations, United States Air Force

AF/XOI Air Force Director of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

AF/XOO Director of Operations, United States Air Force

A/G air to ground

AG adjutant general (Army)

AGARD Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development

AGCCS Army Global Command and Control System

AGE aerospace ground equipment

AGIL airborne general illumination lightself

AGL above ground level

AGM-28A Hound Dog

AGM-65 Maverick

AGM-69 short range attack missile

AGR Active Guard and Reserve

AHA alert holding area

AI airborne interceptor; air interdiction; area of interest

AIA Air Intelligence Agency

AIASA annual integrated assessment for security assistance

AIC air intercept controller; assign individual compressed dial; Atlantic Intelligence Command

AICF/USA Action Internationale Contre La Faim (International Action Against Hunger)

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

AIDS acquired immune deficiency syndrome

AIF automated installation intelligence file

AIFA AAFES Imprest Fund Activity

AIG addressee indicator group

AIIRS automated intelligence information reporting system

AIK assistance in kind

AIM Airman’s Information Manual

AIM-7 Sparrow

AIM-9 Sidewinder

AIM-54A Phoenix

AIMD aircraft intermediate maintenance department

AIQC antiterrorism instructor qualification course

AIRCENT Allied Air Forces Central Europe (NATO)

AIRES advanced imagery requirements exploitation system

AIREVACCONFIRM air evacuation confirmation

AIREVACREQ air evacuation request

AIREVACRESP air evacuation response

AIRNORTHWEST Allied Air Forces North West Europe (NATO)

AIRREQRECON air request reconnaissance

AIRSOUTH Allied Air Forces Southern Europe (NATO)

AIRSUPREQ air support request

AIS automated information system

AIT aeromedical isolation team; automated identification technology

AIU Automatic Digital Network Interface Unit

AJ anti-jam

AJBPO Area Joint Blood Program Office

AJCC alternate joint communications center

AJ/CM anti-jam control modem

AJFP adaptive joint force packaging

AJMRO area joint medical regulating office

AJNPE airborne joint nuclear planning element

AJP Allied Joint Publication

AK commercial cargo ship

AKNLDG acknowledge message

ALCC airlift control center; airlift coordination cell

ALCE airlift control element

ALCF airlift control flight

ALCG analog line conditioning group

ALCM air launched cruise missile

ALCOM United States Alaskan Command

ALCON all concerned

ALCS airlift control squadron

ALCT airlift control team

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

ALD accounting line designator; airborne laser designator; available-to-load date

ALE airlift liaison element

ALERFA alert phase (ICAO)

ALERT attack and launch early reporting to theater

ALLOREQ allocation request

ALLTV all light level television

ALMSNSCD airlift mission schedule

ALNOT alert notice; search and rescue alert notice

ALO air liaison officer

ALOC air lines of communications

ALORD alert launch order

ALP Allied Logistic Publication

ALSA Air Land Sea Application (Center)

ALSS advanced logistic support site

ALTRV altitude reservation

ALTTSC alternate Tomahawk strike coordinator

A/M approach and moor

AM amplitude modulation

AMAL authorized medical allowance list

AMB air mobility branch; ambassador

AMBUS ambulance bus

AMC airborne mission commander; Air Mobility Command; Army Materiel Command: midpoint compromise search area

AMCC allied movement coordination center; alternate military command center

AMCIT American citizen

AMCM airborne mine countermeasures

AMCT air mobility control team

AMD air mobility division

AME air mobility element; antenna mounted electronics

AMEDD Army Medical Department

AMEDDCS U.S. Army Medical Department Center and School

AMEMB American Embassy

AMF(L) ACE Mobile Force (Land) (NATO)

AMH automated message handler

AMIO alien migrant interdiction operations

AMMO ammunition

AMOCC air mobility operations control center

AMOG air mobility operations group

AMOPES Army Mobilization and Operations Planning and Execution System

AMOPS Army mobilization and operations planning system; Army mobilization operations system

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

AMOS air mobility operations squadron

AMP amplifier; analysis of mobility platform

AMPE automated message processing exchange

AMPN amplification

AMPSSO Automated Message Processing System Security Office (or Officer)

AMRAAM advanced medium-range air-to-air missile

AMS air mobility squadron; Army management structure; Asset Management System

AMSS air mobility support squadron

AMVER automated mutual-assistance vessel rescue system

AMW air mobility wing; amphibious warfare

AMX air mobility express

AN alphanumeric; analog nonsecure

ANCA Allied Naval Communications Agency

ANDVT advanced narrowband digital voice terminal

ANG Air National Guard

A/NM administrative/network management

ANMCC Alternate National Military Command Center

ANN assign NNX routing

ANR Alaskan NORAD Region

ANSI American National Standards Institute

ANX assign NNXX routing

ANY assign NYX routing

ANZUS Australia-New Zealand-United States Treaty

AO action officer; administration officer; air officer; area of operations; aviation ordnance person

AO&M administration, operation, and maintenance

AOA amphibious objective area

AOB advanced operations base; aviation operations branch

AOC aerospace operations center; Army operations center

AOCC air operations control center

AOC-E Aviation Operations Center-East (USCS)

AOCU analog orderwire control unit

AOC-W Aviation Operations Center-West (USCS)

AOD on-line diagnostic

AOF azimuth of fire

AOI area of interest

AOL area of limitation

AOP air operations plan; area of probability

AOR area of responsibility

AOS area of separation

AOSS aviation ordnance safety supervisor

AP average power

APA Army pre-positioned afloat

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

APC aerial port commander; armored personnel carrier; assign preprogrammed conference list

APCC aerial port control center; alternate processing and correlation center

APF afloat pre-positioning force

APG aimpoint graphic

APIC allied press information center

APO afloat pre-positioning operations; Army Post Office

APOD aerial port of debarkation

APOE aerial port of embarkation

APORT aerial port

APORTSREP air operations bases report

APPS analytical photogrammetric positioning system

APR assign primary zone routing

APS aerial port squadron; afloat pre-positioning ship; Army pre-positioned stocks

APU auxiliary power unit

AR air refueling; Army regulation; Army reserve

ARB alternate recovery base; assign receive bypass lists

ARBS angle rate bombing system

ARC air Reserve Components; American (National) Red Cross

ARCENT United States Army Central Command

ARCP air refueling control point

ARCT air refueling control team; air refueling control time

ARDF automatic radio direction finding

AREC air resource element coordinator

ARFOR Army forces

ARG amphibious ready group

ARGO automatic ranging grid overlay

ARINC Aeronautical Radio Incorporated

ARIP air refueling initiation point

ARL-M airborne reconnaissance low-multifunction

ARM antiradiation missiles

ARNG Army National Guard

ARP air refueling point

ARPERCEN United States Army Reserve Personnel Center

ARQ automatic request-repeat

ARRC Allied Command Europe Rapid Reaction Corps (NATO)

ARRDATE arrival date

ARS air rescue service

ARSOA Army special operations aviation

ARSOC Army special operations component

ARSOF Army special operations forces

ARSOTF Army special operations task force

ARSPACE Army Space Command

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

ARSPOC Army space operations center

ART air reserve technician

ARTCC air route traffic control center

ARTS III Automated Radar Tracking System

ARTYMET artillery meteorological

AS analog secure; aviation ship

A/S anti-spoofing

ASA automatic spectrum analyzer

ASAP as soon as possible

ASARS Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar System

ASAS All Source Analysis System

ASAT antisatellite weapon

ASB naval advanced support base

ASBP Armed Services Blood Program

ASBPO Armed Services Blood Program Office

ASC acting Service chief; Aeronautical Systems Center; Air Systems Command; assign switch classmark; Automatic Digital Network switching center

ASCC Air Standardization Coordinating Committee;Army Service component command

ASCIET all Services combat identification evaluation team

ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ASCS air support control section

ASD(A&L) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Acquisition and Logistics)

ASD(C) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)

ASD(C3I) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence)

ASD(FM&P) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Force Management and Personnel)

ASD(FMP) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Force Management Policy)

ASD(HA) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs)

ASDI analog simple data interface

ASDIA All-Source Document Index

ASD(ISA) Assistant Secretary of Defense (International Security Affairs)

ASD(ISP) Assistant Secretary of Defense (International Security Policy)

ASD(LA) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Legislative Affairs)

ASD(P&L) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Production and Logistics)

ASD(PA) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs)

ASD(PA&E) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Program Analysis and Evaluation)

ASD(RA) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Reserve Affairs)

ASD(RSA) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Regional Security Affairs)

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

ASD(S&R) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Strategy and Requirements)

ASD(SO/LIC) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Special Operations/ Low-Intensity Conflict)

ASE aircraft survivability equipment; automated stabilization equipment

ASF aeromedical staging facility

ASG area support group

ASI assign and display switch initialization

ASIF Airlift Support Industrial Fund

ASL allowable supply list; archipelagic sea lane; assign switch locator (SL) routing; authorized stockage list (Army)

ASM armored scout mission; automated scheduling message

ASMD antiship missile defense

ASO air support operations

ASOC air support operations center

ASOFDTG as of date/time group

ASPA American Service-Members’ Protection Act

ASPP acquisition systems protection program

ASPPO Armed Service Production Planning Office

ASR available supply rate

ASSETREP transportation assets report

AST assign secondary traffic channels

ASTS aeromedical staging squadron

ASW antisubmarine warfare; average surface wind

ASWBPL Armed Services Whole Blood Processing Laboratories

ASWC antisubmarine warfare commander

AT annual training; antiterrorism

At total attainable search area

ATA Airlift Tanker Association; airport traffic area

ATAC antiterrorism alert center (Navy)

ATACC advanced tactical air command center

ATACMS Army Tactical Missile System

ATACO air tactical actions control officer

ATACS Army Tactical Communications System

ATAF Allied Tactical Air Force (NATO)

ATBM antitactical ballistic missile

ATC air target chart; Air Threat Conference; air traffic control; air transportable clinic (USAF)

ATCA Allied Tactical Communications Agency

ATCAA air traffic control assigned airspace

ATCALS air traffic control and landing system

ATCC air traffic control center; Antiterrorism Coordinating Committee

ATCRBS Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

ATCS air traffic control section

ATDL1 Army tactical data link 1

ATDLS Advanced Tactical Data Link System

ATDM adaptive time division multiplexer

ATDS airborne tactical data system

ATF Advanced Targeting FLIR; amphibious task force; Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (TREAS)

AT/FP antiterrorism/force protection

ATG amphibious task group; assign trunk group cluster

ATGM antitank guided missile; antitank guided munition

ATH air transportable hospital; assign thresholds

ATHS Airborne Target Handover System

ATM advanced trauma management; air target material; assign traffic metering

ATMCT air terminal movement control team

ATMP Air Target Materials Program

ATN assign thresholds

ATO air tasking order

ATOC air tactical operations center; air terminal operations center

ATOCONF air tasking order/confirmation

ATP Allied tactical publication

ATR attrition reserve

ATS air traffic service; assign terminal service

ATSD(AE) Assistant to the Secretary of Defense (Atomic Energy)

ATSD(IO) Assistant to the Secretary of Defense (Intelligence Oversight)

ATT assign terminal type

ATTU air transportable treatment unit

AUEL automated unit equipment list

AUG application user group

AUIC active duty unit identification code

AUTODIN Automatic Digital Network

AUTOSEVOCOM Automatic Secure Voice Communications Network

AUX auxiliary

AV air vehicle

AV-8 Harrier

AVDTG analog via digital trunk group

AVGAS aviation gasoline

AVIM aviation intermediate maintenance

AVL assign variable location

AVOU analog voice orderwire unit

AVOW analog voice orderwire

AVS audiovisual squadron

AVUM aviation unit maintenance

AV/VI audiovisual/visual information

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

AW acoustic warfare; air warfare

AWACS Airborne Warning and Control System

AWADS adverse weather aerial delivery system

AWC air warfare commander

AWCAP airborne weapons corrective action program

AWCCM acoustic warfare counter-countermeasures

AWCM acoustic warfare countermeasures

AWDS automated weather distribution system

AWN Automated Weather Network

AWOL absent without leave

AWS Air Weather Service

AWSE armament weapons support equipment

AWSIM air warfare simulation model

AWSR Air Weather Service regulation

AXP ambulance exchange point

AXX assign XXX routing

AZR assign zone restriction lists


B cross-over barrier pattern

B-52 Stratofortress

B&A boat and aircraft

BAF backup alert force

BAG baggage

BAH basic allowance for housing

BAI backup aircraft inventory; battlefield air interdiction

BAS basic allowance for subsistence; battalion aid station

BATF Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms

B/B baseband

BB breakbulk

BBL barrel (42 US gallons)

BC bottom current

BCAT beddown capability assessment tool

BCD battlefield coordination detachment

BCI bit count integrity

BCN beacon

BCOC base cluster operations center

BCR baseline change request

BCTP battle command training program

BCU beach clearance unit

BDA battle damage assessment

BDAREP battle damage assessment report

BDC blood donor center

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

BDE brigade

BDI battle damage indicator

BDL beach discharge lighter

BDOC base defense operations center

BDR battle damage repair

BDRP Biological Defense Research Program

BDZ base defense zone

BE basic encyclopedia

BEN base encyclopedia number

BE number basic encyclopedia number

BER bit error ratio

BES budget estimate submission

BfV Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz (federal office for defending the Constitution)

BGC boat group commander

BHR Bureau of Humanitarian Response

BI battle injury

BIA Bureau of Indian Affairs

BIAS Battlefield Illumination Assistance System

BIDDS Base Information Digital Distribution System

BIDE basic identity data element

BIFC Boise Interagency Fire Center

BIH International Time Bureau (Bureau International d’l’Heure)

BII Base Information Infrastructure

BINM Bureau of International Narcotics Matters

BIO biological; Bureau of International Organizations

BISS base installation security system

BIT built-in test

BITE built-in test equipment

BIU beach interface unit

BKA Bundeskriminalamt (federal criminal office)

BL biocontainment level

BLCP beach lighterage control point

BLDREP blood report

BLDSHIPREP blood shipment report

BLM Bureau of Land Management

BLOS beyond line of sight

BLS beach landing site

BLT battalion landing team

BM battle management; beachmaster

BMC4I Battle Management Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence

BMCT begin morning civil twilight

BMD ballistic missile defense

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

BMDO Ballistic Missile Defense Organization

BMEWS ballistic missile early warning system

BMNT begin morning nautical twilight

BMU beachmaster unit

BN battalion

BND Bundesnachrichtendienst (federal intelligence service)

BOA basic ordering agreement

BOC base operations center

BOCCA Bureau of Coordination of Civil Aircraft (NATO)

BOG beach operations group

BOH bottom of hill

BOS base operating support; battlefield operating system

BOSG base operations support group

BP battle position; block parity

BPA blanket purchase agreement

BPD blood products depot

BPG beach party group

BPI bits per inch

BPO blood program office

BPPBS bi-annual planning, programming, and budget system

BPS basic psychological operations study; bits per second

BPSK biphase shift keying

BPT beach party team

BPWRR bulk petroleum war reserve requirement

BPWRS bulk petroleum war reserve stocks

BR budget review

BRAC base realignment and closure

BRACE base resource and capability estimator

BRC base recovery course

BS battle staff; broadcast source

BSA beach support area; brigade support area

BSC black station clock

BSC ro black station clock receive out

BSP base support plan

BSSG brigade service support group

BSU blood supply unit

BT bathythermograph

BTB believed-to-be

BTC blood transshipment center

BTG basic target graphic

BTOC battalion tactical operations center

BTU beach termination unit

BULK bulk cargo

BVR beyond visual range

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

BW bandwidth; biological warfare; biological weapon

BWC Biological Weapons Convention

BZ buffer zone


C centigrade; clock; coverage factor; creeping line pattern

C&A certification and accreditation

C&E communications and electronics

C&LAT cargo and loading analysis table

C2 command and control

C2-attack an offensive form of command and control warfare

C2E command and control element

C2IP Command and Control Initiatives Program

C2IPS Command and Control Information Processing System

C2P command and control protection

C2-protect a defensive form of command and control warfare

C2S command and control support

C2W command and control warfare

C-2X coalition Intelligence Directorate counterintelligence and human intelligence staff element

C3 command, control, and communications

C3AG Command, Control, and Communications Advisory Group

C3CM command, control, and communications countermeasures

C3I command, control, communications, and intelligence

C3IC coalition coordination, communications, and integration center

C3SMP Command, Control, and Communications Systems Master Plan

C4 command, control, communications, and computers

C4CM command, control, communications, and computer countermeasures

C4I command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence

C4IFTW command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence for the Warrior

C4ISR command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance

C4S command, control, communications, and computer systems

C4 systems command, control, communications, and computer systems

C-5 Galaxy

C-17 Globemaster III

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

C-21 Learjet

C-27 Spartan

C-130 Hercules

C-141 Starlifter

CA civil administration; civil affairs; combat assessment

C/A course acquisition

CAA civil air augmentation; Command Arrangement Agreements

CAB combat aviation brigade

CAC common access card; current actions center

CACOM Civil Affairs command

CACTIS community automated intelligence system

CAD cartridge actuated device; collective address designator

CADRS concern and deficiency reporting system

CADS containerized ammunition distribution system

CAF Canadian Air Force; Combat Air Forces; commander, airborne/air assault force

CAFMS computer-assisted force management system

CAG civil affairs group; collective address group

CAIMS conventional ammunition integrated management system

CAINS carrier aircraft inertial navigation system

CAL caliber

CALCM conventional air-launched cruise missile

CALMS computer-aided load manifesting system

CAM chemical agent monitor; crisis action module

CAMPS consolidated air mobility planning system

CAMT countering air and missile threats

CANA convalescent antidote for nerve agent

CANR Canadian NORAD region

CANUS Canada-United States

CAO chief administrative officer; civil affairs operations; counterair operation

CAOC combat air operations center; combined air operations center

CAO SOP standing operating procedures for coordination of atomic operations

CAP Civil Air Patrol; civil augmentation program; combat air patrol; configuration and alarm panel; Consolidated Appeals Process (UN); crisis action planning

CAR Chief of the Army Reserve

CARDA continental United States airborne reconnaissance for damage assessment; continental United States area reconnaissance for damage assessment

CARE Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere (CAREUSA)

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

CARIBROC Caribbean Regional Operations Center

CARP computed air release point; contingency alternate route plan

CARS combat arms regimental system

CARVER criticality, accessibility, recuperability, vulnerability, effect, and recognizability

CAS casualty; civil aviation security; close air support

CASEVAC casualty evacuation

CASP computer-aided search planning

CASPER contact area summary position report

CASREP casualty report

CASREQ close air support request

CAT category; crisis action team

CATCC carrier air traffic control center

CATF commander, amphibious task force

CAU crypto ancillary unit; cryptographic auxiliary unit

CAVU ceiling and visibility unlimited

CAW carrier air wing

CAW/ESS crisis action weather and environmental support system

CAX computer-assisted exercise

C-B chemical-biological

CB chemical-biological; construction battalion (SEABEES)

CBBLS hundreds of barrels

CBD chemical, biological defense

CBFS cesium beam frequency standard

CBIRF chemical-biological incident response force

CBLTU common battery line terminal unit

CBMR capabilities-based munitions requirements

CBMU construction battalion maintenance unit

CBPO Consolidated Base Personnel Office

CBPS chemical biological protective shelter

CBR chemical, biological, and radiological

CBRN Caribbean Basin Radar Network; chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear

CBRNE chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high yield explosives

CBRT chemical-biological response team

CBS common battery signaling

CBT combatting terrorism; common battery terminal

CBTZ combat zone

CBU cluster bomb unit; conference bridge unit; construction battalion unit

CBW chemical and biological warfare

C/C cabin cruiser; cast off and clear

CC command center; component command (NATO)

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

CC&D camouflage, concealment, and deception

CCA carrier-controlled approach; central contracting authority; circuit card assembly; container control activity; contamination control area; contingency capabilities assessment; contract construction agent (DOD)

CCAS contingency contract administration services

CCAS-C contingency contract administration services commander

CCB Community Counterterrorism Board; Configuration Control Board

CCC coalition coordination cell; Combined Command Center (USSPACECOM); crisis coordination center; critical control circuit; cross-cultural communications course

CCE container control element; continuing criminal enterprise

CCEB Combined Communications-Electronics Board

CCF collection coordination facility

CCG crisis coordination group

CCGD commander, Coast Guard district

CCIB command center integration branch

CCIP continuously computed impact point

CCIR commander’s critical information requirement; International Radio Consultative Committee

CCIS common channel interswitch signaling

CCITT International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee

CCIU CEF control interface unit

CCJTF commander, combined joint task force

CCL communications/computer link

CCLI computer control list item

CCO central control officer; combat cargo officer

CCP casualty collection point; consolidated cryptologic program; consolidation and containerization point

CCPDS command center processing and display system

CCRD CINCs required delivery date

C-CS communication and computer systems

CCS central control ship; container control site

CCSA containership cargo stowage adapter

CCSD command communications service designator; control communications service designator

CCT collaborative contingency targeting; combat control team

CCTI Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff commended training issue

CCTV closed circuit television

CCW 1980 United Nations Convention on Conventional Weapons; continuous carrier wave

CD channel designator; counterdrug

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

C-day unnamed day on which a deployment operation begins

CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CDE collateral damage estimation

CDF combined distribution frame

CDI cargo disposition instructions; conditioned diphase

C di conditioned diphase

CDIP combined defense improvement project

CDIPO counterdrug intelligence preparation for operations

CDLMS common data link management system

CDM cable driver modem

CDMGB cable driver modem group buffer

CDN compressed dial number

CDO command duty officer

CDOC counterdrug operations center

CDOPS counterdrug operations

CDP landing craft air cushion departure point

CDR combatant commander; commander; continuous data recording

CDRESC commander, electronic security command

CDREUDAC Commander, European Command Defense Analysis Center (ELINT) or European Data Analysis Center

CDRFORSCOM Commander, Forces Command

CDRG catastrophic disaster response group (FEMA)

CDRJSOTF commander, joint special operations task force

CDRL contract data requirements list

CDRMTMC Commander, Military Traffic Management Command

CD-ROM compact disc read-only memory

CDRUSAINSCOM Commander, United States Army Intelligence and Security


CDRUSELEMNORAD Commander, United States Element, North American

Aerospace Defense Command

CDRUSJFCOM Commander, United States Joint Forces Command CDRUSSOCOM Commander, United States Special Operations Command CDS Chief of Defence Staff (Canada); container delivery system

CDSO counterdrug support office

CDSSC continuity of operations plan designated successor service chief

CDU counterdrug update

C-E communications-electronics

CE casualty estimation; civil engineering; command element (MAGTF); communications-electronics; counterespionage

CEB combat engineer battalion

CEC civil engineering corps

CECOM communications-electronics command

CEDI commercial electronic data interface

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

CEDREP communications-electronics deployment report

CEE captured enemy equipment

CEF civil engineering file; common equipment facility

CEG common equipment group

CEI critical employment indicator

CEM combined effects munition

CEMC communications-electronics management center

CEOI communications-electronics operating instructions

CEP cable entrance panel; circular error probable

CEPOD communications-electronics post-deployment report

CERF Central Emergency Revolving Fund (UN)

CERT computer emergency response team

CERTSUB certain submarine

CES coast earth station

CESE civil engineering support equipment; communications equipment support element

CESG communications equipment support group

CESO civil engineer support office

CESP civil engineering support plan

CESPG civil engineering support plan group; civil engineering support planning generator

CF causeway ferry; drift error confidence factor

CFA Committee on Food Aid Policies and Programmes (UN)

CFACC combined force air component commander

CFC Combined Forces Command, Korea

CFL Contingency Planning Facilities List; coordinated fire line

CFM cubic feet per minute

CFR Code of Federal Regulations

CFS CI force protection source

CFSO counterintelligence force protection source operations

CFST coalition forces support team

CG Chairman’s guidance; Coast Guard; commanding general; Comptroller General

CGAS Coast Guard Air Station

CGAUX Coast Guard Auxiliary

CGC Coast Guard Cutter

CGCAP Coast Guard capabilities plan

CGFMFLANT Commanding General, Fleet Marine Forces, Atlantic

CGFMFPAC Commanding General, Fleet Marine Forces, Pacific

CGIS Coast Guard Investigative Service

CGLSMP Coast Guard logistic support and mobilization plan

CGS common ground station; continental United States ground station

CH channel; contingency hospital

CH-53 Sea Stallion

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

CHAMPUS Civilian Health and Medical Program for the Uniformed Services

CHB cargo handling battalion

CHCSS Chief, Central Security Service

CHE cargo-handling equipment; container-handling equipment

CHET customs high endurance tracker

CHOP change of operational control

CHPPM US Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine

CHRIS chemical hazard response information system

CHSTR characteristics of transportation resources

CHSTREP characteristics of transportation resources report

CI civilian internee; counterintelligence

CIA Central Intelligence Agency

CIAP central intelligence architecture plan; command, control, communications, computers, intelligence surveillance, reconnaissance (C4ISR) integrated architecture program; command intelligence architecture plan; command intelligence architecture program

CIAS counterintelligence analysis section

CIAT counterintelligence analytic team

CIB combined information bureau; controlled image base

CIC combat information center; combat intelligence center (Marine Corps); combined intelligence center; communications interface controller; content indicator code; counterintelligence center

CID combat identification; combat intelligence division; criminal investigation division

CIDB common intelligence database

CIDC Criminal Investigation Division Command

CIEG/CIEL common information exchange glossary and language

CIF CINC Initiative Fund

CIG communications interface group

CIHO counterintelligence/human intelligence officer

CIIR counterintelligence information report

CIL critical item list

CILO counterintelligence liaison officer

CIMIC civil-military cooperation

CIN cargo increment number

CINC commander in chief

CINCAFLANT Commander in Chief, Air Forces Atlantic

CINCARLANT Commander in Chief, Army Forces Atlantic

CINCCENT Commander in Chief, United States Central Command

CINCCFC Commander in Chief, Combined Forces Command

CINCLANTFLT Commander in Chief, Atlantic Fleet

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

CINCNET CINCs’ network

CINCNORAD Commander in Chief, North American Aerospace Defense Command

CINCPACAF Commander in Chief, Pacific Air Forces

CINCPACFLT Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet

CINCUNC Commander in Chief, United Nations Command CINCUSAREUR Commander in Chief, United States Army, Europe CINCUSNAVEUR Commander in Chief, United States Naval Forces, Europe CIO chief information officer

CIOTA counterintelligence operational tasking authority

CIP communications interface processor

CIPSU communications interface processor pseudo line

CIR continuing intelligence requirement

CIRM International Radio-Medical Center

CIRV common interswitch rekeying variable

CIRVIS communications instructions for reporting vital intelligence sightings

CIS common item support; Commonwealth of Independent States; communications interface shelter

CISO counterintelligence staff officer; counterintelligence support officer

CIV civilian

CIWG communications interoperability working group

CJ-4 combined-joint logistics officer

CJATF commander, joint amphibious task force

CJB Congressional Justification Book

CJCS Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

CJCSAN Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Alerting Network

CJCSI Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff instruction

CJCSM Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff manual

CJDA critical joint duty assignment

CJMAO Central Joint Mortuary Affairs Office; Chief, joint mortuary affairs office

CJSOTF combined joint special operations task force

CJTF combined joint task force (NATO); commander, joint task force

CKT circuit

CLA landing craft air cushion launch area

CLD compact laser designator

CLEA civilian law enforcement agency

C-level category level

CLF cantilever lifting frame; combat logistics force; commander, landing force

CLGP cannon-launched guided projectile

CLIPS communications link interface planning system

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

CLPSB CINC Logistic Procurement Support Board

CLS contracted logistic support

CLSS combat logistic support squadron

CLT combat lasing team

CLZ craft landing zone; cushion landing zone

CM Chairman’s memorandum; collection manager; configuration management; consequence management; control modem; countermine

Cm mean coverage factor

CMA collection management authority

CMAA Cooperative Military Airlift Agreement

CMAH commander of a combatant command’s Mobile Alternate Headquarters

CMC Commandant of the Marine Corps

Cmc midpoint compromise coverage factor

CMD command; cruise missile defense

CMHT consequence management home team

CMO Central Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT) Organization; chief medical officer; chief military observer; civil-military operations; collections management office(r); configuration management office

CMOC Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center; civil-military operations center

CMOS cargo movement operations system; complementary metal-oxide semiconductor

CMP communications message processor

CMPT consequence management planning team

CMRT consequence management response team

CMS cockpit management system; command management system; community management staff; community security materiel system; contingency mutual support; crisis management system

CMTS comments

CMTU cartridge magnetic tape unit

CMX crisis management exercise

CN counternarcotic

CNA computer network attack

CNAC Customs National Aviation Center (USCS)

CNASP chairman’s net assessment for strategic planning

CNC Counter-Narcotics Center (CIA); Crime and Narcotics Center

CNCE communications nodal control element

CND computer network defense; counternarcotics division

CNGB Chief, National Guard Bureau

CNO Chief of Naval Operations; computer network operations

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

CNOG Chairman, Nuclear Operations Group

CNRF Commander, Naval Reserve Forces

CNTY country

CNWDI critical nuclear weapons design information

CO commanding officer

COA course of action

COAMPS Coupled Ocean Atmosphere Mesoscale Prediction System

COB collocated operating base

COBOL common business-oriented language

COC combat operations center

COCOM combatant command (command authority)

COD carrier onboard delivery; combat operations division

COE Army Corps of Engineers; common operating environment; concept of employment

COF conduct of fire

COFC container on flatcar

COG center of gravity

COGARD Coast Guard

COIN counterinsurgency

COLDS cargo offload and discharge system

COLISEUM community on-line intelligence system for end-users and managers

COLT combat observation and lasing team

COM chief of mission; collection operations management; commander

COMACC Commander, Air Combat Command

COMAFFOR commander, Air Force forces

COMAFSOC Commander, Air Force Special Operations Command

COMALF commander airlift forces

COMALOC commercial air line of communications

COMARFOR commander, Army forces

COMCAM combat camera

COMCARGRU commander, carrier group

COMCEN communications center

COMCRUDESGRU commander, cruiser destroyer group

COMDCAEUR Commander, Defense Communications Agency Europe

COMDESRON commander destroyer squadron

COMDT COGARD Commandant, United States Coast Guard

COMDTINST Commandant, United States Coast Guard Instruction

COMICEDEFOR Commander, United States Forces, Iceland

COMIDEASTFOR Commander, Middle East Forces COMINEWARCOM Commander, Mine Warfare Command COMINT communications intelligence

COMJCSE Commander, Joint Communications Support Element

COMJIC Commander, Joint Intelligence Center

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

COMJSOTF commander, joint special operations task force

COMLANDFOR commander, land forces COMLANTAREACOGARD Commander, Coast Guard Atlantic Area COMLOGGRU combat logistics group

COMM communications

COMMARFOR commander, Marine Corps forces

COMMDZ Commander, Maritime Defense Zone

COMMZ communications zone

COMNAV Committee for European Airspace Coordination Working Group on Communications and Navigation Aids

COMNAVAIRLANT Commander, Naval Air Force, Atlantic COMNAVAIRPAC Commander, Naval Air Force, Pacific COMNAVAIRSYSCOM Commander, Naval Air Systems Command COMNAVCOMTELCOM Commander, Naval Computer and Telecommunications


COMNAVFOR commander, Navy forces

COMNAVMETOCCOM Commander, Naval Meteorology and Oceanography


COMNAVSEASYSCOM Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command COMNAVSECGRP Commander, United States Navy Security Group COMNAVSURFLANT Commander, Naval Surface Force, Atlantic COMNAVSURFPAC Commander, Naval Surface Force, Pacific COMP component

COMPACAREACOGARD Commander, Coast Guard Pacific Area

COMPASS common operational modeling, planning, and simulation strategy; Computerized Movement Planning and Status System

COMPES contingency operations mobility planning and execution system

COMPLAN communications plan

COMPUSEC computer security

COMSAT communications satellite

COMSC Commander, Military Sealift Command

COMSEC communications security

COMSOC Commander, Special Operations Command

COMSOCCENT Commander, Special Operations Command, United States Central Command

COMSOCEUR Commander, Special Operations Command, United States European Command

COMSOCLANT Commander Special Operations Command, United States Atlantic Command

COMSOCPAC Commander Special Operations Command, United States Pacific Command

COMSOCSOUTH Commander Special Operations Command, United States Southern Command

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

COMSOF commander, special operations forces

COMSTAT communications status

COMSUBLANT Commander Submarine Force, United States Atlantic Fleet COMSUBPAC Commander Submarine Force, United States Pacific Fleet COMSUPNAVFOR commander, supporting naval forces

COMTAC tactical communications

COMUSAFE Commander in Chief, United States Air Force in Europe

COMUSARCENT Commander, United States Army Forces, Central Command

COMUSCENTAF Commander, United States Air Force, Central Command

COMUSFORAZ Commander, United States Forces, Azores

COMUSJ Commander, United States Forces, Japan

COMUSK Commander, United States Forces, Korea

COMUSMARCENT Commander, United States Marine Forces, Central Command

COMUSNAVCENT Commander, United States Navy, Central Command

CONCAP construction capabilities contract (Navy); Construction Capabilities Contract Process; construction capabilities contract program

CONEX container express

CONEXPLAN contingency and exercise plan

CONOPS concept of operations

CONPLAN concept plan; operation plan in concept format

CONR continental United States North American Aerospace Defense Command Region

CONTRAIL condensation trail

CONUS continental United States

CONUSA Continental United States Army

COOP continuity of operations

COP common operational picture

COP-CSE common operational picture-combat support enabled

COPE custodian of postal effects

COPG chairman, operations planners group

COPPERHEAD name for cannon-launched guided projectile

COPS communications operational planning system

CORE contingency response program

COS chief of staff; chief of station; critical occupational specialty

COSCOM corps support command

COSMIC North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) security category

COSPAS cosmicheskaya sistyema poiska avariynch sudov – space system for search of distressed vessels (Russian satellite system)

COSR combat and operational stress reactions

COT commanding officer of troops

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

COTHEN Customs Over-the Horizon Enforcement Network (USCS)

COTP captain of the port

COTS cargo offload and transfer system; commercial off-the-shelf

COU cable orderwire unit

counter C3 counter command, control, and communications

COVCOM covert communications

CP check point; collection point; command post; contact point; control point; counterproliferation

CP&I coastal patrol and interdiction

CPA Chairman’s program assessment; closest point of approach

CPD combat plans division

CPE customer premise equipment

CPFL contingency planning facilities list

CPG central processor group; Commander, Amphibious Group; Contingency Planning Guidance

CPI crash position indicator

CPM civilian personnel manual

CPO chief petty officer; complete provisions only

CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation; Chairman’s program recommendation

CPS characters per second; collective protective shelter

CPU central processing unit

CPX command post exercise

CRA command relationships agreement; coordinating review authority

CRAF civil reserve air fleet

CRAM control random access memory

CRB configuration review board

CRC circuit routing chart; control and reporting center, CONUS replacement center; COOP response cell; cyclic redundancy rate

CRD capstone requirements document; chemical reconnaissance detachment; CINC’s required date

CRE control reporting element

CRF channel reassignment function

CRI collective routing indicator

CRIF cargo routing information file

CRITIC critical information; critical intelligence communication; critical message (intelligence)

CRITICOMM critical intelligence communications system

CRM collection requirements management; crew resource management

CRP control and reporting post

CRRC combat rubber raiding craft

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

CRS Catholic Relief Services; Chairman’s readiness system; coastal radio station; community relations service; container recovery system

CRSP centralized receiving and shipping point

CRT cathode ray tube

CRTS casualty receiving and treatment ship

CR-UAV close-range unmanned aerial vehicle

CRYPTO cryptographic

CS call sign; Chaplain Service (Air Force); circuit switch; coastal station; combat support; controlled space; creeping line single-unit; critical source

CSA Chief of Staff, United States Army; combat support agency; container stuffing activity

CSAAS combat support agency assessment system

CSADR combat support agency director’s report

CSAF Chief of Staff, United States Air Force

CSAM computer security for acquisition managers

CSAR combat search and rescue

CSAR3 combat support agency responsiveness and readiness report

CSARTE combat search and rescue task element

CSARTF combat search and rescue task force

CSC combat support center; commander in chief’s (CINC’s) Strategic Concept; community support center; convoy support center; creeping line single-unit coordinated; International Convention for Safe Containers

CSCC coastal sea control commander

CSE client server environment; combat support equipment

CSEL circuit switch select line; combat survivor evader locator

CSEP Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff -sponsored exercise program

CSG Chairman’s Staff Group; coordinating subgroup; Cryptologic Services Group (NSA)

CSGN coordinating subgroup for narcotics

CSH combat support hospital

CSI critical safety item; critical sustainability item

CSIF communications service industrial fund

CSIPG circuit switch interface planning guide

CSL combat stores list

CSNP causeway section, nonpowered

CSNP(BE) causeway section, nonpowered (beach end)

CSNP(I) causeway section, nonpowered (intermediate)

CSNP(SE) causeway section, nonpowered (sea end)

CSO communications support organization

CSOA combined special operations area

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

CSOB command systems operations branch

CSOD command systems operation division

CSP call service position; causeway section, powered; commence search point; contracting support plan; crisis staffing procedures (JCS); cryptologic support package

CSPAR commander in chief’s (CINC’s) preparedness assessment report

CSR central source registry; commander in chief’s (CINC’s) summary report; commander’s summary report; controlled supply rate

CSRF common source route file

CSS central security service; combat service support; communications subsystem; coordinator surface search

CSSA combat service support area

CSSC coded switch set controller

CSSE combat service support element (MAGTF)

CSST combat service support team

CSSU combat service support unit

CST customer service team

CSW compartment stowage worksheet

CT communications terminal; control telemetry; counterterrorism

CTA common table of allowance

CTAPS contingency Theater Air Control System automated planning system

CTC cargo transfer company (USA); counterterrorist center

CTF combined task force

CTG commander, task group

CTID communications transmission identifier

CTM core target material

CTOC corps tactical operations center

CTRIF Combatting Terrorism Readiness Initiative Fund

CTS Commodity Tracking System

CTSS central targeting support staff

CU cubic capacity; common unit

CUL common-user logistics

CULT common-user land transportation

CV aircraft carrier; carrier; curriculum vitae

CVBG carrier battle group

CVISC combat visual information support center

CVN aircraft carrier, nuclear

CVR cockpit voice recorder

CVS commercial vendor services

CVSD continuous variable slope delta

CVW carrier air wing; cryptovariable weekly (GPS)

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

CVWC carrier battle group air wing commander

CW carrier wave; chemical warfare; continuous wave

CWC Chemical Weapons Convention; composite warfare commander

CWDE chemical warfare defense equipment

CWO communications watch officer

CWP causeway pier

CWPD Conventional War Plans Division, Joint Staff (J-7)

CWR calm water ramp

CWT combat weather team; customer wait time

CY calendar year


D total drift, data

d surface drift

D&M detection and monitoring

D3A decide, detect, deliver, and assess

D/A digital-to-analog

DA data adapter aerospace drift; data administrator; Department of the Army; direct action; Directorate for Administration (DIA); double agent

Da aerospace drift

DA&M Director of Administration and Management

DAA designated approving authority; display alternate area routing lists

DAAS defense automatic addressing system

DAASO defense automatic addressing system office

DAB Defense Acquisition Board

DACB data adapter control block

DACG departure airfield control group

DACM data adapter control mode

DADCAP dawn and dusk combat air patrol

DAF Department of the Air Force

DAICC domestic air interdiction coordinator center

DAL defended asset list

DALIS Disaster Assistance Logistics Information System

DALS downed aviator locator system

DAMA demand assigned multiple access

DAMES defense automatic addressing system (DAAS) automated message exchange system

DAN Diver’s Alert Network

DAO Defense Attaché Office; defense attaché officer; department/agency/organization

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

DAP designated acquisition program

DAR distortion adaptive receiver

DARO Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office

DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

DART disaster assistance response team; downed aircraft recovery team; dynamic analysis and replanning tool

DAS deep air support (USMC); direct access subscriber; direct air support

DAS3 decentralized automated service support system

DASA Department of the Army (DA) staff agencies

DASC direct air support center

DASC(A) direct air support center (airborne)

DASD Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense

DASD(H&RA) Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Humanitarian & Refugee Affairs)

DASD(I) Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Intelligence)

DASD(PK/HA) Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Peacekeeping and Humanitarian Assistance)

DASD(S&IO) Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Security and Information Operations)

DASSS decentralized automated service support system

DAT deployment action team

DATT defense attaché

DATU data adapter termination unit

dB decibel

DBA database administrator

DBDB digital bathymetric database

DBG database generation

DBI defense budget issue

DBMS database management system

DBOF Defense Business Operations Fund

D/C downconverter

DC Deputies Committee; direct current; dislocated civilian

DCA Defense Communications Agency; Defense Cooperation Agreements; defensive counterair; dual-capable aircraft

DCAA Defense Contract Audit Agency

DCC damage control center; deployment control center

DCCC defense collection coordination center

DCCEP developing country combined exercise program

DCD data collection device

D-cell deployment cell

DCI Director of Central Intelligence; dual channel interchange

D/CI&SP Director, Counterintelligence and Security Programs

DCID Director of Central Intelligence Directive

DCIIS Defense Counterintelligence Information System

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

DCIO defense criminal investigative organization

DCIS Defense Criminal Investigative Services

DCJTF deputy commander, joint task force

DCM data channel multiplexer; deputy chief of mission

DCMA Defense Contract Management Agency

DCMC Office of Deputy Chairman, Military Committee

DCMO deputy chief military observer

DCN data link coordination net

DCNO Deputy Chief of Naval Operations

DCO defense coordinating officer (DOD); dial central office

DCPA Defense Civil Preparedness Agency

DCPG digital clock pulse generator

DCS Defense Communications System; Defense Courier Service; deputy chief of staff; digital computer system

DCSCU dual capability servo control unit

DC/S for RA Deputy Chief of Staff for Reserve Affairs

DCSINT Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence

DCSLOG Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, US Army

DCSOPS Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans, United States Army

DCSPER Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, United States Army

DCST Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Contingency Support Team

DD destroyer (Navy ship)

DDA Deputy Director for Administration (CIA); designated development activity

D-day unnamed day on which operations commence or are scheduled to commence

DDC data distribution center; defense distribution center

DDCI Deputy Director of Central Intelligence (CIA)

DDG guided missile destroyer

DDI Deputy Director of Intelligence (CIA)

DDL digital data link

DDM digital data modem

DDMA Defense Distribution Mapping Activity

DDMS deputy director for military support

DDN Defense Data Network

DDO Deputy Director of Operations (CIA)

DDP detailed deployment plan

DDR&E director of defense research and engineering

DDS defense dissemination system; dry deck shelter

DDS&T Deputy Director for Science & Technology (CIA)

DDWSO Deputy Director for Wargaming, Simulation, and Operations

DE damage expectancy; delay equalizer; directed energy

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

De total drift error

de individual drift error

DEA Drug Enforcement Administration

dea aerospace drift error

DEACN Drug Enforcement Administration Communications Network

DEAR disease and environmental alert report

DEARAS Department of Defense (DOD) Emergency Authorities Retrieval and Analysis System

DeCA Defense Commissary Agency

DECL declassify

DEFCON defense readiness condition

DEFSMAC Defense Special Missile and Astronautics Center

DEL deployable equipment list

DEMARC demarcation

de max maximum drift error

DEMIL demilitarization

de min minimum drift error

de minimax minimax drift error

DeMS deployment management system

DEMUX demultiplex

DEP Delayed Entry Program; deployed

DEP&S Drug Enforcement Plans and Support

DEPCJTF deputy commander, joint task force

DEPID deployment indicator code

DEPMEDS deployable medical systems

DepOpsDeps Service deputy operations deputies

DESC Defense Energy Support Center

DESCOM Depot System Command (Army)

DESIGAREA designated area message

DEST destination

DET detachment; detainee

DETRESFA distress phase (ICAO)

DEW directed-energy warfare

DF direction finding; dispersion factor; disposition form

DFAS Defense Finance and Accounting Service

DFAS-DE Defense Finance and Accounting Service-Denver

DFC deputy force commander

DFE division force equivalent

DFM deterrent force module

DFO disaster field office (FEMA)

DFR Defense Fuel Region

DFR/E Defense Fuel Region, Europe

DFRIF Defense Freight Railway Interchange Fleet

DFR/ME Defense Fuel Region, Middle East

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

DFSC Defense Fuel Supply Center

DFSP Defense Fuel Support Point

DFT deployment for training

DG defense guidance

DGIAP Defense General Intelligence and Applications Program

DGM digital group multiplex

DGZ desired ground zero

DH death due to hostilities

DHHS Department of Health and Human Services

DHS Defense Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Service; Director of Health Services

DI DIA Directorate for Intelligence Production; discrete identifier; dynamic interface

DIA Defense Intelligence Agency

DIAC Defense Intelligence Analysis Center

DIAM Defense Intelligence Agency manual; Defense Intelligence Agency memorandum

DIAR Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) regulation

DIBITS digital in-band interswitch trunk signaling

DIBRS defense incident-based reporting system

DIBTS digital in-band trunk signaling

DICO Data Information Coordination Office

DIDHS Deployable Intelligence Data Handling System

DIDS Defense Intelligence Dissemination System

DIEB Defense Intelligence Executive Board

DIEPS Digital Imagery Exploitation Production System

DIG digital

DII defense information infrastructure

DII-COE defense information infrastructure-common operating environment

DIILS Defense Institute of International Legal Studies

DILPA diphase loop modem-A

DIMA drilling individual mobilization augmentee

DIN defense intelligence notice

DINET Defense Industrial Net

DIOC drug interdiction operations center

DIPC defense industrial plant equipment center

DIPFAC diplomatic facility

DIPGM diphase supergroup modem

DIRINT Director of Intelligence

DIRJIATF director, joint inter-agency task force

DIRLAUTH direct liaison authorized

DIRM Directorate for Information and Resource Management

DIRMOBFOR director of mobility forces

DIRNSA Director, National Security Agency

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

DIS daily intelligence summary; defense information system; Defense Investigative Service; distributed interactive simulation

DISA Defense Information Systems Agency

DISANMOC Defense Information Systems Agency Network Management and Operations Center

DISCOM division support command (Army)

DISGM diphase supergroup

DISN Defense Information Systems Network

DISN-E Defense Information Systems Network – Europe

DISO Defense Intelligence Support Office

DISP drug investigation support program (FAA)

DISUM daily intelligence summary

DITDS defense information threat data system; defense intelligence threat data system

DITSUM defense intelligence terrorist summary

DJS Director, Joint Staff

DJSM Director, Joint Staff memorandum

DJTFAC deployable joint task force augmentation cell

DLA Defense Logistics Agency

DLAM Defense Logistics Agency manual

DLAR Defense Logistics Agency regulation

DLEA drug law enforcement agency

DLED dedicated loop encryption device

DLP data link processor

DLPMA diphase loop modem A

DLQ deck landing qualification

DLR depot-level repairable

DLSA Defense Legal Services Agency

DLSS Defense Logistics Standard Systems

DLTM digital line termination module

DLTU digital line termination unit

DM detection and monitoring

dmax maximum drift distance

DMB datum marker buoy

DMC data mode control

DMD digital message device

DMDC defense management data center; defense manpower data center

DME distance measuring equipment

DMI director military intelligence

dmin minimum drift distance

DML data manipulation language

DMO directory maintenance official

DMOS duty military occupational specialty

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

DMPI designated mean point of impact; desired mean point of impact

DMRD defense management resource decision

DMRIS defense medical regulating information system

DMS defense message system; defense meteorological system; director of military support

DMSB Defense Medical Standardization Board

DMSO Defense Modeling and Simulation Office; director of major staff office; Division Medical Supply Office

DMSP Defense Meteorological Satellite Program

DMSSC defense medical systems support center

DMT disaster management team (UN)

DMU disk memory unit

DMZ demilitarized zone

DN digital nonsecure

DNA Defense Nuclear Agency; deoxyribonucleic acid

DNAT defense nuclear advisory team

DNBI disease and nonbattle injury

DNBI casualty disease and nonbattle injury casualty

DNC digital nautical chart

DNI Director of Naval Intelligence

DNIF duty not involving flying

DNMSP driftnet monitoring support program

DNSO Defense Network Systems Organization

DNVT digital nonsecure voice terminal

DNY display area code (NYX) routing

DOA dead on arrival; director of administration

DOB date of birth; dispersal operating base

DOC designed operational capability

DOCC deep operations coordination cell

DOCDIV documents division

DOCEX document exploitation

DOD Department of Defense

DODAAC Department of Defense activity address code

DODAAD Department of Defense Activity Address Directory

DODAC DOD ammunition code

DODD Department of Defense directive

DODDS Department of Defense Dependent Schools

DODEX Department of Defense intelligence system information system extension

DODFMR Department of Defense Financial Management Regulation

DODI Department of Defense instruction

DODIC Department of Defense identification code

DODID Department of Defense Intelligence Digest

DODIIS Department of Defense Intelligence Information System

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

DODIPC Department of Defense intelligence production community

DODIPP Department of Defense Intelligence Production Program

DOD-JIC Department of Defense Joint Intelligence Center

DODM data orderwire diphase modem; Department of Defense manual

DODR Department of Defense regulation

DOE Department of Energy

DOF degree of freedom

DOI Defense Special Security Communications System (DSSCS) Operating Instructions; Department of Interior

DOJ Department of Justice

DOL Department of Labor

DOM day of month

DOMS director of military support

DON Department of the Navy

DOPMA Defense Officer Personnel Management Act

DOR date of rank

DOS date of separation; days of supply; denial of service; Department of State; disk operating system

DOT Department of Transportation

DOTEO Department of Transportation emergency organization

DOW data orderwire; died of wounds

DOX-T direct operational exchange-tactical

DOY day of year

DP Air Force component plans officer (staff); decisive point; Directorate for Policy Support (DIA)

dp parachute drift

DPA Defense Production Act

DPAS Defense Priorities and Allocation System

DPC Defense Planning Committee (NATO)

DPG Defense Planning Guidance

DPI desired point of impact

DPICM dual purpose improved conventional munitions

DPLSM dipulse group modem

DPM dissemination program manager

DPMO Defense Prisoner of War (POW)/Missing Personnel (MP) Office

DPP data patch panel; distributed production program

DPPDB digital point positioning database

DPQ defense planning questionnaire (NATO)

DPR display non-nodal routing

DPRB Defense Planning and Resources Board

DPRE displaced persons, refugees, and evacuees

DPS data processing system

DPSC Defense Personnel Support Center

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

DPSK differential phase shift keying

DR dead reckoning; digital receiver; disaster relief

DRB Defense Resources Board

DRe dead reckoning error

DRMD deployments requirements manning document

DRMO Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office

DRMS Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service; distance root-mean-square

DRT dead reckoning tracer

DRTC designated reporting technical control

DS Directorate for Information Systems and Services (DIA); direct support; doctrine sponsor

DSA defense special assessment (DIA)

DSAA Defense Security Assistance Agency

DSAR Defense Supply Agency regulation

DSB digital in-band trunk signaling (DIBTS) signaling buffer

DSC digital selective calling

DSCA Defense Security Cooperation Agency

DSCP Defense Supply Center Philadelphia

DSCR Defense Supply Center Richmond

DSCS Defense Satellite Communications System

DSCSOC Defense Satellite Communications System operations center

DSDI digital simple data interface

DSG digital signal generator

DSI defense simulation internet

DSL display switch locator (SL) routing

DSMAC digital scene-matching area correlation

DSN Defense Switched Network

DSNET Defense Secure Network

DSNET-2 Defense Secure Network-2

DSO defensive systems officer; domestic support operation

DSOE deployment schedule of events

DSP Defense Satellite Program; Defense Support Program

DSPL display system programming language

DSPS Director, Security Plans and Service

DSS Defense Security Service; Distribution Standard System

DSSCS Defense Special Security Communications System

DSSO data system support organization; defense systems support organization

DSSR Department of State Standardized Regulation

DST deployment support team

DSTP Director of Strategic Target Planning

DSTR destroy

DSVL doppler sonar velocity log

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

DSVT digital subscriber voice terminal

DTE data terminal equipment; developmental test and evaluation

DTED digital terrain elevation data

DTG date-time group; digital trunk group (digital transmission group)

DTL designator target line

DTMF dual tone multi-frequency

DTMR defense traffic management regulation

DTO division transportation office

DTOC division tactical operations center

DTR defense transportation regulation

DTRA Defense Threat Reduction Agency

DTRACS Defense Transportation Reporting and Control System

DTRATCA Defense Threat Reduction and Treaty Compliance Agency

DTS Defense Transportation System; diplomatic telecommunications service

DTTS Defense Transportation Tracking System

DUSDL Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Logistics

DUSDP Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Policy

DUSTWUN duty status-whereabouts unknown

DV distinguished visitor

DVA Department of Veterans Affairs

DVD direct vendor delivery

DVITS Digital Video Imagery Transmission System

DVOW digital voice orderwire

DWMCF double-wide modular causeway ferry

DWRIA died of wounds received in action

DWT deadweight tonnage

DWTS Digital Wideband Transmission System

DX direct exchange

DZ drop zone

DZC drop zone controller

DZCO drop zone control officer

DZSO drop zone safety officer

DZST drop zone support team

DZSTL drop zone support team leader


E total probable error

E&DCP evaluation and data collection plan

E&E emergency and extraordinary expense authority; evasion and escape

E&EE emergency and extraordinary expense

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

E&I engineering and installation

E&M ear and mouth; special signaling leads

E&R evasion and recovery

E1 Echelon 1

E2 Echelon 2

E3 Echelon 3; electromagnetic environmental effects

E4 Echelon 4

E5 Echelon 5

E-8C joint surveillance, target attack radar system (JSTARS) aircraft

EA electronic attack (previously ECM); emergency action; executive agent; executive assistant

ea each

EAC echelons above corps (Army); emergency action; emergency action committee

EAD earliest arrival date; echelons above division (Army); extended active duty

EAF expeditionary aerospace forces

EALT earliest anticipated launch time

EAM emergency action message

EAP emergency action plan; emergency action procedures

EAP-CJCS emergency action procedures of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

EARLY evasion and recovery supplemental data report

E-ARTS en route automated radar tracking system

EASTPAC eastern Pacific Ocean

EBCDIC extended binary coded decimal interchange code

EC electronic combat; error control; European Community

ECAC Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis Center

ECB echelons corps and below (Army)

ECC engineering coordination cell; evacuation control center

ECN electronic change notice; Minimum Essential Emergency Communications Network

ECO electronic combat officer

ECOSOC Economic and Social Council (UN)

ECP emergency command precedence; engineering change proposal

ECS expeditionary combat support

ECU environmental control unit

ED envelope delay; evaluation directive

EDA Excess Defense Articles

EDC estimated date of completion

EDD earliest delivery date

EDI electronic data interchange

EDSS equipment deployment and storage system

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

EE emergency establishment

EEA environmental executive agent

EEBD emergency escape breathing device

EECT end evening civil twilight

EED electro-explosive device

EEFI essential elements of friendly information

EELV evolved expendable launch vehicle

EEO equal employment opportunity

EEPROM electronic erasable programmable read-only memory

EER extended echo ranging

EEZ exclusive economic zone

EFA engineering field activity

EFD engineering field division

EFST essential fire support task

EFT electronic funds transfer

EFTO encrypt for transmission only

EGS Earth ground station

EHF extremely high frequency

EHRA environmental health risk assessment

EI exercise item

EIA Electronic Industries Association

EIS Environmental Impact Statement

ELBA emergency locator beacon

ELCAS elevated causeway system

ELCAS(M) elevated causeway system (modular)

ELCAS(NL) elevated causeway system (Navy lighterage)

ELD emitter locating data

ELECTRO-OPTINT electro-optical intelligence

ELINT electronic intelligence

ELIST enhanced logistics intratheater support tool

ELOS extended line of sight

ELPP equal level patch panel

ELR extra-long-range aircraft

ELSEC electronics security

ELSET element set

ELT emergency locator transmitter

ELV expendable launch vehicle

ELVA emergency low visibility approach

EM electromagnetic; executive manager

EMALL electronic mall

EMC electromagnetic compatibility

EMCON emission control

EMCON orders emission control orders

EME electromagnetic environment

EMEDS Expeditionary Medical Support

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

EMI electromagnetic interface; electromagnetic interference

EMP electromagnetic pulse

EMR hazards electromagnetic radiation hazards

EMS emergency medical services

EMSEC emanations security

EMT emergency medical technician; emergency medical treatment

EMV electromagnetic vulnerability

ENCOM engineer command

ENDEX exercise termination

ENL enlisted

ENSCE enemy situation correlation element

ENWGS Enhanced Naval Warfare Gaming System

EO electro-optical; end office; equal opportunity; executive order; eyes only

EOB electronic order of battle; enemy order of battle

EOC early operational capability; emergency operations center

EOD explosive ordnance disposal

EOI electro-optic(al) imagery

EO-IR electro-optical-infrared

EOL end of link

EOM end of message

EOP emergency operating procedures

E-O TDA electro-optical tactical decision aid

EOW engineering orderwire

EP electronic protection; emergency procedures; execution planning

EPA Environmental Protection Agency; evasion plan of action

EPBX electronic private branch exchange

EPF enhanced palletized load system (PLS) flatrack

EPH emergency planning handbook

EPIC El Paso Intelligence Center

EPIRB emergency position-indicating radio beacon

EPROM erasable programmable read-only memory

EPW enemy prisoner of war

EPW/CI enemy prisoner of war/civilian internee

ERC exercise related construction

ERDC Engineer Research and Development Center

ERGM extended range guided munitions

ERO engine running on or offload

ERRO Emergency Response and Recovery Office

ERSD estimated return to service date

ERT emergency response team (FEMA)

ERT-A emergency response team – advance

ES electronic warfare support (previously ESM)

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

ESB engineer support battalion

ESC Electronics Systems Center

ESF Economic Support Fund; emergency support function

ESG executive steering group

ESGN electrically suspended gyro navigation

ESI extremely sensitive information

ESK electronic staff weather officer kit

ESO embarkation staff officer

ESOC Emergency Supply Operations Center

EST emergency service team; emergency support team (FEMA); en route support team

ETA estimated time of arrival

ETAC emergency tactical air control; enlisted terminal attack controller

ETD estimated time of departure

ETF electronic target folder

ETI estimated time of intercept

ETIC estimated time for completion; estimated time in commission

ETM electronic transmission

ETPL endorsed TEMPEST products list

ETR export traffic release

ETS European telephone system

ETSS extended training service specialist

ETX end of text

EU European Union

E-UAV endurance unmanned aerial vehicle

EUB essential user bypass

EURV essential user rekeying variable

EUSA Eighth US Army

EUSCS effective United States controlled ships

EVC evasion chart

EVE equal value exchange

EW early warning; electronic warfare

EWC electronic warfare coordinator

EWCC electronic warfare coordination center

EWCS electronic warfare control ship

EW/GCI early warning/ground-controlled intercept

EWIR electronic warfare integrated reprogramming

EWO electronic warfare officer

EXCIMS Executive Council for Modeling and Simulations

EXCOM extended communications search

ExCom executive committee

EXDIR Executive Director (CIA)

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

EXDIR/ICA Executive Director for Intelligence Community Affairs (USG)

EXER exercise

EXORD execute order

EXPLAN exercise plan

EZ extraction zone

EZCO extraction zone control officer


F flare patterns; flash

FA feasibility assessment; field artillery

FAA Federal Aviation Administration; Foreign Assistance Act

FAAR facilitated after-action review

FAC forward air controller

FAC(A) forward air controller (airborne)

FACSFAC fleet area control and surveillance facility

FAD feasible arrival date; force activity designator

FAE fuel air explosive

FALD Field Administration and Logistics Division

FAM functional area manager

FAMP forward area minefield planning

FAO Food and Agriculture Organization (UN); foreign area officer

FAPES Force Augmentation Planning and Execution System

FAR Federal Acquisition Regulation; Federal Aviation Regulation

FARP forward arming and refueling point

FAS Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA); frequency assignment subcommittee; fueling at sea; functional account symbol

FASCAM family of scatterable mines

FAX facsimile

FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation

FBIS Foreign Broadcast Information Service

FC field circular; final coordination; floating causeway; floating craft; force commander

FCA functional configuration audit

FCC Federal Communications Commission

FCE forward command element

FCG foreign clearance guide

FCO Federal coordinating officer

FCP fire control party

FCT firepower control team

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

FDA Food and Drug Administration

FDBM functional database manager

FDC fire direction center

FDESC force description

FDL fast deployment logistics

FDLP flight deck landing practice

FDM frequency division multiplexing

FDO fire direction officer; flexible deterrent option; flight deck officer

FDR/FA flight data recorder/fault analyzer

FDS fault detection system

FDSL fixed directory subscriber list

FDSS fault detection subsystem

FDSSS flight deck status and signaling system

FDUL fixed directory unit list

FDX full duplex

FE facilities engineering

FEBA forward edge of the battle area

FEC forward error correction

FED-STD federal standard

FEK frequency exchange keying

FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency

FEP fleet satellite (FLTSAT) extremely high frequency (EHF) package

FEPP federal excess personal property; foreign excess personal property

FEST foreign emergency support team

FEU forty-foot equivalent unit

FEZ fighter engagement zone

FF navy fast frigate

Ff fatigue correction factor

FFA free-fire area

FFC force fires coordinator

FFCC flight ferry control center; force fires coordination center

FFD foundation feature data

FFE fire for effect; flame field expedients

FFG guided missile frigate

FFH fast frequency hopping

FFH-net fast-frequency-hopping net

FFHT-net fast-frequency-hopping training net

FFP fresh frozen plasma

FFTU forward freight terminal unit

FG fighter group

FGMDSS Future Global Maritime Distress and Safety System

FGS final governing standards

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

FH fleet hospital

FHA Bureau for Food and Humanitarian Assistance; foreign humanitarian assistance

F-hour effective time of announcement by the Secretary of Defense to the Military Departments of a decision to mobilize Reserve units

FHP force health protection

FHWA Federal Highway Administration

FIA functional interoperability architecture

FIC force indicator code

FID foreign internal defense

FIDAF foreign internal defense augmentation force

FIE fly-in echelon

FIFO first-in-first-out

FIR first-impressions report; flight information region

FIRCAP foreign intelligence requirements capabilities and priorities

FIS flight information service; foreign intelligence service

FISC fleet and industrial supply center

FISINT foreign instrumentation signals intelligence

FISS foreign intelligence security service

FIST fire support team; fleet imagery support terminal

FIWC fleet information warfare center

FIXe navigational fix error

FLAR forward-looking airborne radar FLENUMMETOCCEN Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center FLENUMMETOCDET Fleet Numerical Meteorological and Oceanographic


FLETC Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

FLIP flight information publication; flight instruction procedures

FLIR forward-looking infrared

FLO/FLO float-on/float-off

FLOLS fresnel lens optical landing system

FLOT forward line of own troops

FLP force level planning

FLS forward logistic site

FLSG force logistic support group

FLTCINC fleet commander in chief

FLTSAT fleet satellite

FLTSATCOM fleet satellite communications

FM field manual (Army); financial management; flare multiunit; force module; frequency modulation; functional manager

FMA-net frequency management A-net

FMAS foreign media analysis subsystem

FMC force movement characteristics; full mission-capable

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

FMCC force movement control center (USMC)

FMCH fleet multichannel

FMCR Fleet Marine Corps Reserve

FMF Fleet Marine Force

FMFP foreign military financing program

FMID force module identifier

FMO frequency management office

FMP force module package

FMS force module subsystem; foreign military sales

FMSC frequency management sub-committee

FMT-net frequency management training net

FNMOC Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanographic Center

FNOC Fleet Numerical Oceanographic Command

FNS foreign nation support

FO fiber optic; flash override; forward observer

FOB forward operating base; forward operations base

FOC full operational capability

FOD field operations division; foreign object damage

FOFW fiber optic field wire

FOI fault detection isolation

FOIA Freedom of Information Act

FOIU fiber optic interface unit

FOL fiber optic link; forward operating location

FON freedom of navigation (operations)

FORSCOM United States Army Forces Command

FORSTAT force status and identity report

FOS full operational status

FOT follow-on operational test

FOUO for official use only

FOV field of view

FP firing point; force protection; frequency panel

FPA foreign policy advisor

FPC field press censorship; final planning conference

FPCON force protection condition

FPD foreign post differential

FPF final protective fire

FPM Federal personnel manual

FPO Fleet post office

FPS force protection source

FPTS forward propagation by tropospheric scatter

FR final report; frequency response

FRA Federal Railroad Administration (DOT)

FRAG fragmentation code

FRAGORD fragmentary order

FRD formerly restricted data

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

FREQ frequency

FRMAC Federal Radiological Monitoring and Assessment Center (DOE)

FRN force requirement number

FROG free rocket over ground

FRP Federal response plan (USG)

FRRS frequency resource record system

FS fighter squadron; file separator; file server; flare single-unit

fs search radius safety factor

FSA fire support area

FSB fire support base; forward staging base; forward support base; forward support battalion

FSC fire support coordinator

FSCC fire support coordination center

FSCL fire support coordination line

FSCM fire support coordinating measure

FSCOORD fire support coordinator

FSE fire support element

FSEM fire support execution matrix

FSK frequency shift key

FSN foreign service national

FSO fire support officer; flight safety officer; foreign service officer

FSS fast sealift ships; fire support station; flight service station

FSSG force service support group (USMC)

FSST forward space support to theater

FST fleet surgical team

FSU former Soviet Union; forward support unit

FSW feet of seawater

ft feet; foot

ft3 cubic feet

FTC Federal Trade Commission

FTCA Foreign Tort Claims Act

FTP file transfer protocol

FTRG fleet tactical readiness group

FTS Federal telecommunications system; Federal telephone service; file transfer service

FTU field training unit; freight terminal unit

FTX field training exercise

FUAC functional area code

FUNCPLAN functional plan

F/V fishing vessel

Fv aircraft speed correction factor

FVT Force Validation Tool

FW fighter wing; weather correction factor

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

FWD forward

FWDA friendly weapon danger area

FWF former warring factions

FY fiscal year

FYDP Future Years Defense Program


G-1 Army or Marine Corps component manpower or personnel staff officer (Army division or higher staff, Marine Corps brigade or higher staff)

G-2 Army or Marine Corps component intelligence staff officer (Army division or higher staff, Marine Corps brigade or higher staff)

G-3 Army or Marine Corps component operations staff officer (Army division or higher staff, Marine Corps brigade or higher staff)

G-4 Army or Marine Corps component logistics staff officer (Army division or higher staff, Marine Corps brigade or higher staff); Assistant Chief of Staff for Logistics

G-6 Army or Marine Corps component command, control, communications, and computer systems staff officer

G/A ground to air

GA Tabun, a nerve agent

GAA general agency agreement

GAMSS global air mobility support system

GAO General Accounting Office

GATB guidance, apportionment, and targeting board

GATES Global Air Transportation Execution System

GB group buffer; Sarin, a nerve agent

GBL government bill of lading

GBR ground-based radar

GBS Global Broadcast Service; Global Broadcast System

GBU guided bomb unit

GC Geneva Convention

GC3A global command, control, and communications assessment

GC4A global command, control, communications, and computer assessment

GCA ground controlled approach

GCCS Global Command and Control System

GCCS-A Global Command and Control System-Army

GCCS-M Global Command and Control System-Maritime

GCE ground combat element (MAGTF)

GCI ground control intercept

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

GCP ground commander’s pointer

GCRI general collective routing indicator (RI)

GCS ground control station

GCSS Global Combat Support System

GD Soman, a nerve agent

GDF gridded data field

GDIP General Defense Intelligence Program

GDIPP General Defense Intelligence Proposed Program

GDP General Defense Plan (SACEUR)

GDSS Global Decision Support System

GE general engineering

GENADMIN general admin (message)

GENSER general service (message)

GENTEXT general text

GEO geosynchronous earth orbit

GEOCODE geographic code

GEOFILE geolocation code file; standard specified geographic location file

GEOLOC geographic location; geographic location code

GEOREF geographic reference; world geographic reference system

GF a nerve agent

GFE government-furnished equipment

GFI government-furnished information

GFM global freight management; government-furnished material

GFMPL Graphics Fleet Mission Program Library

GFOAR global family of operation plans assessment report

GFU group framing unit

GHz gigahertz

GI&S geospatial information and services

GIAC graphic input aggregate control

GIC (gabarit international de chargement) international loading gauge

GIG Global Information Grid

GII global information infrastructure

GIP gridded installation photograph

GLCM ground launched cruise missile

GLINT gated laser intensifier

GLO ground liaison officer

GLTD ground laser target designator

GM group modem

GMD group mux and/or demux

GMDSS Global Maritime Distress and Safety System

GMF ground mobile forces

GMI general military intelligence

GMR graduated mobilization response; ground mobile radar

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

GMT Greenwich Mean Time

GMTI ground moving target indicator

GOCO government-owned, contractor-operated

GOES geostationary operational environmental satellite

GOGO government-owned, government-operated

GOS grade of service

GOSG general officer steering group

GOTS government off-the-shelf

GP general purpose; group

GPC government purchase card

GPD gallons per day

GPEE general purpose encryption equipment

GPM gallons per minute

GPMDM group modem

GPMRC Global Patient Movement Requirements Center

GPS global positioning system

GR graduated response

GRASP general retrieval and sort processor

GRCA ground reference coverage area

GRG gridded reference graphic

GRL global reach laydown

GRREG graves registration

GS general service; general support; ground speed; group separator

GSA General Services Administration; general support artillery

GSE ground support equipment

GSI glide slope indicator

GSM ground station module

GSO general services officer

GS-R general support-reinforcing

GSR general support-reinforcing; ground surveillance radar

GSSA general supply support area

GSSC Global Satellite Communications Support Center

gt gross ton

GTL gun-target line

GTM global transportation management

GTN Global Transportation Network

GUARD US National Guard and Air Guard

GUARDS General Unified Ammunition Reporting Data System

G/VLLD ground/vehicle laser locator designator

GW guerrilla warfare

GWC global weather central

GWEN Ground Wave Emergency Network

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004


H&I harassing and interdicting

H&S headquarters and service

HA holding area; humanitarian assistance

HAARS high-altitude airdrop resupply system

HAB high altitude burst

HAC helicopter aircraft commander

HACC humanitarian assistance coordination center

HAHO high-altitude high-opening parachute technique

HALO high-altitude low-opening parachute technique

HAP humanitarian assistance program

HARM high-speed antiradiation missile

HARP high altitude release point

HAST humanitarian assistance survey team

HATR hazardous air traffic report

HAZ hazardous cargo

HAZMAT hazardous materials

HB heavy boat

HCA humanitarian and civic assistance

HCAS hostile casualty

HCL hydrochloride

HCO helicopter control officer

HCP hardcopy printer

HCS helicopter combat support (Navy); helicopter control station; helicopter coordination section

HD a mustard agent; harmonic distortion

HDC harbor defense commander; helicopter direction center

HDCU harbor defense command unit

HDPLX half duplex

HE heavy equipment; high explosive

HEAT helicopter external air transport; high explosive antitank

HEC helicopter element coordinator

HEFOE hydraulic electrical fuel oxygen engine

HEI high explosives incendiary

HEL-H heavy helicopter

HEL-L light helicopter

HEL-M medium helicopter

HELO helicopter

HEMP high-altitude electromagnetic pulse

HEMTT heavy expanded mobile tactical truck

HEO highly elliptical orbit

HERF hazards of electromagnetic radiation to fuel

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

HERO electromagnetic radiation hazards; hazards of electromagnetic radiation to ordnance

HERP hazards of electromagnetic radiation to personnel

HET heavy equipment transporter

HF high frequency

HFDF high frequency direction-finding

HFRB high frequency regional broadcast

HH homing pattern

HHD headquarters and headquarters detachment

H-hour seaborne assault landing hour; specific time an operation or exercise begins

HHQ higher headquarters

HICAP high-capacity firefighting foam station

HIDACZ high-density airspace control zone

HIDTA high-intensity drug trafficking area

HIFR helicopter in-flight refueling

HIMAD high to medium altitude air defense

HIMEZ high-altitude missile engagement zone

HIRSS hover infrared suppressor subsystem

HIV human immuno-deficiency virus

HJ crypto key change

HLPS heavy-lift pre-position ship

HLZ helicopter landing zone

HM hazardous material

HMA humanitarian mine action

HMH Marine heavy helicopter squadron

HMIS Hazardous Material Information System

HMLA Marine light/attack helicopter squadron

HMM Marine medium helicopter squadron

HMMWV high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle

HMW health, morale, and welfare

HN host nation

HNS host-nation support

HNSA host-nation support agreement

HNSCC host-nation support coordination cell

HOB height of burst

HOC human intelligence operations cell; humanitarian operations center

HOCC humanitarian operations coordination center

HOD head of delegation

HOGE hover out of ground effect

HOIS hostile intelligence service

HOM head of mission

HOSTAC helicopter operations from ships other than aircraft carriers (USN publication)

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

HOTPHOTOREP hot photo interpretation report

HPA high power amplifier

HPMSK high priority mission support kit

HPT high-payoff target

HPTL high-payoff target list

HQ HAVE QUICK; headquarters

HQCOMDT headquarters commandant

HQDA Headquarters, Department of the Army

HQFM-net HAVE QUICK frequency modulation net

HQFMT-net HAVE QUICK frequency modulation training net

HQMC Headquarters, Marine Corps

HR helicopter request

HRJTF humanitarian relief joint task force

HRO humanitarian relief organizations

HRP high-risk personnel

HRS horizon reference system

HRT hostage rescue team

HS helicopter antisubmarine warfare squadron (Navy); homing single-unit

HSB high speed boat

HSCDM high speed cable driver modem

HSD human intelligence support detachment

HSE headquarters support element; human intelligence support element

HSEP hospital surgical expansion package (USAF)

HSI hyperspectral imagery

HSLS health service logistic support

HSM humanitarian service medal

HSPR high speed pulse restorer

HSS health service support

HSSDB high speed serial data buffer

HST helicopter support team

HT hatch team

HTERRCAS hostile terrorist casualty

HTG hard target graphic

HTH high test hypochlorite

HU hospital unit

HUD head-up display

HUMINT human intelligence; human resources intelligence

HUMRO humanitarian relief operation

HUS hardened unique storage

HVAA high value airborne asset

HVAC heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

HVT high-value target

HW hazardous waste

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

HWM high water mark

Hz hertz


I immediate; individual

I&W indications and warning

IA implementing arrangement; information assurance; initial assessment

IADB Inter-American Defense Board

IADS Integrated Air Defense System

IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency (UN)

IAF initial approach fix

IAP international airport

IAR interoperability assessment report

IASC Interagency Standing Committee (UN); interim acting service chief

IATA International Air Transport Association

IATACS Improved Army Tactical Communications System

IATO interim authority to operate

IAW in accordance with

I/B inboard

IBB International Broadcasting Bureau

IBES intelligence budget estimate submission

IBM International Business Machines

IBS Integrated Booking System; Integrated Broadcast System

IC incident commander; intelligence community; intercept

IC3 integrated command, control, and communications

ICAD individual concern and deficiency

ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization

ICBM intercontinental ballistic missile

ICC information coordination center; intelligence coordination center (USCG); Interstate Commerce Commission

ICD International Code of Diseases; International Cooperation and Development Program (USDA)

ICEDEFOR Iceland Defense Forces

IC/EXCOM Intelligence Community Executive Committee

ICF intelligence contingency funds

ICG interagency core group

ICIS integrated consumable item support

ICITAP International Crime Investigative Training Assistance Program (DOJ)

ICM improved conventional munitions; integrated collection management

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

ICN idle channel noise; interface control net

ICNIA integrated communications, navigation, and identification avionics

ICOD intelligence cutoff data

ICODES integrated computerized deployment system

ICON imagery communications and operations node; intermediate coordination node

ICP incident control point; intertheater communications security (COMSEC) package; interface change proposal; inventory control point

ICPC Intelligence Community Principals Committee

ICR Intelligence Collection Requirements

ICRC International Committee of the Red Cross

ICRI interswitch collective routing indicator

ICS incident command system; internal communications system; inter-Service chaplain support

ICSAR interagency committee on search and rescue

ICU intensive care unit; interface control unit

ICVA International Council of Voluntary Agencies

ID identification

IDAD internal defense and development

IDB integrated database

IDCA International Development Cooperation Agency

IDDF intermediate data distribution facility

IDEAS Intelligence Data Elements Authorized Standards

IDEX imagery data exploitation system

IDF intermediate distribution frame

IDHS intelligence data handling system

IDM improved data modem

IDNDR International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (UN)

IDO installation deployment officer

IDP imminent danger pay

IDRA infectious disease risk assessment

IDS individual deployment site; integrated deployment system; interface design standards; intrusion detection system

IDSS interoperability decision support system

IDT inactive duty training

IDZ inner defense zone

IED improvised explosive device

IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

IEL illustrative evaluation scenario

IEMATS improved emergency message automatic transmission system

IER information exchange requirement

IES imagery exploitation system

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

IESS imagery exploitation support system

IEW intelligence and electronic warfare

IF intermediate frequency

IFC intelligence fusion center

IFCS improved fire control system

IFF identification, friend or foe

IFFN identification, friend, foe, or neutral

IFF/SIF identification, friend or foe/selective identification feature

IFR instrument flight rules

IFRC International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

IFSAR interferometric synthetic aperture radar

IG inspector general

IGL intelligence gain/loss

IGSM interim ground station module (JSTARS)

IHADSS integrated helmet and display sight system (Army)

IIB interagency information bureau

IICL Institute of International Container Lessors

III incapacitating illness or injury

IIM intelligence information management

IIP international information program; interoperability improvement program

IIR imagery interpretation report; imaging infrared; intelligence information report

IJC3S initial joint command, control, and communications system; Integrated Joint Command, Control, and Communications System

IL intermediate location

ILO International Labor Organization (UN)

ILS instrument landing system; integrated logistic support

IMA individual mobilization augmentee

IMC instrument meteorological conditions; International Medical Corps

IMDG international maritime dangerous goods (UN)

IMET international military education and training

IMETS Integrated Meteorological System

IMF International Monetary Fund (UN)

IMI international military information

IMINT imagery intelligence

IMIT international military information team

IMLTU intermatrix line termination unit

IMM integrated materiel management

IMMDELREQ immediate delivery required

IMO information management officer; International Maritime Organization

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

IMOSAR International Maritime Organization (IMO) search and rescue manual

IMOSS interim mobile oceanographic support system

IMP implementation; inventory management plan

IMS information management system; international military staff; international military standardization

IMSU installation medical support unit

IMU inertial measuring unit; intermatrix unit

IN Air Force component intelligence officer (staff); impulse noise; instructor

INCERFA uncertainty phase (ICAO)

INCNR increment number

INCSEA incidents at sea

IND improvised nuclear device

INF infantry

INFLTREP inflight report

INFOCON information operations condition

INFOSEC information security

ING Inactive National Guard

INID intercept network in dialing

INJILL injured or ill

INL International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (USG)

INM international narcotics matters

INMARSAT international maritime satellite

INR Bureau of Intelligence and Research, Department of State

INREQ information request

INS Immigration and Naturalization Service; inertial navigation system; insert code

INSCOM United States Army Intelligence and Security Command

INTAC individual terrorism awareness course

INTACS integrated tactical communications system

INTELSAT International Telecommunications Satellite Organization

INTELSITSUM intelligence situation summary

InterAction American Council for Voluntary International Action

INTERCO International Code of signals

INTERPOL International Criminal Police Organization

INTERPOL-USNCB International Criminal Police Organization, United States

National Central Bureau (DOJ)

INTREP intelligence report

INTSUM intelligence summary

INU inertial navigation unit; integration unit

INV invalid

INVOL involuntary

I/O input/output

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

IO information objectives; information operations; intelligence oversight; international organization

IOC Industrial Operations Command; initial operational capability; intelligence operations center; investigations operations center

IOI injured other than hostilities or illness

IOM installation, operation, and maintenance; International Organization for Migration

IOP interface operating procedure

IOU input/output unit

IP initial point; initial position; instructor pilot; Internet Protocol

IPA intelligence production agency

IPB intelligence preparation of the battlespace

IPBD intelligence program budget decision

IPC initial planning conference; interagency planning cell

IPDM intelligence program decision memorandum

IPDP inland petroleum distribution plan

IPDS imagery processing and dissemination system; inland petroleum distribution system (Army)

IPE individual protective clothing; industrial plant equipment

IPIR initial photo interpretation report

IPL image product library; integrated priority list

IPO International Program Office

IPOM intelligence program objective memorandum

IPP impact point prediction; industrial preparedness program

IPR intelligence production requirement

IPRG intelligence program review group

IPS illustrative planning scenario; interoperability planning system

IPSG intelligence program support group

IPSP intelligence priorities for strategic planning

IPT integrated planning team; integrated process team; Integrated Product Team

I/R internment/resettlement

IR incident report; information rate; information requirement; infrared; intelligence requirement

IRAC interdepartment radio advisory committee

IRC International Red Cross; International Rescue Committee

IRCCM infrared counter countermeasures

IRCM infrared countermeasures

IRDS infrared detection set

IRF Immediate Reaction Forces (NATO)

IRINT infrared intelligence

IRISA Intelligence Report Index Summary File

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

IRO international relief organization

IR pointer infrared pointer

IRR Individual Ready Reserve; integrated readiness report

IRS Internal Revenue Service

IRST infrared search and track

IRSTS infrared search and track sensor; Infrared Search and Track System

IRT Initial Response Team

IS information system; interswitch

ISA international standardization agreement; inter-Service agreement

ISB intermediate staging base

ISDB integrated satellite communications (SATCOM) database

ISE intelligence support element

ISMCS international station meteorological climatic summary

ISMMP integrated continental United States (CONUS) medical mobilization plan

ISO International Organization for Standardization; isolation

ISOO Information Security Oversight Office

ISOPAK International Organization for Standardization package

ISOPREP isolated personnel report

ISP internet service provider

ISR intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance

ISSA inter-Service support agreement

ISSM information system security manager

ISSO information systems security organization

IST integrated system test; interswitch trunk

IT information technologies

ITA international telegraphic alphabet

ITAC intelligence and threat analysis center (Army)

ITALD improved tactical air-launched decoy

ITAR international traffic in arms regulation (coassembly)

ITF intelligence task force (DIA)

ITG infrared target graphic

ITO installation transportation officer

ITRO inter-Service training organization

ITU International Telecommunications Union

ITV in-transit visibility

ITW/AA integrated tactical warning and attack assessment

IUWG inshore undersea warfare group

IV intravenous

IVR initial voice report

IVSN Initial Voice Switched Network

IW information warfare

IWC information warfare commander

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

IW-D defensive information warfare

IWG intelligence working group; interagency working group

IWSC Information Warfare Support Center

IWW inland waterway

IWWS inland waterway system


J-1 manpower and personnel directorate of a joint staff; manpower and personnel staff section

J-2 intelligence directorate of a joint staff; intelligence staff section

J2-CI Joint Counterintelligence Office

J-2O joint force intelligence directorate deputy directorate for crisis operations

J-2T joint force intelligence directorate deputy director for targets

J-2X joint force intelligence directorate counterintelligence and human intelligence staff element

J-3 operations directorate of a joint staff; operations staff section

J-4 logistics directorate of a joint staff; logistics staff section

J-5 plans directorate of a joint staff; plans staff section

J-6 command, control, communications, and computer systems directorate of a joint staff; command, control, communications, and computer systems staff section

J-7 engineering staff section; Operational Plans and Joint Force Development, Joint Staff

J-8 Director for Force Structure, Resource, and Assessment, Joint Staff; force structure, resource, and assessment staff section

J-9 civil-military operations staff section

JA judge advocate

JAAP joint airborne advance party

JAAR joint after-action report

JAARS joint after-action reporting system

JAAT joint air attack team

JA/ATT joint airborne/air transportability training

JAC joint analysis center

JACC joint airspace control center

JACCC joint airlift coordination and control cell

JACC/CP joint airborne communications center/command post

JADO joint air defense operations

JAFWIN JWICS Air Force weather information network

JAG Judge Advocate General

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

JAI joint administrative instruction; joint airdrop inspection

JAIC joint air intelligence center

JAIEG joint atomic information exchange group

JAMPS Joint Interoperability of Tactical Command and Control Systems (JINTACCS) automated message preparation system

JANAP Joint Army, Navy, Air Force publication

JAO joint air operations

JAOC joint air operations center

JAOP joint air operations plan

JAPO joint area petroleum office

JAR joint activity report

JARCC joint air reconnaissance control center

JARS joint automated readiness system

JASC joint action steering committee

JASSM Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile

JAT joint acceptance test

JATACS joint advanced tactical cryptological support

JATF joint amphibious task force

JAWS Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual (JMEM)/air-to- surface weaponeering system

JBP Joint Blood Program

JBPO Joint Blood Program Office

JC2WC joint command and control warfare center

JCA jamming control authority

JCASREP joint casualty report

JCAT joint crisis action team

JCC joint command center; joint course catalog

JCCB Joint Configuration Control Board

JCCC joint combat camera center; joint communications control center

JCCP joint casualty collection point

JCEOI joint communications-electronics operating instructions

JCET joint combined exchange training; joint combined exercise for training

JCEWR joint coordination of electronic warfare reprogramming

JCEWS joint force commander’s electronic warfare staff

JCGRO joint central graves registration office

JCIDO Joint Combat Identification Office

JCIOC joint counterintelligence operations center

JCISB Joint Counterintelligence Support Branch

JCLL joint center for lessons learned

JCMA joint communications security (COMSEC) monitor activity

JCMB joint collection management board

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

JCMC joint crisis management capability

JCMEB joint civil-military engineering board

JCMEC joint captured materiel exploitation center

JCMOTF joint civil-military operations task force

JCMPO Joint Cruise Missile Project Office

JCMT joint collection management tools

JCN joint communications network

JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff

JCSAN Joint Chiefs of Staff Alerting Network

JCSAR joint combat search and rescue

JCSC joint communications satellite center

JCSE joint communications support element

JCSM Joint Chiefs of Staff memorandum

JCSP joint contracting support plan

JCSS joint communications support squadron

JCTN joint composite track network

JDA joint duty assignment

JDAL Joint Duty Assignment List

JDAM Joint Direct Attack Munition

JDAMIS Joint Duty Assignment Management Information System

JDC joint deployment community; Joint Doctrine Center

JDEC joint document exploitation center

JDIG Joint Drug Intelligence Group

JDISS joint deployable intelligence support system

JDN joint data network

JDPO joint deployment process owner

JDSS Joint Decision Support System

JDSSC Joint Data Systems Support Center

JDST joint decision support tools

JDTC joint deployment training center

JDWP Joint Doctrine Working Party

JEAP Joint Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) Analysis Program

JECG joint exercise control group

JECPO Joint Electronic Commerce Program Office

JEEP joint emergency evacuation plan

JEL Joint Electronic Library

JEM joint exercise manual

JEMB Joint Environmental Management Board

JEMP joint exercise management package

JEPES Joint Engineer Planning and Execution System

JET Joint Operation Planning and Execution System (JOPES) editing tool

JEWC Joint Electronic Warfare Center

JEZ joint engagement zone

JFA joint field activity

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

JFACC joint force air component commander

JFAST joint flow and analysis system for transportation

JFC joint force commander

JFCH joint force chaplain

JFE joint fires element

JFIP Japanese facilities improvement project

JFLCC joint force land component commander

JFMCC joint force maritime component commander

JFMO Joint Frequency Management Office

JFP joint force package (packaging)

JFRB Joint Foreign Release Board

JFRG joint force requirements generator

JFRG II joint force requirements generator II

JFS joint force surgeon

JFSOC joint force special operations component

JFSOCC joint force special operations component commander

JFTR joint Federal travel regulations

JFUB Joint Facilities Utilization Board

JGAT joint guidance, apportionment, and targeting

JI joint inspection

JIADS joint integrated air defense system

JIATF joint interagency task force (DOD)

JIATF-E joint interagency task force – East

JIATF-S joint interagency task force – South

JIATF-W joint interagency task force – West

JIB joint information bureau

JIC joint intelligence center

JICC joint information coordination center

JICO joint interface control officer

JICPAC Joint Intelligence Center, Pacific

JICTRANS Joint Intelligence Center for Transportation

JIDC joint interrogation and debriefing center

JIEO joint interoperability engineering organization

JIEP joint intelligence estimate for planning

JIES joint interoperability evaluation system

JILE joint intelligence liaison element

JIMP joint implementation master plan

JIMPP joint industrial mobilization planning process

JIMS joint information management system

JINTACCS Joint Interoperability of Tactical Command and Control Systems

JIOC joint information operations center

JIOP joint interface operational procedures

JIOP-MTF joint interface operating procedures-message text formats

JIPB joint intelligence preparation of the battlespace

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

JIPC joint imagery production complex

JIPTL joint integrated prioritized target list

JISE joint intelligence support element

JITC joint interoperability test command

JLCC joint lighterage control center; joint logistics coordination center

JLNCHREP joint launch report

JLOC Joint Logistics Operations Center

JLOTS joint logistics over-the-shore

JLRC joint logistics readiness center

JM&S joint modeling and simulation

JMAARS joint model after-action review system

JMAG Joint METOC Advisory Group

JMAO joint mortuary affairs office; joint mortuary affairs officer

JMAS joint manpower automation system

JMAT joint mobility assistance team

JMC joint military command; joint movement center

JMCG Joint Mobility Control Group; joint movement control group

JMCIS joint maritime command information system

JMCOMS joint maritime communications system

JMEM Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual

JMEM-SO Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual-Special Operations

JMET joint mission-essential task

JMETL joint mission-essential task list

JMFU joint meteorological and oceanographic (METOC) forecast unit

JMIC Joint Military Intelligence College

JMICS Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System (JWICS) mobile integrated communications system

JMIE joint maritime information element

JMIP joint military intelligence program

JMITC Joint Military Intelligence Training Center

JMMC Joint Material Management Center

JMNA joint military net assessment

JMO joint force meteorological and oceanographic (METOC) officer; joint maritime operations

JMO(AIR) joint maritime operations (air)

JMP joint manpower program

JMPA joint military postal activity; joint military satellite communications (MILSATCOM) panel administrator

JMPAB Joint Materiel Priorities and Allocation Board

JMRC joint mobile relay center

JMRO Joint Medical Regulating Office

JMRR Joint Monthly Readiness Review

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

JMSEP joint modeling and simulation executive panel

JMSWG Joint Multi-Tactical Digital Information Link (Multi-TADIL) Standards Working Group

JMT joint military training

JMTCA joint munitions transportation coordinating activity

JMTCSS Joint Maritime Tactical Communications Switching System

JMUA Joint Meritorious Unit Award

JMV joint METOC viewer

JNACC joint nuclear accident coordinating center

JNOCC Joint Operation Planning and Execution System (JOPES) Network Operation Control Center

JNPE joint nuclear planning element

JOA joint operations area

JOAF joint operations area forecast

JOC joint operations center; joint oversight committee

JOCC joint operations command center

JOG joint operations graphic

JOGS joint operation graphics system

JOPES Joint Operation Planning and Execution System

JOPESIR Joint Operation Planning and Execution System Incident Reporting System

JOPESREP Joint Operation Planning and Execution System Reporting System

JOPP joint operation planning process

JOR joint operational requirement

JORD joint operational requirements document

JOSG joint operational steering group

JOT&E joint operational test and evaluation

JOTS Joint Operational Tactical System

JP joint publication

JPAG joint planning advisory group

JPATS joint primary aircraft training system

JPAV joint personnel asset visibility

JPC joint planning cell

JPD joint planning document

JPEC joint planning and execution community

JPERSTAT joint personnel status and casualty report

JPG joint planning group

JPMRC joint patient movement requirements center

JPMT joint patient movement team

JPN joint planning network

JPO Joint Petroleum Office; Joint Program Office

JPOC joint planning orientation course

JPOI joint program of instruction

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

JPOM joint preparation and onward movement

JPO-STC Joint Program Office for Special Technology Countermeasures

JPOTF joint psychological operations task force

JPOTG joint psychological operations task group

JPRC joint personnel receiving center; joint personnel reception center

JPS joint processing system

JPTTA joint personnel training and tracking activity

JQR joint qualification requirements

JRA joint rear area

JRAC joint rear area coordinator

JRACO joint rear area communications officer

JRADS Joint Resource Assessment Data System

JRAOC joint rear area operations center

JRB Joint Requirements Oversight Council (JROC) Review Board

JRC joint reception center; joint reconnaissance center

JRCC joint reception coordination center

JRFL joint restricted frequency list

JRG joint review group

JRMB Joint Requirements and Management Board

JROC Joint Requirements Oversight Council

JRS joint reporting structure

JRSC jam-resistant secure communications; joint rescue sub-center

JRSOI joint reception, staging, onward movement, and integration

JRTC joint readiness training center

JRTOC joint rear tactical operations center

JRX joint readiness exercise

JS joint staff

JSAC joint strike analysis cell; joint strike analysis center

JSAM joint security assistance memorandum; Joint Service Achievement Medal; joint standoff surface attack missile

JSAN Joint Staff automation for the nineties

JSAS joint strike analysis system

JSC Joint Spectrum Center

JSCAT joint staff crisis action team

JSCC joint Services coordination committee

JSCM joint Service commendation medal

JSCP Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan

JSDS Joint Staff doctrine sponsor

J-SEAD joint suppression of enemy air defenses

JSIDS joint Services imagery digitizing system

JSIR joint spectrum interference resolution

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

JSISC Joint Staff Information Service Center

JSM Joint Staff Manual

JSMS joint spectrum management system

JSO joint specialty officer or joint specialist

JSOA joint special operations area

JSOAC joint special operations air component

JSOACC joint special operations air component commander

JSOC joint special operations command

JSOFI Joint Special Operations Forces Institute

JSOTF joint special operations task force

JSOU Joint Special Operations University

JSOW joint stand-off weapon

JSPA joint satellite communications (SATCOM) panel administrator

JSPD joint strategic planning document

JSPDSA joint strategic planning document supporting analyses

JSPS Joint Strategic Planning System

JSR joint strategy review

JSRC joint search and rescue center; joint subregional command (NATO)

JSS joint surveillance system

JSSA joint Services survival, evasion, resistance, and escape (SERE) agency

JSSIS joint staff support information system

JSST joint space support team

JSTAR joint system threat assessment report

JSTARS Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System

JSTE joint system training exercise

JT&E joint test and evaluation

JTA joint table of allowances; joint technical architecture

JTAC joint technical augmentation cell; joint terminal attack controller; Joint Terrorism Analysis Center

JTADS Joint Tactical Air Defense System (Army); Joint Tactical Display System

JTAGS joint tactical ground station (Army); joint tactical ground station (Army and Navy); joint tactical ground system

JTAMD joint theater air and missile defense

JTAO joint tactical air operations

JTAR joint tactical air strike request

JTASC joint training analysis and simulation center

JTASG Joint Targeting Automation Steering Group

JTAV joint total asset visibility

JTAV-IT joint total asset visibility-in theater

JTB Joint Transportation Board

JTC joint technical committee; Joint Training Confederation

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

JTCB joint targeting coordination board

JTCC joint transportation coordination cell; joint transportation corporate information management center

JTCG-ME Joint Technical Coordinating Group for Munitions Effectiveness

JTD joint table of distribution; joint theater distribution

JTDC joint track data coordinator

JTF joint task force

JTF-6 joint task force-6

JTF-B joint task force-Bravo

JTFCEM joint task force contingency engineering management

JTF-CS Joint Task Force-Civil Support

JTF HQ joint task force headquarters

JTFP Joint Tactical Fusion Program

JTIC joint transportation intelligence center

JTIDS Joint Tactical Information Distribution System

JTL joint target list

JTLM Joint Theater Logistics Management

JTLS joint theater-level simulation

JTM joint training manual

JTMD joint table of mobilization distribution; Joint Terminology Master Database; joint theater missile defense

JTMP joint training master plan

JTMS joint theater movement staff; joint training master schedule

JTP joint training plan

JTR joint travel regulations

JTRB joint telecommunication resources board

JTS Joint Targeting School

JTSG joint targeting steering group

JTSSCCB Joint Tactical Switched Systems Configuration Control Board

JTSST joint training system support team

JTT joint targeting toolbox; joint training team

JTTP joint tactics, techniques, and procedures

JUH-MTF Joint User Handbook-Message Text Formats

JUIC joint unit identification code

JULL Joint Universal Lessons Learned (report)

JULLS Joint Universal Lessons Learned System

JUO joint urban operation

JUSMAG Joint United States Military Advisory Group

JUWTF joint unconventional warfare task force

JV Joint Vision

JV 2020 Joint Vision 2020

JVB Joint Visitors Bureau

JVIDS Joint Visual Integrated Display System

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

JVSEAS Joint Virtual Security Environment Assessment System

JWAC joint warfare analysis center

JWARS Joint Warfare Analysis and Requirements System

JWC Joint Warfare Center

JWCA joint warfighting capabilities assessment

JWFC Joint Warfighting Center

JWG joint working group

JWICS Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System

JWID joint warrior interoperability demonstration


KAL key assets list

KAPP Key Assets Protection Program

kb kilobit

kbps kilobits per second

KC-135 Stratotanker

KEK key encryption key

KG key generator

kg kilogram

kHz kilohertz

KIA killed in action

km kilometer

KNP Korean National Police

KP key pulse

kph kilometers per hour

KQ tactical location identifiers

kt kiloton(s); knot (nautical miles per hour)

KVG key variable generator

kW kilowatt

KWOC keyword-out-of-context


L length

l search subarea length

LA lead agent; legal adviser; line amplifier; loop key generator (LKG) adapter

LAADS low altitude air defense system

LAAM light anti-aircraft missile

LABS laser airborne bathymetry system

LACH lightweight amphibious container handler

LACV lighter, air cushioned vehicle

LAD latest arrival date

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

LAMPS Light Airborne Multipurpose System (helicopter)

LAN local area network

LANDCENT Allied Land Forces Central Europe (NATO)

LANDSAT land satellite

LANDSOUTH Allied Land Forces Southern Europe (NATO)

LANTIRN low-altitude navigation and targeting infrared for night

LAO limited attack option

LAPES low-altitude parachute extraction system

LARC lighter, amphibious resupply, cargo

LARS lightweight airborne recovery system

LASH lighter aboard ship

LASINT laser intelligence

LAT latitude

LAV light armored vehicle

lb pound

LBR Laser Beam Rider

LC lake current

LCAC landing craft air cushion

LCAP low combat air patrol

LCB line of constant bearing

LCC amphibious command ship; land component commander; launch control center; lighterage control center; link communications circuit; logistics component command

LCCS landing craft control ship

LCE logistics capability estimator

LCES line conditioning equipment scanner

LCM landing craft, mechanized; life-cycle management

LCO lighterage control officer

LCP lighterage control point

LCPL landing craft personnel (large)

LCU landing craft, utility; launch correlation unit

LCVP landing craft, vehicle, personnel

LD line of departure

LDA limited depository account

LDF lightweight digital facsimile

LDI line driver interface

LDO laser designator operator

LDR leader; low data rate

LE law enforcement

LEA law enforcement agency

LEAP Light ExoAtmospheric Projectile

LEASAT leased satellite

LEAU Law Enforcement Assistance Unit (FAA)

LECIC Law Enforcement and Counterintelligence Center (DOD)

LED law enforcement desk; light emitting diode

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

LEDET Law Enforcement Detachment (USCG)

LEO low Earth orbit

LEP laser eye protection; linear error probable

LERTCON alert condition

LES law enforcement sensitive; leave and earnings statement; Lincoln Laboratories Experimental Satellite

LET light equipment transport

LF landing force; low frequency

LFA lead Federal Agency

LFORM landing force operational reserve material

LFSP landing force support party

LfV Landesamt für Verfassungsschutz (regional authority for constitutional protection)

LG deputy chief of staff for logistics

LGB laser-guided bomb

LGM laser-guided missile; loop group multiplexer

LGM-30 Minuteman

LGW laser-guided weapon

LHA amphibious assault ship (general purpose); amphibious assault ship (multi-purpose)

L-hour specific hour on C-day at which a deployment operation commences or is to commence

LHT line-haul tractor

LIF light interference filter

LIMDIS limited distribution

LIMFAC limiting factor

LIPS Logistics Information Processing System

LIS logistics information system

LIWA land information warfare activity

LKA attack cargo ship

LKG loop key generator

LKP last known position

LLLGB low-level laser-guided bomb

LLLTV low-light level television

LLSO low-level source operation

LLTR low-level transit route

LM loop modem

LMARS Logistics Metrics Analysis Reporting System


LMCC logistic and movement control center

LMF language media format

LMSR large, medium speed roll-on/roll-off

LMW lead mobility wing

LN lead nation

LNA low voice amplifier

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

LNO liaison officer

LOA Lead Operational Authority; letter of assist; letter of offer and acceptance; lodgment operational area; logistics over-the-shore (LOTS) operation area

LOAC law of armed conflict

LOAL lock-on after launch

LOBL lock-on before launch

LOC line of communications; logistics operations center

LOC ACC location accuracy

LOCAP low combat air patrol

LOCE Linked Operational Intelligence Centers Europe; Linked Operations-Intelligence Centers Europe

LOG logistics

LOGAIR logistics aircraft

LOGAIS logistics automated information system

LOGCAP logistics civilian augmentation program (Army)

LOGCAT logistics capability assessment tool

LOGDET logistics detail

LOGEX logistics exercise

LOGFAC Logistics Feasibility Assessment Capability

LOGFOR logistics force packaging system

LOGMARS logistics applications of automated marking and reading symbols

LOGMOD logistics module

LOGPLAN logistics planning system

LOGSAFE logistic sustainment analysis and feasibility estimator

LOI letter of instruction; loss of input

LO/LO lift-on/lift-off

LOMEZ low-altitude missile engagement zone

LONG longitude

LOP line of position

LORAN long-range aid to navigation

LO/RO lift-on/roll-off

LOROP long range oblique photography

LOS line of sight

LOTS logistics over-the-shore

LP listening post

LPD amphibious transport dock; low probability of detection

LPH amphibious assault ship, landing platform helicopter

LPI low probability of intercept

LPSB Logistics Procurement Support Board

LPU line printer unit

LPV laser-protective visor

LRC logistics readiness center

LRD laser range finder-detector

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

LRF laser range finder

LRF/D laser range finder/detector

LRG long-range aircraft

LRM low rate multiplexer

LRP load and roll pallet

LRRP long range reconnaissance patrol

LRS launch and recovery site

LRST long-range surveillance team

LRSU long-range surveillance unit

LSA logistic support analysis

LSB landing support battalion; lower sideband

LSCDM low speed cable driver modem

LSD landing ship dock; least significant digit

LSE landing signal enlisted; logistic support element

LSO landing safety officer; landing signal officer

LSPR low speed pulse restorer

LSS local sensor subsystem

LST landing ship, tank; laser spot tracker; tank landing ship

LSV logistics support vessel

LT large tug; local terminal; long ton

L/T long ton

LTD laser target designator

LTD/R laser target designator/ranger

LTF logistics task force

LTG local timing generator

LTON long ton

LTS low-altitude navigation and targeting infrared for night (LANTIRN) targeting system

LTT loss to theater

LTU line termination unit

LUA launch under attack

LUT local user terminal

LVS Logistics Vehicle System (USMC)

LW leeway

LWR Lutheran World Relief

LZ landing zone

LZCO landing zone control officer


M&S modeling and simulation

M88A1 recovery vehicle

MA master

mA milliampere(s)

MAAG military assistance advisory group

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

MAAP master air attack plan

MACA military assistance to civil authorities

MACB multinational acquisition and contracting board

MACCS Marine air command and control system

MACG Marine air control group

MACOM major command (Army)

MACP mortuary affairs collection point

MACSAT multiple access commercial satellite

MAD Militärischer Abschirmdienst (military protection service); military air distress

MADCP mortuary affairs decontamination collection point

MAEB mean area of effectiveness for blast

MAEF mean area of effectiveness for fragments

MAF mobility air forces

MAFC Marine air-ground task force (MAGTF) all-source fusion center

MAG Marine aircraft group

MAGTF Marine air-ground task force

MAGTF ACE Marine air-ground task force aviation combat element

MAJCOM major command (USAF)

MANFOR manpower force packaging system

MANPADS man-portable air defense system

MANPER manpower and personnel module

MAP Military Assistance Program; missed approach point; missed approach procedure

MAR METOC assistance request

MARAD Maritime Administration MARCORMATCOM Marine Corps Materiel Command MARDIV Marine division

MARFOR Marine Corps forces

MARFOREUR Marine Corps Forces, Europe

MARFORLANT Marine Corps Forces, Atlantic

MARFORPAC Marine Corps Forces, Pacific

MARINCEN Maritime Intelligence Center

MARLO Marine liaison officer

MAROP marine operators

MARPOL International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships

MARS Military Affiliate Radio System

MARSA military assumes responsibility for separation of aircraft

MART mobile Automatic Digital Network (AUTODIN) remote terminal

MASCAL mass casualty

MASF mobile aeromedical staging facility

MASH mobile Army surgical hospital

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

MASINT measurement and signature intelligence

MAST military assistance to safety and traffic; mobile ashore support terminal

MAT medical analysis tool

MATCALS Marine air traffic control and landing system

M/ATMP Missiles/Air Target Materials Program

MAW Marine aircraft wing

MAX maximum

MAXORD maximum ordinate

MB medium boat; megabyte

MBA main battle area

MBBLs thousands of barrels

MBI major budget issue

Mbps megabytes per second

Mbs megabits per second

MC Military Committee (NATO); military community; mission- capable

MC-130 Combat Talon (I and II)

MCA maximum calling area; military civic action; mission concept approval; movement control agency

MCAP maximum calling area precedence

MCAS Marine Corps air station

MCB movement control battalion

MCBAT medical chemical biological advisory team

MCC Marine component commander; maritime component commander; master control center; military cooperation committee; military coordinating committee; mission control center; mobility control center; movement control center

MCCC mobile consolidated command center

MCCDC Marine Corps Combat Development Command

MCCISWG military command, control, and information systems working group

MCD medical crew director

MCDA military and civil defense assets (UN)

MCDP Marine Corps Doctrinal Publication

MCDS modular cargo delivery system

MCEB Military Communications-Electronics Board

MCEWG Military Communications-Electronics Working Group

MCIA Marine Corps Intelligence Activity

MCIO military criminal investigation organization

MCIP military command inspection program

MCM Manual for Courts-Martial; military classification manual; mine countermeasures

MCMG Military Committee Meteorological Group (NATO)

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

MCMOPS mine countermeasures operations

M/CM/S mobility, countermobility, and/or survivability

MCO Marine Corps order

MCOO modified combined obstacle overlay

MCRP Marine Corps reference publication

MCS maneuver control system; Military Capabilities Study; mine countermeasures ship; modular causeway system

MCSF mobile cryptologic support facility

MCT movement control team

MCU maintenance communications unit

MCW modulated carrier wave

MCWP Marine Corps Warfighting Publication

MCX Marine Corps Exchange

M-DARC military direct access radar channel

M-day mobilization day; unnamed day on which mobilization of forces begins

MDCI multidiscipline counterintelligence

MDF Main Defense Forces (NATO); main distribution frame

MDITDS migration defense intelligence threat data system; Modernized Defense Intelligence Threat Data System

MDR medium data rate

MDRO mission disaster response officer

MDS Message Dissemination Subsystem; mission design series

MDSS II Marine air-ground task force (MAGTF) Deployment Support System II

MDSU mobile diving and salvage unit

MDW Military District of Washington

MDZ maritime defense zone

MEA munitions effect assessment; munitions effectiveness assessment

MEB Marine expeditionary brigade

MEBU mission essential backup

MEC medium endurance cutter

MED manipulative electronic deception

MEDCAP medical civic action program

MEDCC medical coordination cell

MEDCOM US Army Medical Command

MEDEVAC medical evacuation

MEDINT medical intelligence

MEDLOG medical logistics (USAF AIS)

MEDLOGCO medical logistics company

MEDLOG JR medical logistics, junior (USAF)

MEDMOB Medical Mobilization Planning and Execution System

MEDNEO medical noncombatant evacuation operation

MEDREGREP medical regulating report

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

MEDRETE medical readiness training exercise

MEDS meteorological data system

MEDSOM medical supply, optical, and maintenance unit

MEDSTAT medical status

MEF Marine expeditionary force

MEF(FWD) Marine expeditionary force (forward)

MEFPAKA manpower and equipment force packaging

MEL maintenance expenditure limit; minimum equipment list

MEO medium Earth orbit

MEP mobile electric power

MEPCOM military entrance processing command

MEPES Medical Planning and Execution System

MEPRS Military Entrance Processing and Reporting System

MERCO merchant ship reporting and control

MERINT merchant intelligence

MERSHIPS merchant ships

MESAR minimum-essential security assistance requirements

MET medium equipment transporter; mobile environmental team

METAR meteorological airfield report; meteorological aviation report

METARS routine aviation weather report (roughly translated from French; international standard code format for hourly surface weather observations)

METCON control of meteorological information (roughly translated from French); meteorological control (Navy)

METL mission-essential task list

METMF meteorological mobile facility

METMR(R) meteorological mobile facility (replacement)

METOC meteorological and oceanographic

METSAT meteorological satellite

METT-T mission, enemy, terrain and weather, troops and support available—time available

METT-TC mission, enemy, terrain and weather, troops available and civilian

MEU Marine expeditionary unit

MEU(SOC) Marine expeditionary unit (special operations capable)

MEWSG Multi-Service Electronic Warfare Support Group (NATO)

MEZ missile engagement zone

MF medium frequency; mobile facility; multi-frequency

MFC Meteorological and Oceanographic (METOC) Forecast Center; multinational force commander

MFDS Modular Fuel Delivery System

MFE manpower force element

MFFIMS mass fatality field information management system

MFO multinational force and observers

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

MFP major force program

MFPF minefield planning folder

MFS multifunction switch

MGB medium girder bridge

MGM master group multiplexer

MGRS military grid reference system

MGS mobile ground system

MGT management

MHC management headquarters ceiling

MHE materials handling equipment

MHW mean high water

MHz megahertz

MI military intelligence; movement instructions

MIA missing in action

MIB Military Intelligence Board

MICAP mission capable/mission capability

MICON mission concept

MICRO-MICS micro-medical inventory control system

MICRO-SNAP micro-shipboard non-tactical automated data processing system

MIDB modernized integrated database; modernized intelligence database

MIDDS-T Meteorological and Oceanographic (METOC) Integrated Data Display System-Tactical

MIF maritime interception force

MIIDS/IDB Military Intelligence Integrated Data System/Integrated Database

MIJI meaconing, interference, jamming, and intrusion

MILALOC military air line of communications

MILCON military construction

MILDEC military deception

MILDEP Military Department

MILGP military group (assigned to American Embassy in host nation)

MILOB military observer

MILOC military oceanography group (NATO)

MILPERS military personnel

MILSATCOM military satellite communications

MILSPEC military performance specification

MILSTAMP military standard transportation and movement procedures

MILSTAR military strategic and tactical relay system

MIL-STD military standard

MILSTRAP military standard transaction reporting and accounting procedure

MILSTRIP military standard requisitioning and issue procedure

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

MILTECH military technician

MILU multinational integrated logistic support unit

MILVAN military van (container)

MIM maintenance instruction manual

MINEOPS joint minelaying operations

MIO maritime interception operations

MIPE mobile intelligence processing element

MIPR military interdepartmental purchase request

MIS maritime intelligence summary

MISCAP mission capability

MISREP mission report

MISS missing

MIST military information support team

MITASK mission tasking

MITO minimum interval takeoff

MITT mobile integrated tactical terminal

MIUW mobile inshore undersea warfare

MIUWU mobile inshore undersea warfare unit

MIW mine warfare

MJCS Joint Chiefs of Staff memorandum

MJLC multinational joint logistic center

MLA mission load allowance

MLC Marine Logistics Command

MLE maritime law enforcement

MLI munitions list item

MLO military liaison office

MLP message load plan

MLPP multilevel precedence and preemption

MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System

MLS microwave landing system; multilevel security

MLW mean low water

MMC materiel management center

MMG DOD Master Mobilization Guide

MMI man/machine interface

MMLS mobile microwave landing system

MMS mast-mounted sight

MNF multinational force

MNFC multinational force commander

MNL multinational logistics

MNLC multinational logistic center

MNP master navigation plan

MNS mine neutralization system (USN); mission needs statement

MO medical officer; month

MOA memorandum of agreement; military operating area

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

MOADS maneuver-oriented ammunition distribution system

MOB main operations base; mobilization

MOBCON mobilization control

MOBREP military manpower mobilization and accession status report

MOCC mobile operations control center

MOD Minister (Ministry) of Defense

MODEM modulator/demodulator

MODLOC miscellaneous operational details, local operations

MOD T-AGOS modified tactical auxiliary general ocean surveillance

MOE measure of effectiveness

MOG maximum (aircraft) on ground; movement on ground (aircraft); multinational observer group

MOGAS motor gasoline

MOLE multichannel operational line evaluator

MOM military ordinary mail

MOMAT mobility matting

MOMSS mode and message selection system

MOOTW military operations other than war

MOP measure of performance; memorandum of policy

MOPP mission-oriented protective posture

MOR memorandum of record

MOS military occupational specialty

MOU memorandum of understanding

MOUT military operations in urban terrain; military operations on urbanized terrain

MOVREP movement report

MOW maintenance orderwire

MP military police

MPA maritime patrol aircraft; mission and payload assessment; mission planning agent

MPAT military patient administration team

MPC mid-planning conference; military payment certificate; military personnel center

MPE/S maritime pre-positioning equipment and supplies

MPF maritime pre-positioning force

MPG mensurated point graphic

mph miles per hour

MPLAN Marine Corps Mobilization Management Plan

MPM medical planning module

MPO military post office

MPRS multi-point refueling system

MPS maritime pre-positioning ship; message processor shelter; Military Postal Service

MPSA Military Postal Service Agency

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

MPSRON maritime pre-positioning ships squadron

MR milliradian; mobile reserve

MRAALS Marine remote area approach and landing system

MRAT medical radiobiology advisory team

MRCI maximum rescue coverage intercept

MRE meal, ready to eat

MRG movement requirements generator

MRL minimum-risk level

MRMC US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command

MRO medical regulating office

MROC multicommand required operational capability

MRR minimum-risk route

MRRR mobility requirement resource roster

MRS meteorological radar subsystem; movement report system

MRSA Materiel Readiness Support Agency

MRT maintenance recovery team

MRU mountain rescue unit

MS message switch

ms millisecond

MSC major subordinate command; Military Sealift Command; military staff committee; mission support confirmation

MSCA military support to civil authorities; military support to civilian authorities

MSCD military support to civil defense

MSCLEA military support to civilian law enforcement agencies

MSCO Military Sealift Command Office

MSD marginal support date; mobile security division

MS-DOS Microsoft disk operating system

MSDS mission specific data set

MSE mission support element; mobile subscriber equipment;

MSECR HIS 6000 security module

MSEL master scenario events list

MSF Medicins Sans Frontieres (“Doctors Without Borders”); mission support force; multiplex signal format

MSG Marine Security Guard; message

MSGID message identification

MSI multi-spectral imagery

MSIC Missile and Space Intelligence Center

MSIS Marine safety information system

MSK mission support kit

MSL master station log; mean sea level

MSNAP merchant ship naval augmentation program

MSO map support office; marine safety office(r); military satellite communications (MILSATCOM) systems organization; mobilization staff officer

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

MSP mission support plan

MSPES mobilization stationing, planning, and execution system

MSPF maritime special purpose force

MSPS mobilization stationing and planning system

MSR main supply route; mission support request

MSRR modeling and simulation resource repository

MSRV message switch rekeying variable

MSS meteorological satellite subsystem

MSSG Marine expeditionary unit (MEU) service support group

MST Marine expeditionary force (MEF) weather support team; mission support team

M/T measurement ton

MT measurement ton; military technician; ministry team

MTA military training agreement

MTBF mean time between failures

MT Bn motor transport battalion

MT/D measurement tons per day

MTF medical treatment facility; message text format

MTG master timing generator

MTI moving target indicator

MTIC Military Targeting Intelligence Committee

MTL mission tasking letter

MTMC Military Traffic Management Command

MTMCTEA Military Traffic Management Command Transportation Engineering Agency

MTMS maritime tactical message system

MTO message to observer; mission type order

MTOE modified table of organization and equipment

MTON measurement ton

MTP mission tasking packet

MTS Movement Tracking System

MTS/SOF-IRIS multifunction system

MTT magnetic tape transport; mobile training team

MTW major theater war

MTX message text format

MU marry up

MUL master urgency list (DOD)

MULE modular universal laser equipment

MUREP munitions report

MUSARC major United States Army reserve commands

MUST medical unit, self-contained, transportable

MUX multiplex

MV merchant vessel; motor vessel

mV millivolt

MWBP missile warning bypass

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

MWC Missile Warning Center (NORAD)

MWD military working dog

MWDT military working dog team

MWF medical working file

MWOD multiple word-of-day

MWR missile warning receiver; morale, welfare, and recreation

MWSG Marine wing support group

MWSS Marine wing support squadron


N number of required track spacings; number of search and rescue units (SRUs)

N-1 Navy component manpower or personnel staff officer

N-2 Navy component intelligence staff officer

N-3 Navy component operations staff officer

N-4 Navy component logistics staff officer

N-5 Navy component plans staff officer

N-6 Navy component communications staff officer

NAAG North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Army Armaments Group

NAC North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) Air Center; North Atlantic Council (NATO)

NACE National Military Command System (NMCS) Automated Control Executive

NACISA North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Communications and Information Systems Agency

NACISC North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Communications and Information Systems Committee

NACSEM National Communications Security/Emanations Security (COMSEC/EMSEC) Information Memorandum

NACSI national communications security (COMSEC) instruction

NACSIM national communications security (COMSEC) information memorandum

NADEFCOL North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Defense College

NADEP naval aircraft depot

NAF naval air facility; nonappropriated funds; numbered air force

NAFAG North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Air Force Armaments Group

NAI named area of interest

NAIC National Air Intelligence Center

NAK negative acknowledgement

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

NALC naval ammunition logistic code

NALE naval and amphibious liaison element

NALSS naval advanced logistic support site

NAMP North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Annual Manpower Plan

NAMS National Air Mobility System

NAMTO Navy material transportation office

NAOC national airborne operations center (E-4B aircraft)

NAPCAP North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Allied Pre-Committed Civil Aircraft Program

NAPMA North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Airborne Early Warning and Control Program Management Agency

NAR notice of ammunition reclassification

NARC non-automatic relay center

NAS naval air station

NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASAR National Association for Search and Rescue

NAS computer national airspace system computer

NAT nonair-transportable (cargo)

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NATOPS Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization

NAU Narcotics Assistance Unit

NAVAID navigation aid

NAVAIDS navigational aids

NAVAIR naval air; Naval Air Systems Command NAVAIRSYSCOM Naval Air Systems Command (Also called NAVAIR) NAVATAC Navy Antiterrorism Analysis Center; Navy Antiterrorist

Alert Center

NAVCHAPDET naval cargo handling and port group detachment

NAVCHAPGRU Navy cargo handling and port group

NAVCOMSTA naval communications station NAVEURMETOCCEN Naval Europe Meteorology and Oceanography Center NAVFACENGCOM naval facilities engineering command

NAVFAX Navy facsimile

NAVFOR Navy forces

NAVICECEN Naval Ice Center

NAVLANTMETOCCEN Naval Atlantic Meteorology and Oceanography Center

NAVMAG naval magazine NAVMEDCOMINST Navy medical command instruction NAVMEDLOGCOM Navy Medical Logistical Command NAVMEDP Navy medical pamphlet

NAVMETOCCOM Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command

NAVMTO naval military transportation office

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

NAVOCEANO Naval Oceanographic Office

NAVORD naval ordnance

NAVORDSTA naval ordnance station

NAVPACMETOCCEN Naval Pacific Meteorology and Oceanography Center

NAVSAFECEN naval safety center

NAVSAT navigation satellite

NAVSEA naval sea

NAVSEAINST naval sea instruction

NAVSEALOGCEN naval sea logistics center

NAVSEASYSCOM Naval Sea Systems Command

NAVSO United States Navy Forces, Southern Command

NAVSOC naval special operations command; naval special operations component; naval special warfare special operations component; Navy special operations component

NAVSOF naval special operations forces

NAVSPACECOM Naval Space Command NAVSPECWARCOM Naval Special Warfare Command NAVSPOC Naval Space Operations Center

NAVSUP naval supply; Naval Supply Systems Command

NAVSUPINST Navy Support Instruction

NAWCAD Naval Air Warfare Center, Aircraft Division

NB narrowband

NBC nuclear, biological, and chemical

NBCCS nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) contamination survivability

NBDP narrow band direct printing

NBG naval beach group

NBI nonbattle injury

NBS National Bureau of Standards

NBST narrowband secure terminal

NC3A nuclear command, control, and communications (C3) assessment

NCA National Command Authorities

NCAA North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Civil Airlift Agency

NCAPS naval coordination and protection of shipping

NCB naval construction brigade

NCC naval component commander; Navy component command; network control center; North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) Command Center

NCCS Nuclear Command and Control System

NCD net control device

NCF naval construction force

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

NCFSU naval construction force support unit

NCHB Navy cargo handling battalion

NCHF Navy cargo handling force

NCIC National Crime Information Center

NCIS Naval Criminal Investigative Service

NCISRA Naval Criminal Investigative Service resident agent

NCISRO Naval Criminal Investigative Service regional office

NCISRU Naval Criminal Investigative Service resident unit

NCIX National Counterintelligence Executive

NCMP Navy Capabilities and Mobilization Plan

NCO noncombat operations; noncommissioned officer

NCOB National Counterintelligence Operations Board

NCOIC noncommissioned officer in charge

NCR national cryptologic representative; National Security Agency/Central Security Service Representative; naval construction regiment

NCRDEF national cryptologic representative defense

NCS National Communications System; naval control of shipping; net control station

NCSC National Computer Security Center

NCSE national intelligence support team (NIST) communications support element

NCSORG naval control of shipping organization

NCT network control terminal

NCTAMS naval computer and telecommunications area master station

NCTS naval computer and telecommunications station

NCW naval coastal warfare

NCWC naval coastal warfare commander

NDA national defense area

NDAA National Defense Authorization Act

N-day day an active duty unit is notified for deployment or redeployment

NDB nondirectional beacon

NDCS national drug control strategy

NDHQ National Defence Headquarters, Canada

NDL national desired ground zero list

NDMC North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Defense Manpower Committee

NDMS National Disaster Medical System

NDOC National Defense Operations Center

NDP national disclosure policy

NDPB National Drug Policy Board

NDPC National Disclosure Policy Committee

NDRF National Defense Reserve Fleet

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

NDSF National Defense Sealift Fund

NDU National Defense University

NEA Northeast Asia

NEAT naval embarked advisory team

NEMT National Emergency Management Team

NEO noncombatant evacuation operation

NEOPACK noncombatant evacuation operation package

NEPA National Environmental Policy Act

NEREP Nuclear Execution and Reporting Plan

NES National Exploitation System

NESDIS National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service (DOC)

NEST nuclear emergency search team

NETS Nationwide Emergency Telecommunications System

NETT new equipment training team

NEW naval expeditionary warfare; net explosive weight

NEWAC North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Electronic Warfare Advisory Committee

NEXCOM Navy Exchange Command

NFA no-fire area

NFD nodal fault diagnostics

NFESC Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center

NFIB National Foreign Intelligence Board

NFIP National Flood Insurance Program (FEMA); National Foreign Intelligence Program

NFLIR navigation forward-looking infrared

NFLS naval forward logistic site

NFO naval flight officer

NG National Guard

NGB National Guard Bureau

NGF naval gun fire

NGFS naval gunfire support

NGIC National Ground Intelligence Center

NGLO naval gunfire liaison officer

NGO nongovernmental organization

NHCS nonhostile casualty

NI national identification (number); noted item

NIBRS National Incident-Based Reporting System

NIC National Intelligence Council; naval intelligence center

NICI National Interagency Counternarcotics Institute

NID naval intelligence database

NIDMS National Military Command System (NMCS) Information for Decision Makers System

NIDS National Military Command Center (NMCC) information display system

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

NIE national intelligence estimate

NIEX no-notice interoperability exercise

NIEXPG No-Notice Interoperability Exercise Planning Group

NII national information infrastructure

NIMA National Imagery and Mapping Agency

NIMCAMP National Information Management and Communications Master Plan

NIPRNET Non-Secure Internet Protocol Router Network

NIPS Naval Intelligence Processing System

NISH noncombatant evacuation operation (NEO) intelligence support handbook

NISP Nuclear Weapons Intelligence Support Plan

NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology; national intelligence support team

NITES Navy Integrated Tactical Environmental System

NITF national imagery transmission format

NIU North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) interface unit

NIWA naval information warfare activity

NL Navy lighterage

NLO naval liaison officer

.NL. not less than

NLT not later than

NM network management

nm nautical mile

NMB North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) military body

NMCB naval mobile construction battalion

NMCC National Military Command Center

NMCM not mission capable, maintenance

NMCS National Military Command System; not mission capable, supply

NMD national missile defense

NMET naval mobile environmental team

NMFS National Marine Fisheries Services

NMIST National Military Intelligence Support Team (DIA)

NMJIC National Military Joint Intelligence Center

NMOC network management operations center

NMOSW Naval METOC Operational Support Web

NMPS Navy mobilization processing site

NMR news media representative

NMRC Naval Medical Research Center

NMS national military strategy

NMSA North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Mutual Support Act

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

NNAG North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Naval Armaments Group

NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NOACT Navy overseas air cargo terminal

NOC network operations center

NOCONTRACT not releasable to contractors or consultants

NODDS Naval Oceanographic Data Distribution System

NOE nap-of-the-earth

NOEA nuclear operations emergency action

NOFORN not releasable to foreign nationals

NOG Nuclear Operations Group

NOGAPS Navy Operational Global Atmospheric Prediction System

NOHD nominal ocular hazard distance

NOIC Naval Operational Intelligence Center

NOK next of kin

NOMS Nuclear Operations Monitoring System

NOP nuclear operations

NOPLAN no operation plan available or prepared

NORAD North American Aerospace Defense Command

NORM normal; not operationally ready, maintenance

NORS not operationally ready, supply

NOSC Network Operations and Security Center

NOTAM notice to airmen

NOTMAR notice to mariners

NPC Nonproliferation Center

NPES Nuclear Planning and Execution System

NPG nonunit personnel generator

NPS National Park Service; nonprior service; Nuclear Planning System

NPWIC National Prisoner of War Information Center

NQ nonquota

NR North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) restricted; number

NRC National Response Center; non-unit-related cargo

NRCHB Naval Reserve cargo handling battalion

NRCHF Naval Reserve cargo handling force

NRCHTB Naval Reserve cargo handling training battalion

NRFI not ready for issue

NRG notional requirements generator

NRL nuclear weapons (NUWEP) reconnaissance list

NRO National Reconnaissance Office

NROC Northern Regional Operations Center (CARIBROC-CBRN)

NRP non-unit-related personnel

NRPC Naval Reserve Personnel Center

NRT near real time

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

NRTD near real time dissemination

NRZ non-return-to-zero

NS nuclear survivability

NSA National Security Agency; national shipping authority; North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Standardization Agency

NSA/CSS National Security Agency/Central Security Service

NSC National Security Council

NSC/DC Deputies Committee of the National Security Council

NSCID National Security Council Intelligence Directive

NSC/IWG National Security Council/Interagency Working Group

NSC/PC National Security Council/Principals Committee

NSC/PCC National Security Council Policy Coordinating Committee

NSCS National Security Council System

NSD National Security Directive; National Security Division (FBI)

NSDA non-self deployment aircraft

NSDD national security decision directive

NSDM National Security Decision Memorandum

NSDS-E Navy Satellite Display System-Enhanced

NSE national support element; Navy support element

NSEP national security emergency preparedness

NSF National Science Foundation

NSFS naval surface fire support

NSG north-seeking gyro

NSI not seriously injured

NSL no-strike list

NSM national search and rescue (SAR) manual

NSN National Stock Number

NSNF nonstrategic nuclear forces

NSO non-Single Integrated Operational Plan (SIOP) option

NSOC National Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Operations Center; Navy Satellite Operations Center

NSOOC North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Staff Officer Orientation Course

NSP national search and rescue plan

N-Sp/CC North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)-US Space Command/Command Center

NSPD national security Presidential directive

NSRL national signals intelligence (SIGINT) requirements list

NSS national security strategy; non-self-sustaining

NSSA National Security Space Architect

NSSCS non-self-sustaining containership

NSST naval space support team

NSTISSC National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Committee

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

NSTL national strategic targets list

NSTS National Secure Telephone System

NSW naval special warfare

NSWCOM Naval Special Warfare Command

NSWG naval special warfare group

NSWTE naval special warfare task element

NSWTF naval special warfare task force

NSWTG naval special warfare task group

NSWTU naval special warfare task unit

NSWU naval special warfare unit

NT nodal terminal

NTACS Navy tactical air control system

NTAP National Track Analysis Program

NTB national target base

NTC National Training Center

NTCS-A Navy Tactical Command System Afloat

NTDS naval tactical data system

NTF nuclear task force

N-TFS New Tactical Forecast System

NTIC Navy Tactical Intelligence Center

NTISS National Telecommunications and Information Security System

NTISSI National Telecommunications and Information Security System (NTISS) Instruction

NTISSP National Telecommunications and Information Security System (NTISS) Policy

NTMPDE National Telecommunications Master Plan for Drug Enforcement

NTMS national telecommunications management structure

NTPS near-term pre-positioned ships

NTS night targeting system

NTSB National Transportation Safety Board

NTSS National Time-Sensitive System

NTU new threat upgrade

NUC non-unit-related cargo

NUCINT nuclear intelligence

NUDET nuclear detonation

NUDETS nuclear detonation detection and reporting system

NUFEA Navy-unique fleet essential aircraft

NUP non-unit-related personnel

NURC non-unit-related cargo

NUWEP policy guidance for the employment of nuclear weapons

NVD night vision device

NVG night vision goggle

NVS night vision system

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

NW not waiverable

NWARS National Wargaming System

NWB normal wideband

NWBLTU normal wideband line termination unit

NWDC Navy Warfare Development Command

NWFP Northwest Frontier Province (Pakistan)

NWP naval warfare publication; numerical weather prediction

NWREP nuclear weapons report

NWS National Weather Service

NWT normal wideband terminal


O contour pattern

O&I operations and intelligence

O&M operation and maintenance

OA objective area; operating assembly; operational area; Operations Aerology shipboard METOC division

OADR originating agency’s determination required

OAE operational area evaluation


OAFME Office of the Armed Forces Medical Examiner

OAG operations advisory group

OAJCG Operation Alliance joint control group

OAP offset aimpoint

OAR Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff operation plans assessment report

OAS offensive air support; Organization of American States

OASD Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense

OAU Organization of African Unity

O/B outboard

OB operating base; order of battle

OBA oxygen breathing apparatus

OBFS offshore bulk fuel system

OBST obstacle

OCA offensive counterair; operational control authority

OCC Operations Computer Center (USCG)

OCCA Ocean Cargo Clearance Authority

OCD orderwire clock distributor

OCE officer conducting the exercise

OCEANCON control of oceanographic information

OCHA Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

OCJCS Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

OCJCS-PA Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff-Public Affairs

OCMI officer in charge, Marine inspection

OCO offload control officer

OCONUS outside the continental United States

OCOP outline contingency operation plan

OCP operational configuration processing

OCR Office of Collateral Responsibility

OCU orderwire control unit (Types I, II, and III)

OCU-1 orderwire control unit-1

OD operational detachment; other detainee

ODA operational detachment-Alpha

ODATE organization date

O-Day off-load day

ODB operational detachment-Bravo

ODC Office of Defense Cooperation

ODCSLOG Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics (Army)

ODCSOPS Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans (Army)

ODCSPER Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel (Army)

ODIN Operational Digital Network

ODJS Office of the Director, Joint Staff

ODR Office of Defense representative

ODZ outer defense zone

OEBGD Overseas Environmental Baseline Guidance Document

OEG operational exposure guide

OER operational electronic intelligence (ELINT) requirements

OES office of emergency services

OET Office of Emergency Transportation (DOT)

OF officer (NATO)

OFCO offensive counterintelligence operation

OFDA Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance

OFHIS operational fleet hospital information system

OFOESA Office of Field Operational and External Support Activities

OGA other government agency

OGS overseas ground station

OH overhead

OI Office of Intelligence (USCS); operating instruction

OIC officer in charge

OICC officer in charge of construction; operational intelligence coordination center

OID operation order (OPORD) identification

OIR operational intelligence requirements; other intelligence requirements

OJT on-the-job training

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

OL operating location

OLD on-line tests and diagnostics

OLS operational linescan system; optical landing system

OM contour multiunit

OMA Office of Military Affairs (CIA)

OMB Office of Management and Budget

OMC Office of Military Cooperation; optical memory card

OMF officer master file

OMT orthogonal mode transducer

OMT/OMTP operational maintenance test(ing)/test plan

ONDCP Office of National Drug Control Policy

ONI Office of Naval Intelligence

OOB order of battle

OOD officer of the deck

OODA observe, orient, decide, act

OOS out of service

OP observation post; operational publication (USN); ordnance pamphlet

OP3 overt peacetime psychological operations (PSYOP) program

OPARS Optimum Path Aircraft Routing System

OPBAT Operation Bahamas, Turks, and Caicos

OPCEN operations center (USCG)

OPCOM operational command (NATO)

OPCON operational control

OPDEC operational deception

OPDOC operational documentation

OPDS offshore petroleum discharge system (Navy)

OPELINT operational electronic intelligence

OPFOR opposing force; opposition force

OPG operations planning group

OPGEN operation general matter

OPLAN operation plan

OPLAW operational law

OPM Office of Personnel Management; operations per minute

OPNAVINST Chief of Naval Operations instruction

OPORD operation order

OPP off-load preparation party; orderwire patch panel

OPR office of primary responsibility

OPREP operational report

OPS operational project stock; operations

OPSDEPS Service Operations Deputies

OPSEC operations security

OPSTK operational stock

OPSUM operation summary

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

OPT operational planning team

OPTAR operating target

OPTASK operation task

OPTEMPO operating tempo

OPTINT optical intelligence

OPZONE operation zone

OR operational readiness; other rank(s) (NATO)

ORBAT order of battle

ORCON originator controlled

ORD Operational Requirements Document

ORDREF order reference

ORDTYP order type

ORG origin (GEOLOC)

ORIG origin

ORP ocean reception point

OS operating system

OSA operational support airlift

OSAT out-of-service analog test

OSC on-scene commander; operational support command; operations support center

OSD Office of the Secretary of Defense

OSE on scene endurance

OSG operational support group

OSI open system interconnection; operational subsystem interface

OSIA on-site inspection activity

OSINT open-source intelligence

OSIS open-source information system

OSO operational support office

OSOCC on-site operations coordination center

OSP operations support package

OSPG overseas security policy group

OSRI originating station routing indicator

OSV ocean station vessel

OT operational test

OT&E operational test and evaluation

OTC officer in tactical command; over the counter

OTG operational target graphic

OTH other; over the horizon

OTH-B over-the-horizon backscatter (radar)

OTHT over-the-horizon targeting

OTI Office of Transition Initiatives

OTS Officer Training School; one-time source

OUB offshore petroleum discharge system (OPDS) utility boat

OUSD Office of the Under Secretary of Defense

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

OUSD(AT&L) Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics)

OUSD(C) Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)

OUSD(P) Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Policy)

OUT outsize cargo

OVE on-vehicle equipment

OVER oversize cargo

OW orderwire


P parallel pattern; priority

PA parent relay; physician assistant; probability of arrival; public affairs

PAA primary aircraft authorization

PABX private automatic branch exchange (telephone)

PACAF Pacific Air Forces

PAD positional adjustment; precision aircraft direction

PADD person authorized to direct disposition of remains

PADS position azimuth determining system

PAG public affairs guidance

PAI primary aircraft inventory

PAL permissive action link; personnel allowance list; program assembler language

PALS precision approach landing system

PAM pulse amplitude modulation

PANS procedures for air navigation services

PAO Public Affairs Office; public affairs officer

PAR performance assessment report; population at risk; precision approach radar

PARKHILL high frequency cryptological device

PARPRO peacetime application of reconnaissance programs

PAS personnel accounting symbol

PAT public affairs team

PAV policy assessment visit

PAWS phased array warning system

PAX passengers; public affairs plans

PB particle beam; patrol boat; President’s budget

PBA production base analysis

PBCR portable bar code recorder

PBD program budget decisions

PC patrol craft; personal computer; pilot in command; principals committee

Pc cumulative probability of detection

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

P,C,&H packing, crating, and handling

PCC policy coordinating committee; primary control center

PCF personnel control facility

PCL positive control launch

PC-LITE processor, laptop imagery transmission equipment

PCM pulse code modulation

PCO primary control officer; procuring contracting officer

PCRTS primary casualty receiving and treatment ship

PCS permanent change of station; personal communications system; primary control ship; processing subsystem; processor controlled strapping

PCT personnel control team

PCZ physical control zone

PD position description; Presidential directive; probability of damage; probability of detection; procedures description; program definition; program directive; program director

Pd drift compensated parallelogram pattern

PDAI primary development/test aircraft inventory

PDD Presidential decision directive

PDDA power driven decontamination apparatus

PDDG program directive development group

PDG positional data graphic

PDM program decision memorandum

PDOP position dilution of precision

PDS position determining system; primary distribution site; protected distribution system

PE peace enforcement; peacetime establishment; personal effects; program element

PEAD Presidential emergency action document

PEAS psychological operations (PSYOP) effects analysis subsystem

PEC program element code

PECK patient evacuation contingency kit

PECP precision engagement collaboration process

PEDB planning and execution database

PEGEO personnel geographic location

PEI principal end item

PEM program element monitor

PEO peace enforcement operations

PEP personnel exchange program

PER personnel

PERE person eligible to receive effects

PERID period

PERINTSUM periodic intelligence summary

PERMREP permanent representative (NATO)

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

PERSCO personnel support for contingency operations

PERSCOM personnel command (Army)

PERSINS personnel information system

PES preparedness evaluation system

PFD personal flotation device

PFDB planning factors database

PFIAB President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board

PFID positive friendly identification

PFP Partnership for Peace (NATO)

PGM precision-guided munitions

PHIBCB amphibious construction battalion

PHIBGRU amphibious group

PHIBOP amphibious operation

PHIBRON amphibious squadron

PHO posthostilities operations

PHOTINT photographic intelligence

PHS Public Health Service

PI point of impact; probability of incapacitation; procedural item

PIC parent indicator code; payment in cash; person identification code; pilot in command

PID plan identification number

PIDD planned inactivation or discontinued date

PIF problem identification flag

PII pre-incident indicators

PIM pretrained individual manpower

PIN personnel increment number

PINS precise integrated navigation system

PIO press information officer; public information officer

PIPS plans integration partitioning system

PIR priority intelligence requirement

PIRAZ positive identification and radar advisory zone

PIREP pilot report

PIW person in water

PJ pararescue jumper

PK peacekeeping; probability of kill

PKG-POL packaged petroleum, oils, and lubricants

PKI public key infrastructure

PKO peacekeeping operations

PKP purple k powder

PL phase line; public law

PLA plain language address

PLAD plain language address directory

PLANORD planning order

PLAT pilot’s landing aid television

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

PLB personal locator beacon

PLC power line conditioner

PLGR precise lightweight global positioning system (GPS) receiver

PLL phase locked loop

PLL/ASL prescribed load list/authorized stock level

PLRS position location reporting system

PLS palletized load system; personal locator system; pillars of logistic support; precision location system

PLT platoon; program library tape

PM parallel track multiunit; passage material; patient movement; preventive medicine; program manager; provost marshal

PMA political/military assessment

PMAI primary mission aircraft inventory

P/M/C passengers/mail/cargo

PMC parallel multiunit circle; partial mission-capable

PMCM partial mission-capable, maintenance

PMCS partial mission-capable, supply

PMCT port movement control team

PMD program management directive

PME professional military education

PMEL precision measurement equipment laboratory

PMGM program manager’s guidance memorandum

PMI patient movement item

PMIS psychological operations (PSYOP) management information subsystem

PMN parallel track multiunit non-return

PMO production management office(r); program management office

PMOS primary military occupational specialty

PMR parallel track multiunit return; patient movement request; patient movement requirement

PMRC patient movement requirements center

PMS portable meteorological subsystem

PN pseudonoise

PNID precedence network in dialing

PNVS pilot night vision system

P/O part of

PO peace operations; petty officer

POA plan of action

POADS psychological operations automated data system

POAI primary other aircraft inventory

POAS psychological operations automated system

POAT psychological operations assessment team

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

POB persons on board; psychological operations battalion

POC point of contact

POD plan of the day; port of debarkation; probability of detection

POE port of embarkation; port of entry

POF priority of fires

POG port operations group; psychological operations group

POI period of interest; program of instruction

POL petroleum, oil, and lubricants

POLAD political advisor

POLCAP bulk petroleum capabilities report

POLMIL political-military

POM program objective memorandum

POMCUS pre-positioning of materiel configured to unit sets

POMSO Plans, Operations, and Military Support Office(r) (NG)

POP performance oriented packaging

POPS port operational performance simulator

POR proposed operational requirement

PORTS portable remote telecommunications system

PORTSIM port simulation

POS peacetime operating stocks; port of support; position; probability of success

POSF port of support file

POSSUB possible submarine

POSTMOB post mobilization

POTF psychological operations task force

POTG psychological operations task group

POTUS President of the United States

POV privately owned vehicle

POW prisoner of war

P/P patch panel

p-p peak-to-peak

PPA personnel information system (PERSINS) personnel activity

PPAG proposed public affairs guidance

PPBS Planning, Programming, and Budgeting System

PPD program planning document

PPDB point positioning database

PPE personal protective equipment

Pplan programming plan

ppm parts per million

PPP power projection platform; primary patch panel; priority placement program

PPR prior permission required

PPS precision positioning service

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

PR personnel recovery; Phoenix Raven; primary zone; production requirement; program review

PRA primary review authority

PRANG Puerto Rican Air National Guard

PRBS pseudorandom binary sequence

PRC populace and resources control

PRCA Presidential Reserve Callup Authority

PRD personnel readiness division; Presidential review directive

PRECOM preliminary communications search

PREMOB pre-mobilization

PREPO pre-positioned force, equipment, or supplies; pre- positioning

PREREP pre-arrival report

PRF personnel resources file; pulse repetition frequency

PRG program review group

PRI movement priority for forces having the same latest arrival date (LAD); priority; progressive routing indicator

PRIFLY primary flight control

Prime BEEF Prime Base Engineer Emergency Force

PRM Presidential review memorandum

PRMFL perm file

PRN pseudorandom noise

PROBSUB probable submarine

PROC processor; Puerto Rican Operations Center

PROFIS professional officer filler information system

PROM programmable read-only memory

PROPIN caution, proprietary information involved

PROVORG providing organization

proword procedure word

PRP personnel reliability program

PRRIS Puerto Rican radar integration system

PRSL primary zone/switch location

PRT pararescue team

PRU pararescue unit; primary reporting unit

PS parallel track single-unit; processing subsystem

PSA port support activity

PSB poststrike base

PSC port security company; principal subordinate command

PSD planning systems division

PSE peculiar support equipment; psychological operations support element

PSHD port security and harbor defense

PSHDGRU port security and harbor defense group

PSI personnel security investigation

PSK phase shift keying

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

PSL parallel track single-unit long-range aid to navigation (LORAN)

PSMS Personnel Status Monitoring System

PSN packet switching node; public switch network

PSO post security officer

PSP perforated steel planking; power support platform

PSPS psychological operations (PSYOP) studies program subsystem

PSS parallel single-unit spiral

P-STATIC precipitation static

PSTN public switched telephone network

PSU port security unit

PSV pseudosynthetic video

PSYOP psychological operations

PSYWAR psychological warfare

PTA position, time, altitude

PTAI primary training aircraft inventory

PTC peace through confrontation; primary traffic channel

PTT postal telephone and telegraph; public telephone and telegraph; push-to-talk

PTTI precise time and time interval

pub publication

PUK packup kit

PUL parent unit level

PV prime vendor

PVNTMED preventive medicine

PVT positioning, velocity, and timing

PW prisoner of war

pW picowatt

PWB printed wiring board (assembly)

PWD programmed warhead detonation

PWF personnel working file

PWIS Prisoner of War Information System

PWR pre-positioned wartime reserves

PWRMR pre-positioned war materiel requirement

PWRMS pre-positioned war reserve materiel stock

PWRR petroleum war reserve requirements

PWRS petroleum war reserve stocks; pre-positioned war reserve stock

PZ pickup zone


QA quality assurance

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

QAM quadrature amplitude modulation

QAT quality assurance team

QC quality control

QD quality distance

QDR quality deficiency report

QEEM quick erect expandable mast

QM quartermaster

QPSK quadrature phase shift keying

QRA quick reaction antenna

QRCT quick reaction communications terminal

QRE quick reaction element

QRG quick response graphic

QRP quick response posture

QRS quick reaction strike

QRSA quick reaction satellite antenna

QRT quick reaction team

QS quality surveillance

Q-ship decoy ship

QSR quality surveillance representative

QSTAG quadripartite standardization agreement

QTY quantity

QUADCON quadruple container


R routine; search radius

R&D research and development

R&R rest and recuperation

R&S reconnaissance and surveillance

R2P2 rapid response planning process

RA risk analysis

RAA redeployment assembly area

RABFAC radar beacon forward air controller

RADAREXREP radar exploitation report

RADAY radio day

RADBN radio battalion

RADC regional air defense commander

RADCON radiological control team

RADF radarfind

RADHAZ electromagnetic radiation hazards

RADINT radar intelligence

RADS rapid area distribution support (USAF)

RAE right of assistance entry

RAF Royal Air Force (UK)

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

R-AFF regimental affiliation

RAM raised angle marker; random access memory

RAMCC regional air movement coordination center

RAOB rawindsonde observation

RAOC rear area operations center; regional air operations center

RAP Radiological Assistance Program (DOE); rear area protection; Remedial Action Projects Program (JCS)

RAS recovery activation signal

RAST recovery assistance, securing, and traversing systems

RASU random access storage unit

RATT radio teletype

RB radar beacon; short-range coastal or river boat

RBC red blood cell

RBE remain-behind equipment

RBECS Revised Battlefield Electronic Communications, Electronics, Intelligence, and Operations (CEIO) System

RBI RED/BLACK isolator

RB std rubidium standard

RC receive clock; regional coordinator; Reserve Component; river current

RCA residual capabilities assessment; riot control agent

RCAT regional counterdrug analysis team

RCC relocation coordination center; rescue coordination center

RCCPDS Reserve Component common personnel data system

RCEM regional contingency engineering management

RCHB reserve cargo handling battalion

RCM Rules for Courts-Martial

RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police

RC NORTH Regional Command North (NATO)

RCO regional coordinating office (DOE)

RCP resynchronization control panel

RCS radar cross section

RC SOUTH Regional Command South (NATO)

RCSP remote call service position

RCT rescue coordination team (Navy)

RCU rate changes unit; remote control unit

RCVR receiver

RD receive data; ringdown

RDA research, development, and acquisition

R-day redeployment day

RDCFP Regional Defense Counterterrorism Fellowship Program

RDD radiological dispersal device; required delivery date

RDF radio direction finder; rapid deployment force

RDO request for deployment order

RDT&E research, development, test and evaluation

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

REACT rapid execution and combat targeting

REAC/TS radiation emergency assistance center/training site (DOE)

READY resource augmentation duty program

RECA Residual Capability Assessment

RECAS residual capability assessment system

RECAT residual capability assessment team

RECCE reconnaissance

RECCEXREP reconnaissance exploitation report

RECMOB reconstitution-mobilization

RECON reconnaissance

RED HORSE Rapid Engineers Deployable Heavy Operations Repair Squadron, Engineers

REF reference(s)

REGT regiment

REL relative

RELCAN releasable to Canada

REM roentgen equivalent mammal

REMT regional emergency management team

REPOL bulk petroleum contingency report; petroleum damage and deficiency report; reporting emergency petroleum, oils, and lubricants

REPSHIP report of shipment

REPUNIT reporting unit

REQCONF request confirmation

REQSTATASK air mission request status tasking

RESA research, evaluation, and system analysis

RESCAP rescue combat air patrol

RESCORT rescue escort

RESPROD responsible production

RET retired

RF radio frequency; reserve force; response force

RFA radio frequency authorization; restrictive fire area

RFC response force commander

RF/EMPINT radio frequency/electromagnetic pulse intelligence

RFF request for feedback

RFI radio frequency interference; ready for issue; request for information

RFID radio frequency identification

RFL restrictive fire line

RFP request for proposal

RFS request for service

RFW request for waiver

RG reconstitution group

RGR Rangers

RH reentry home

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

Rh Rhesus factor

RHIB rigid hull inflatable boat

RI radiation intensity; Refugees International; routing indicator

RIB rubberized inflatable boat

RIC routing indicator code

RIG recognition identification group

RIK replacement in kind

RIMS registrant information management system

RINT unintentional radiation intelligence

RIP register of intelligence publications

RIS reconnaissance information system

RISOP red integrated strategic offensive plan

RISTA reconnaissance, intelligence, surveillance, and target acquisition

RIT remote imagery transceiver

RJTD reconstitution joint table of distribution

RLD ready-to-load date

RLE rail liaison element

RLG regional liaison group; ring laser gyro

RLGM remote loop group multiplexer

RLGM/CD remote loop group multiplexer/cable driver

RLP remote line printer

RM resource management; risk management

RMC remote multiplexer combiner; rescue mission commander; Resource Management Committee (CSIF); returned to military control

RMKS remarks

RMO regional Marine officer

RMS requirements management system; root-mean-square

RMU receiver matrix unit

RNAV area navigation

RNP remote network processor

R/O receive only

Ro search radius rounded to next highest whole number

ROA restricted operations area

ROC regional operations center; required operational capability

ROCU remote orderwire control unit

ROE rules of engagement

ROEX rules of engagement exercise

ROG railhead operations group

ROICC resident officer in charge of construction

ROK Republic of Korea

ROM read-only memory; rough order of magnitude

RON remain overnight

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

RO/RO roll-on/roll-off

ROS reduced operational status

ROTC Reserve Officer Training Corps

ROTHR relocatable over-the-horizon backscatter radar (USN)

ROWPU reverse osmosis water purification unit

ROZ restricted operations zone

RP reconstitution priority; release point (road); retained personnel

RPT report

RPTOR reporting organization

RPV remotely piloted vehicle

RQMT requirement

RQT rapid query tool

RR reattack recommendation

RRC regional reporting center

RRDF roll-on/roll-off (RO/RO) discharge facility

RRF rapid reaction force; Ready Reserve Fleet; Ready Reserve Force

RRPP rapid response planning process

RS rate synthesizer; requirement submission

RSA retrograde storage area

RSC red station clock; rescue sub-center

RSD reporting of supply discrepancy

RSE retrograde support element

RSG reference signal generator

RSI rationalization, standardization, and interoperability

RSL received signal level

RSN role specialist nation

RSO regional security officer

RSOC regional signals intelligence (SIGINT) operations center

RSOI reception, staging, onward movement, and integration

RSP recognized surface picture; Red Switch Project (DOD); religious support plan

RSPA Research and Special Programs Administration

RSS radio subsystem; remote sensors subsystem; root-sum-squared

RSSC regional satellite communications (SATCOM) support center; regional satellite support cell; regional signals intelligence (SIGINT) support center (NSA); regional space support center

RST religious support team

RSTA reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition

RSTV real-time synthetic video

RSU rapid support unit; rear support unit; remote switching unit

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

R/T receiver/transmitter

RT remote terminal; rough terrain

RTA residual threat assessment

RTB return to base

RTCC rough terrain container crane

RTCH rough terrain container handler

RTD returned to duty

RTF return to force

RTFL rough terrain forklift

RTG radar target graphic

RTL restricted target list

RTLP receiver test level point

RTM real-time mode

RTOC rear tactical operations center

RTS remote transfer switch

RTTY radio teletype

RU release unit; rescue unit

RUIC Reserve unit identification number

RUSCOM rapid ultrahigh frequency (UHF) satellite communications

RV long-range seagoing rescue vessel; reentry vehicle; rekeying variable; rendezvous

RVR runway visibility recorder

RVT remote video terminal

RWCM regional wartime construction manager

RWI radio and wire integration

RWR radar warning receiver

RWS rawinsonde subsystem

RX receive; receiver

RZ recovery zone; return-to-zero


S&F store-and-forward

S&M scheduling and movement

S&T scientific and technical

S&TI scientific and technical intelligence

S-2 battalion or brigade intelligence staff officer (Army; Marine Corps battalion or regiment)

S-3 battalion or brigade operations staff officer (Army; Marine Corps battalion or regiment)

S-4 battalion or brigade logistics staff officer (Army; Marine Corps battalion or regiment)

SA security assistance; selective availability (GPS); senior adviser; situational awareness; staging area; stand-alone switch

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

SAAF small austere airfield

SAAFR standard use Army aircraft flight route

SAAM special assignment airlift mission

SAB scientific advisory board (USAF)

SABER situational awareness beacon with reply

SAC special agent in charge; supporting arms coordinator

SACC supporting arms coordination center

SACEUR Supreme Allied Command, Europe

SACLANT Supreme Allied Command, Atlantic

SACS secure telephone unit (STU) access control system

SADC sector air defense commander

SAF Secretary of the Air Force

SAFE secure analyst file environment; selected area for evasion

SAFE-CP selected area for evasion-contact point

SAFER evasion and recovery selected area for evasion (SAFE) area activation request

SAFWIN secure Air Force weather information network

SAG surface action group

SAI sea-to-air interface; single agency item

SAID selected area for evasion (SAFE) area intelligence description

SAL small arms locker

SAL-GP semiactive laser-guided projectile (USN)

SALM single-anchor leg mooring

SALT supporting arms liaison team

SALTS streamlined automated logistics transfer system; streamlined automated logistics transmission system

SALUTE size, activity, location, unit, time, and equipment

SAM space available mail; special airlift mission; surface-to-air missile

SAMM security assistance management manual

SAMS School of Advanced Military Studies

SAO security assistance office/officer; security assistance organization; selected attack option

SAOC sector air operations center

SAP special access program

SAPI special access program for intelligence

SAPO subarea petroleum office

SAR satellite access request; search and rescue; special access requirement; synthetic aperture radar

SARC surveillance and reconnaissance center

SARIR search and rescue incident report

SARMC search and rescue mission coordinator

SARMIS search and rescue management information system

SARREQ search and rescue request

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

SARSAT search and rescue satellite-aided tracking

SARSIT search and rescue situation summary report

SARTEL search and rescue (SAR) telephone (private hotline)

SARTF search and rescue task force

SAS sealed authenticator system; special ammunition storage

SASP special ammunition supply point

SASS supporting arms special staff

SASSY supported activities supply systems

SAT satellite; security alert team

SATCOM satellite communications

SAU search attack unit

SAW surface acoustic wave

SB standby base

SBIRS space-based infrared system

SBL space-based laser

SBPO Service blood program officer

SBR special boat squadron

SBRPT subordinate reporting organization

SBS senior battle staff; support battle staff

SBSS science-based stockpile stewardship

SBT special boat team

SC sea current; search and rescue (SAR) coordinator; station clock

SCAS stability control augment system

SCATANA security control of air traffic and navigation aids

SC ATLANTIC Strategic Command, Atlantic (NATO)

SCATMINEWARN scatterable minefield warning

SCC security classification code; Space Control Center (USSPACECOM); Standards Coordinating Committee

SCDL surveillance control data link

SCE service cryptologic element

SC EUROPE Strategic Command, Europe (NATO)

SCF(UK) Save the Children Fund (United Kingdom)

SCF(US) Save the Children Federation (United States)

SCG switching controller group

SCI sensitive compartmented information

SCIF sensitive compartmented information facility

SCL standard conventional load

SCM security countermeasure

SCMP strategic command, control, and communications (C3) master plan

SCNE self-contained navigation equipment

SCO senior contracting official; state coordinating officer

SCOC systems control and operations concept

SCONUM ship control number

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

SCP secure conferencing project; system change proposal

SCPT strategic connectivity performance test

SCRB software configuration review board

SCT shipping control teams; single channel transponder

SCTIS single channel transponder injection system

SCTS single channel transponder system

SCT-UR single channel transponder ultrahigh frequency (UHF) receiver

SCUD surface-to-surface missile system

SDA Seventh-Day Adventist (ADRA)

S-day day the President authorizes selective reserve call-up

SDB Satellite Communications Database

SDF self defense force

SDIO Strategic Defense Initiative Organization

SDLS satellite data link standards

SDMX space division matrix

SDN system development notification

SDNRIU secure digital net radio interface unit

SDP strategic distribution platform

SDR system design review

SDSG space division switching group

SDSM space division switching matrix

SDV sea-air-land team (SEAL) delivery vehicle; submerged delivery vehicle

SEABEE Navy construction engineer; sea barge

SEAD suppression of enemy air defenses

SEAL sea-air-land team

SEAVAN military container moved via ocean

SEC submarine element coordinator

SECAF Secretary of the Air Force

SECARMY Secretary of the Army

SecDef Secretary of Defense

SECNAV Secretary of the Navy

SECNAVINST Secretary of the Navy instruction

SECOMP secure en route communications package

SECORD secure cord switchboard

SECRA secondary radar data only

SECSTATE Secretary of State

SECTRANS Secretary of Transportation

SED signals external data

SEDAS spurious emission detection acquisition system

SEF sealift enhancement feature

SEI specific emitter identification

SEL REL selective release

SELRES Selected Reserve

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

SEMA special electronic mission aircraft

SEMS standard embarkation management system

SEO/SEP special enforcement operation/special enforcement program

SEP sealift enhancement program; signal entrance panel; spherical error probable

SERE survival, evasion, resistance, escape

SERER survival, evasion, resistance, escape, recovery

SETA system engineering and technical assistance

SEW shared early warning

S/EWCC signals intelligence/electronic warfare coordination center

SEWS satellite early warning system

SF security forces; single frequency; special forces; Standard Form

SFAF standard frequency action format

SFCP shore fire control party

SFG security forces group; special forces group

SFI spectral composition

SFMS special forces medical sergeant

SFOB special forces operations base

SFOD-A/B/C special forces operational detachment-A/B/C

SFOR Stabilization Force

SFS security forces squadron

SG supergroup; Surgeon General

SGEMP system-generated electromagnetic pulse

SGSA squadron group systems advisor

SGSI stabilized glide slope indicator

SHAPE Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers, Europe

SHD special handling designator

SHF super-high frequency

SHORAD short-range air defense

SHORADEZ short-range air defense engagement zone

SI special intelligence

SIA station of initial assignment

SIAGL survey instrument azimuth gyroscope lightweight

SIC subject identification code

SICR specific intelligence collection requirement

SID secondary imagery dissemination; standard instrument departure

SIDAC single integrated damage analysis capability

SIDL standard intelligence documents list

SIDS secondary imagery dissemination system

SIF selective identification feature

SIG signal

SIGINT signals intelligence

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

SIGSEC signal security

SII seriously ill or injured; statement of intelligence interest

SIM system impact message

SIMLM single integrated medical logistics management; single integrated medical logistics manager

SINCGARS single-channel ground and airborne radio system

SINS ship’s inertial navigation system

SIO senior intelligence officer; special information operations

SIOP Single Integrated Operational Plan

SIOP-ESI Single Integrated Operational Plan-Extremely Sensitive Information

SIPRNET SECRET Internet Protocol Router Network

SIR serious incident report; specific information requirement

SIRADS stored imagery repository and dissemination system

SIRMO senior information resources management official

SIS special information systems

SIT special interest target

SITLM single integrated theater logistic manager

SITREP situation report

SIV special interest vessel

SJA Staff Judge Advocate

SJS Secretary, Joint Staff

SKE station-keeping equipment

SL sea level; switch locator

SLAM stand-off land attack missile

SLAR side-looking airborne radar

SLBM submarine-launched ballistic missile

SLC satellite laser communications; single line concept

SLCM sea-launched cruise missile

SLCP ship lighterage control point; ship’s loading characteristics pamphlet

SLD system link designator

SLEP service life extension program

SLGR small, lightweight ground receiver (GPS)

SLIT serial-lot item tracking

SLO space liaison officer

SLOC sea line of communications

SLP seaward launch point

SLRP survey, liaison, and reconnaissance party

SLWT side loadable warping tug

SM Secretary, Joint Staff, memorandum; Service manager; staff memorandum; system manager

SMART special medical augmentation response team

SMC midpoint compromise track spacing; search and rescue (SAR) mission coordinator; system master catalog

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

SMCA single manager for conventional ammunition

SMCC strategic mobile command center

SMCM surface mine countermeasures

SMCOO spectrum management concept of operations

SMCR Selected Marine Corps Reserve

SMD strategic missile defense

SMDC Space & Missile Defense Command (Army)

SME subject matter expert

SMEB significant military exercise brief

SMEO small end office

SMFT semi-trailer mounted fabric tank

SMI security management infrastructure

SMIO search and rescue (SAR) mission information officer

SMO senior meteorological and oceanographic officer; strategic mobility office(r); support to military operations

SMP sub-motor pool

SMPT School of Military Packaging Technology

SMRI service message routing indicator

SMTP simple message transfer protocol

SMU special mission unit; supported activities supply system (SASSY) management unit

S/N signal to noise

SNCO staff noncommissioned officer

SNF strategic nuclear forces

SNIE special national intelligence estimates

SNLC Senior North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Logisticians Conference

SNM system notification message

SNOI signal not of interest

SO safety observer; special operations

SOA separate operating agency; special operations aviation; speed of advance; status of action; sustained operations ashore

SOAF status of action file

SOC special operations command

SOCA special operations communications assembly

SOCC Sector Operations Control Center (NORAD)

SOCCE special operations command and control element

SOCCENT Special Operations Component, United States Central Command

SOCCT special operations combat control team

SOCEUR Special Operations Component, United States European Command

SOCEX special operations capable exercise

SOCJFCOM Special Operations Command, Joint Forces Command

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

SOCLANT Special Operations Component, United States Atlantic Command

SOCOORD special operations coordination element

SOCP special operations communication package

SOCPAC Special Operations Component, United States Pacific Command

SOCRATES Special Operations Command, Research, Analysis, and Threat Evaluation System

SOCSOUTH Special Operations Component, United States Southern Command

SOD special operations division; strategy and options decision (Planning, Programming, and Budgeting System)

SODARS special operations debrief and retrieval system

SOE special operations executive

SOF special operations forces; supervisor of flying

SOFA status-of-forces agreement

SOFAR sound fixing and ranging

SOFLAM special operations laser marker

SOFME special operations forces medical element

SOFSA special operations forces support activity

SOG special operations group

SOI signal of interest; signal operating instructions; space object identification

SOIC senior officer of the intelligence community

SOLAS safety of life at sea

SOLE special operations liaison element

SOLIS signals intelligence (SIGINT) On-line Information System

SOLL special operations low-level

SOM start of message; system operational manager

SOMA status of mission agreement

SOMPF special operations mission planning folder

SONMET special operations naval mobile environment team

SOOP Center for Operations, Plans, and Policy

SOP standard operating procedure; standing operating procedure

SOPA senior officer present afloat (USN)

SO-peculiar special operations-peculiar

SOR statement of requirement

SORTIEALOT sortie allotment message

SORTS Status of Resources and Training System

SOS special operations squadron

SOSB special operations support battalion

SOSC special operations support command (theater army)

SOSCOM special operations support command

SOSE special operations staff element

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

SOSG station operations support group

SOSR suppress, obscure, secure, and reduce

SOTA signals intelligence (SIGINT) operational tasking authority

SOTAC special operations terminal attack controller

SOTSE special operations theater support element

SOUTHAF Southern Command Air Forces

SOUTHROC Southern Region Operational Center (USSOUTHCOM)

SOW special operations wing; standoff weapon; statement of work

SOWT special operations weather team

SOWT/TE special operations weather team/tactical element

SP security police

SPA special psychological operations (PSYOP) assessment; submarine patrol area

SPACEAF Space Air Forces

SPACECON control of space information

SPCC ships parts control center (USN)

SPEAR strike protection evaluation and antiair research

SPEC specified

SPECAT special category

SPECWAR special warfare

SPI special investigative (USAF)

SPINS special instructions

SPINTCOMM special intelligence communications handling system

SPIREP specialist intelligence report; spot intelligence report

SPLX simplex

SPM single point mooring; single port manager

SPMAGTF special purpose Marine air-ground task force

SPO system program office

SPOC search and rescue (SAR) points of contact; space command operations center; Space Operations Center (USSPACECOM)

SPOD seaport of debarkation

SPOE seaport of embarkation

SPOTREP spot report

SPP shared production program

SPR software problem report

SPRINT special psychiatric rapid intervention team

SPS special psychological operations (PSYOP) study; standard positioning system

SPSC system planning and system control

SPTCONF support confirmation

SPTD CMD supported command

SPTG CMD supporting command

SPTREQ support request

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

sqft square feet

SR special reconnaissance

SRA specialized-repair activity

SRAM short-range air-to-surface attack missile; system replacement and modernization

SRB software release bulletin; system review board (JOPES)

SRBM short-range ballistic missile

SRC service reception center; Single Integrated Operational Plan (SIOP) response cell; standard requirements code; survival recovery center

SRCC service reserve coordination center

SRF secure Reserve force

SRG short-range aircraft

SRI surveillance, reconnaissance, and intelligence (Marine Corps)

SRIG surveillance, reconnaissance, and intelligence group (USMC)

SROC Senior Readiness Oversight Council; Southern Region Operational Center, United States Southern Command

SROE standing rules of engagement

SRP Sealift Readiness Program; sealift reserve program; seaward recovery point; Single Integrated Operational Plan (SIOP) reconnaissance plan

SRP/PDS stabilization reference package/position determining system

SRR search and rescue region

SRS search and rescue sector

SRSG special representative to the Secretary-General

SRT scheduled return time; special reaction team; standard remote terminal; strategic relocatable target

SRTD signals research and target development

S/RTF search and recovery task force

SRU search and rescue unit

SR-UAV short-range unmanned aerial vehicle

SRWBR short range wide band radio

S/S steamship

SS submarine

SSA software support activity; special support activity (NSA); strapdown sensor assembly; supply support activity; supply support area

SSB single side band; surveillance support branch

SSBN fleet ballistic missile submarine

SSB-SC single sideband-suppressed carrier

SSC small scale contingency; surveillance support center

SSCO shipper’s service control office

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

SSCRA Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act

SSE satellite communications (SATCOM) systems expert; sensitive site exploitation

SSF software support facility

SSI standing signal instruction

SSM surface-to-surface missile

SSMI special sensor microwave imager

SSMS single shelter message switch

SSN attack submarine, nuclear; Social Security number; space surveillance network

SS (number) sea state (number)

SSO special security officer; spot security office

SSP signals intelligence (SIGINT) support plan

SSPO strategic systems program office

SSS Selective Service System; shelter subsystem

SSSC surface, subsurface search surveillance coordination

SST space support team

ST short ton; small tug; special tactics; strike team

S/T short ton

ST&E security test and evaluation

STA system tape A

STAB space tactical awareness brief

STA clk station clock

STAMMIS standard Army multi-command management information system

STAMP standard air munitions package (USAF)

STANAG standardization agreement (NATO)

STANAVFORLANT Standing Naval Forces, Atlantic (NATO)

STAR scheduled theater airlift route; sensitive target approval and review; standard attribute reference; standard terminal arrival route; surface-to-air recovery; system threat assessment report

STARC state area coordinators

START Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty

STARTEX start of exercise

STB super tropical bleach

STC secondary traffic channel

STD standard

STDM synchronous time division multiplexer

STE secure telephone equipment

STEL STU III Standford telecommunications (secure telephone)

STEP software test and evaluation program; standard tactical entry point; standard tool for employment planning

STG seasonal target graphic

STICS scalable transportable intelligence communications system

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

STO special technical operations

STOC special technical operations coordinator

STOD special technical operations division

STOL short takeoff and landing

STOMPS stand-alone tactical operational message processing system

STON short ton

STOVL short takeoff and vertical landing aircraft

STP security technical procedure

STR strength

STRAPP standard tanks, racks and pylons packages (USAF)

STRATOPS strategic operations division

STREAM standard tensioned replenishment alongside method

STS special tactics squadron

STT small tactical terminal; special tactics team

STU secure telephone unit

STU-III secure telephone unit III

STW strike warfare

STWC strike warfare commander

STX start of text

SU search unit

SUBJ subject

sub-JIB subordinate joint information bureau

SUBOPAUTH submarine operating authority

SUBROC submarine rocket

SUC surf current

SUIC service unit identification code

SUMMITS scenario unrestricted mobility model of intratheater simulation

SUPE supervisory commands program

SURG surgeon

SUROBS surf observation

SURPIC surface picture

SUW surface warfare

SUWC surface warfare commander

S/V sailboat

SVC Service

SVIP secure voice improvement program

SVLTU service line termination unit

SVR surface vessel radar

SVS secure voice system

Sw switch

SWA Southwest Asia

SWAT special weapons and tactics

SWBD switchboard

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

SWC strike warfare commander; swell/wave current

SWI special weather intelligence

SWO staff weather officer

SWORD submarine warfare operations research division

SWSOCC Southwest Sector Operation Control Center North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)

SWXS Space Weather Squadron

SYDP six year defense plan

SYG Secretary General (UN)

SYNC synchronization

SYS system

SYSCON systems control

SZ surf zone


T search time available; short ton; trackline pattern

T&DE test and diagnostic equipment

T&E test and evaluation

T2 technology transfer

TA target acquisition; target audience; technical arrangement; theater Army

TAA tactical assembly area

TAACOM Theater Army Area Command

TAADS The Army Authorization Document System

TAB tactical air base

TAC tactical advanced computer; terminal access controller; terminal attack control; terminal attack controller

TAC(A) tactical air coordinator (airborne)

TACAIR tactical air

TACAMO take charge and move out (E-6A/B aircraft)

TACAN tactical air navigation

TACC tactical air command center (USMC); tactical air control center (USN); tanker airlift control center

TAC-D tactical deception

TACDAR tactical detection and reporting

TACINTEL tactical intelligence

TACLAN tactical local area network

TACLOG tactical-logistical

TACM tactical air command manual

TACO theater allied contracting office

TACON tactical control

TACOPDAT tactical operational data

TA/CP technology assessment/control plan

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

TACP tactical air control party

TACRON tactical air control squadron

T-ACS tactical auxiliary crane ship

TACS tactical air control system; theater air control system

TACSAT tactical satellite

TACSIM tactical simulation

TACSTANS tactical standards

TACT tactical aviation control team

TACTRAGRULANT Tactical Training Group, Atlantic

TAD tactical air direction; temporary additional duty

(non-unit-related personnel); theater air defense; time available for delivery

TADC tactical air direction center

TADCS tactical airborne digital camera system

TADIL tactical digital information link

TADS Tactical Air Defense System; target acquisition system and designation sight

TAES theater aeromedical evacuation system

TAF tactical air force

TAFDS tactical airfield fuel dispensing system

TAFIM technical architecture framework for information management

TAFS tactical aerodrome forecasts

TAFT technical assistance field team

TAG technical assessment group; The Adjutant General; Tomahawk land-attack missile aimpoint graphic

T-AGOS tactical auxiliary general ocean surveillance

TAGS theater air ground system

T-AH hospital ship

TAI International Atomic Time; target area of interest; total active inventory

TAIS transportation automated information systems

TAK cargo ship

T-AKR fast logistics ship

TALCE tanker airlift control element

TALD tactical air-launched decoy

TALO theater airlift liaison officer

TAMCA theater Army movement control agency

TAMCO theater Army movement control center

TAMMC theater army material management command

TAMMIS theater Army medical management and information system

TAMS transportation analysis, modeling, and simulation

tanalt tangent altitude

TAO tactical actions officer

TAOC tactical air operations center (USMC)

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

TAP troopship

TAR tactical air request; Training and Administration of the Reserve

TARBS transportable amplitude modulation and frequency modulation radio broadcast system

TARBUL target bulletin

TARE tactical record evaluation

TAREX target plans and operations

TARS tethered aerostat radar system

TARWI target weather and intelligence

TAS tactical atmospheric summary; true air speed

T-ASA Television Audio Support Agency

TASCID tactical Automatic Digital Network (AUTODIN) satellite compensation interface device

TASCO tactical automatic switch control officer

TASIP tailored analytic intelligence support to individual electronic warfare and command and control warfare projects

TASKORD tasking order

TASMO tactical air support for maritime operations

TASOSC theater Army special operations support command

TASS tactical automated security system; tactical automated switch system

TAT tactical analysis team; technical assistance team

TATC tactical air traffic control

TAV total asset visibility

T-AVB aviation logistics support ship

TAW tactical airlift wing

TBD to be determined

TBM tactical ballistic missile; theater ballistic missile

TBMCS theater battle management core system

TBMD theater ballistic missile defense

TBP to be published

TBSL to be supplied later

TBTC transportable blood transshipment center

TC tidal current; transmit clock and/or telemetry combiner; Transportation Corps (Army)

TCA terminal control area; time of closest approach; traditional CINC activity

TC-ACCIS Transportation Coordinator’s Automated Command and Control Information System

TC-AIMS Transportation Coordinator’s Automated Information for Movement System

TC-AIMS II Transportation Coordinator’s Automated Information for Movement System II

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

TCC transmission control code; transportation component command

TCCF tactical communications control facility

TCEM theater contingency engineering management

TCF tactical combat force; technical control facility

TCM theater construction manager

TCMD transportation control and movement document

TCN third country national; transportation control number

TCSEC trusted computer system evaluation criteria

TD theater distribution; timing distributor; total drift; transmit data

TDA Table of Distribution and Allowance

TDAD Table of Distribution and Allowance (TDA) designation

T-day effective day coincident with Presidential declaration of a National Emergency and authorization of partial mobilization

TDBM technical database management

TDD target desired ground zero (DGZ) designator; time definite delivery

TDF tactical digital facsimile

TDI target data inventory

TDIC time division interface controller

TDIG time division interface group

TDIM time division interface module

TDM time division multiplexed

TDMA time division multiple access

TDMC theater distribution management cell

TDMF time division matrix function

TDMM time division memory module

TDMX time division matrix

TDP theater distribution plan

TDR transportation discrepancy report

TDSG time division switching group

TDSGM time division switching group modified

TDT theater display terminal

TDY temporary duty

TE transaction editor

TEA Transportation Engineering Agency

tech technical

TECHCON technical control

TECHDOC technical documentation

TECHEVAL technical evaluation

TECHINT technical intelligence

TECHOPDAT technical operational data

TECS II Treasury Enforcement Communications System

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

TED trunk encryption device

TEL transporter-erector-launcher (missile platform)

TELEX teletype

TELINT telemetry intelligence

TELNET telecommunication network

TENCAP tactical exploitation of national capabilities

TEOB tactical electronic order of battle

TEP test and evaluation plan; theater engagement plan

TERCOM terrain contour matching

TERF terrain flight

TERPES tactical electronic reconnaissance processing and evaluation system

TERPROM terrain profile matching

TERS tactical event reporting system

TES tactical event system; theater event system

TESS Tactical Environmental Support System

TEU technical escort unit; twenty-foot equivalent unit

TF task force

TFA toxic free area

TFADS Table Formatted Aeronautic Data Set

TFCICA joint task force counterintelligence coordinating authority

TFE tactical field exchange; transportation feasibility estimator

TFLIR targeting forward-looking infrared

TFR temporary flight restriction

TFS tactical fighter squadron; Tactical Forecast System

TG task group

TGC trunk group cluster

TGEN table generate

TGM trunk group multiplexer

TGMOW transmission group module and/or orderwire

TGO terminal guidance operations

TGT target

TGTINFOREP target information report

TGU trunk compatibility unit

TI threat identification; training instructor

TIAP theater intelligence architecture program

TIARA tactical intelligence and related activities

TIBS tactical information broadcast service

TIC target information center; toxic industrial chemicals

TIDP technical interface design plan

TIDS tactical imagery dissemination system

TIFF tagged image file format

TII total inactive inventory

TIM toxic industrial material

TIO target intelligence officer

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

TIP target intelligence package

TIPG telephone interface planning guide

TIPI tactical information processing and interpretation system; tactical information processing interpretation

TIPS tactical optical surveillance system (TOSS) imagery processing system

TIROS television infrared observation satellite

TIS technical interface specification; thermal imaging system

TISG technical interoperability standards group

TISS thermal imaging sensor system

T-JMC theater-joint movement center

T-JTB Theater-Joint Transportation Board

TL team leader

TLAM Tomahawk land-attack missile

TLAM/N Tomahawk land attack missile/nuclear

TLC traffic load control

TLCF teleconference

TLE target location error

TLP transmission level point

TLR trailer

TLX teletype

TM tactical missile; target materials; team member; technical manual; theater missile; TROPO modem

TMAO theater mortuary affairs officer

TMD tactical munitions dispenser; theater missile defense

TMEP theater mortuary evacuation point

TMG timing

TMIS theater medical information system

TML terminal

TMMMC theater medical materiel management center

TMN trackline multiunit non-return

TMO traffic management office; transportation management office

TMP target materials program; telecommunications management program; theater manpower forces

TMR trackline multiunit return

T/M/S type, model, and/or series (also as TMS)

TNAPS tactical network analysis and planning system

TNAPS+ tactical network analysis and planning system plus

T-net training net

TNF theater nuclear force

TNL target nomination list

T/O table of organization

TO technical order; theater of operations

TO&E table of organization and equipment

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

TOA table of allowance

TOAI total overall aircraft inventory

TOC tactical operations center; tanker airlift control center (TALCE) operations center

TOCU tropospheric scatter (TROPO) orderwire control unit

TOD time of day

TOE table of organization and equipment

TOF time of flight

TOFC trailer on flatcar

TOH top of hill

TOI track of interest

TOPINT technical operational intelligence

TOR term of reference; time of receipt

TOS time on station

TOSS tactical optical surveillance system

TOT time on target

TOW tube launched, optically tracked, wire guided

TP technical publication; turn point

TPB tactical psychological operations battalion

TPC tactical pilotage chart; two person control

TPC/PC tactical pilotage chart and/or pilotage chart

TPED tasking, processing, exploitation, and dissemination

TPERS type personnel element

TPFDD time-phased force and deployment data

TPFDL time-phased force and deployment list

TPL technical publications list; telephone private line

TPME task, purpose, method, and effects

TPMRC theater patient movement requirements center

TPO task performance observation

TPRC theater planning response cell

TPT tactical petroleum terminal

TPTRL time-phased transportation requirements list

TPU tank pump unit

TRA technical review authority

TRAC2ES transportation command regulating and command and control evacuation system

TRACON terminal radar approach control facility

TRADOC United States Army Training and Doctrine Command

TRAM target recognition attack multisensor

TRANSEC transmission security

TRAP tactical recovery of aircraft and personnel (Marine Corps); tactical related applications; tanks, racks, adapters, and pylons; terrorism research and analysis program

TRC tactical radio communication; transmission release code

TRCC tactical record communications center

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

TRE tactical receive equipment

TREAS Department of the Treasury

TREE transient radiation effects on electronics

TRICON triple container

TRI-TAC Tri-Service Tactical Communications Program

TRK truck; trunk

TRNG training

TRO training and readiness oversight

TROPO troposphere; tropospheric scatter

TRS tactical reconnaissance squadron

TS terminal service; top secret

TSA target system analysis; theater storage area; travel security advisory

TSB trunk signaling buffer

TSBn transportation support battalion (USMC)

TSC theater security cooperation; theater support command

TSCIF tactical sensitive compartmented information facility

TSCM technical surveillance countermeasures

TSCO target selection confusion of the operator; top secret control officer

TSCP theater security cooperation plan

TSE tactical support element

TSEC transmission security

TSG targeting support group; test signal generator

TSGCE tri-Service group on communications and electronics

TSGCEE tri-Service group on communications and electronic equipment (NATO)

TSM trunk signaling message

TSN trackline single-unit non-return; track supervision net

TSO technical standard order; telecommunications service order

TSOC theater special operations command

TSP telecommunications service priority

TSR telecommunications service request; trackline single-unit return

TSS tactical shelter system; target sensing system; timesharing system; time signal set; traffic service station

TSSP tactical satellite signal processor

TSSR tropospheric scatter (TROPO)-satellite support radio

TST tactical support team; theater support team; time-sensitive target

TSWA temporary secure working areas

TT terminal transfer

TT&C telemetry, tracking, and commanding

TTB transportation terminal battalion

TTD technical task directive

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

TTL transistor-transistor logic

TTM threat training manual; training target material

TTP tactics, techniques, and procedures; trailer transfer point

TTR tactical training range

TTT time to target

TTU transportation terminal unit

TTY teletype

TUBA transition unit box assembly

TUCHA type unit characteristics file

TUCHAREP type unit characteristics report

TUDET type unit equipment detail file

TV television

TVA Tennessee Valley Authority

TW/AA tactical warning and attack assessment

TWC Office for Counterterrorism Analysis (DIA); total water current

TWCF transportation working Capital Fund

TWCM theater wartime construction manager

TWD transnational warfare counterdrug analysis

TWDS tactical water distribution system

TWI Office for Information Warfare Support (DIA)

TWPL teletypewriter private line

TWX teletypewriter exchange

TX transmitter; transmit

TYCOM type commander


U wind speed

UAOBS upper air observation

UAR unconventional assisted recovery

UARCC unconventional assisted recovery coordination center

UARM unconventional assisted recovery mechanism

UAV unmanned aerial vehicle

U/C unit cost; upconverter

UCFF Unit Type Code Consumption Factors File

UCMJ Uniform Code of Military Justice

UCP Unified Command Plan

UCT underwater construction team

UDAC unauthorized disclosure analysis center

UDC unit descriptor code

UDESC unit description

UDL unit designation list

UDP unit deployment program

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

UDT underwater demolition team

UE unit equipment

UFO ultrahigh frequency (UHF) follow-on satellite system

UGM-84A Harpoon

UGM-96A Trident I

UHF ultrahigh frequency

UHV Upper Huallaga Valley

UIC unit identification code

UICIO unit identification code information officer

UIRV unique interswitch rekeying variable

UIS unit identification system

UJTL Universal Joint Task List

UK United Kingdom

UK(I) United Kingdom and Ireland

ULC unit level code

ULF ultra low frequency

ULN unit line number

UMCC unit movement control center

UMD unit manning document; unit movement data

UMIB urgent marine information broadcast

UMMIPS uniform material movement and issue priority system

UMPR unit manpower personnel record

UMT unit ministry team

UN United Nations

UNAAF Unified Action Armed Forces

UNAMIR United Nations Assistance Mission in Rwanda

UNC United Nations Command

UNCTAD United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

UND urgency of need designator

UNDHA United Nations Department of Humanitarian Affairs

UN-DMT United Nations disaster management team

UNDP United Nations development programme

UNDPKO United Nations Department for Peacekeeping Operations

UNEF United Nations emergency force

UNEP United Nations environment program

UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization

UNHCHR United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

UNHCR United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees

UNICEF United Nations Children’s Fund

UNIFIL United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon

UNITAF unified task force

UNITAR United Nations Institute for Training and Research

UNITREP unit status and identity report

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

UNLOC United Nations logistic course

UNMIH United Nations Mission in Haiti

UNMILPOC United Nations military police course

UNMOC United Nations military observers course

UNMOVCC United Nations movement control course

UNO unit number

UNOCHA United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

UNODIR unless otherwise directed

UNOSOM United Nations Operations in Somalia

UNPA United Nations Participation Act

UNPROFOR United Nations protection force

UNREP underway replenishment

UNREP CONSOL underway replenishment consolidation

UNRWA United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East

UNSC United Nations Security Council

UNSCR United Nations Security Council resolution

UNSOC United Nations staff officers course

UNTAC United Nations Transition Authority in Cambodia

UNTSO United Nations Truce and Supervision Organization

UNV United Nations volunteer

UP&TT unit personnel and tonnage table

UPU Universal Postal Union

URDB user requirements database

USA United States Army

USAB United States Army barracks

USACCSA United States Army Command and Control Support Agency

USACE United States Army Corps of Engineers

USACFSC United States Army Community and Family Support Center

USACIDC United States Army Criminal Investigations Command

USAF United States Air Force

USAFE United States Air Forces in Europe

USAFEP United States Air Force, Europe pamphlet

USAFLANT United States Air Force, Atlantic Command

USAFR United States Air Force Reserve

USAFSOC United States Air Force, Special Operations Command

USAFSOF United States Air Force, Special Operations Forces

USAID United States Agency for International Development

USAITAC United States Army Intelligence Threat Analysis Center

USAJFKSWC United States Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center

USAMC United States Army Materiel Command

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

USAMMA United States Army Medical Materiel Agency

USAMPS United States Army Military Police School

USAMRICD US Army Medical Research Institute for Chemical Defense

USAMRIID US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases

USAO United States Attorney Office

USAR United States Army Reserve

USARCENT United States Army, Central Command

USAREUR United States Army, European Command

USARJ United States Army, Japan

USARLANT United States Army, Atlantic Command

USARPAC United States Army, Pacific Command

USARSO United States Army, Southern Command

USASOC United States Army, Special Operations Command

USB upper side band

USBP United States Border Patrol

USC United States Code; universal service contract

USCENTAF United States Central Command Air Forces

USCENTCOM United States Central Command

USCG United States Coast Guard

USCINCCENT Commander in Chief, United States Central Command

USCINCEUR United States Commander in Chief, Europe

USCINCPAC Commander in Chief, United States Pacific Command

USCINCSO Commander in Chief, United States Southern Command USCINCSPACE Commander in Chief, United States Space Command USCINCSTRAT Commander in Chief, United States Strategic Command USCINCTRANS Commander in Chief, United States Transportation


USCS United States Cryptologic System; United States Customs Service

USDA United States Department of Agriculture

USD(A&T) Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Technology

USDAO United States defense attaché office

USD(AT&L) Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics

USD(C) Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)

USDELMC United States Delegation to the NATO Military Committee

USD(P) Under Secretary of Defense for Policy

USDR United States defense representative

USD(R&E) Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering

USELEMCMOC United States Element Cheyenne Mountain Operations


USELEMNORAD United States Element, North American Aerospace

Defense Command

USERID user identification

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

USEUCOM United States European Command

USFJ United States Forces, Japan

USFK United States Forces, Korea

USFORAZORES United States Forces, Azores

USFS United States Forest Service

USFWS United States Fish and Wildlife Service

USG United States Government

USIA United States Information Agency

USIC United States interdiction coordinator

USIS United States Information Service

USJFCOM United States Joint Forces Command

USLANTFLT United States Atlantic Fleet

USLO United States liaison officer

USMARFORCENT United States Marine Component, Central Command USMARFORLANT United States Marine Component, Atlantic Command USMARFORPAC United States Marine Component, Pacific Command USMARFORSOUTH United States Marine Component, Southern Command USMC United States Marine Corps

USMCEB United States Military Communications-Electronics Board

USMCR United States Marine Corps Reserve

USMER United States merchant ship vessel locator reporting system

USMILGP United States military group

USMILREP United States military representative

USMOG-W United States Military Observer Group – Washington

USMS United States Marshals Service

USMTF United States message text format

USMTM United States military training mission

USN United States Navy

USNAVCENT United States Naval Forces, Central Command

USNAVEUR United States Naval Forces, Europe

USNCB United States National Central Bureau (INTERPOL)

USNMR United States National Military representative

USNMTG United States North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Military Terminology Group

USNORTHCOM United States Northern Command

USNR United States Navy Reserve

USNS United States Naval Ship

USPACAF United States Air Forces, Pacific Command

USPACFLT United States Pacific Fleet

USPACOM United States Pacific Command

USPHS United States Public Health Service

USPS United States Postal Service

USREPMC United States representative to the military committee (NATO)

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

USSOCOM United States Special Operations Command

USSOUTHAF United States Air Force, Southern Command

USSOUTHCOM United States Southern Command

USSPACECOM United States Space Command

USSS United States Secret Service (TREAS); United States Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) System

USSTRATCOM United States Strategic Command

USTRANSCOM United States Transportation Command

USUN United States Mission to the United Nations

USW undersea warfare

USW/USWC undersea warfare and/or undersea warfare commander

USYG Under Secretary General

UT1 unit trainer; Universal Time

UTC Coordinated Universal Time; unit type code

UTM universal transverse mercator

UTO unit table of organization

UTR underwater tracking range

UUV unmanned underwater vehicle

UVEPROM ultraviolet erasable programmable read-only memory

UW unconventional warfare

UWOA unconventional warfare operating area

UXO unexploded explosive ordnance; unexploded ordnance


V search and rescue unit ground speed; sector pattern; volt

v velocity of target drift

VA Veterans Administration; vulnerability assessment

VAC volts, alternating current

VARVAL vessel arrival data, list of vessels available to marine safety offices and captains of the port

VAT B (weather) visibility (in miles), amount (of clouds, in eighths), (height of cloud) top (in thousands of feet), (height of cloud) base (in thousands of feet)

VBS visit, board, search

VBSS visit, board, search, and seizure

VCC voice communications circuit

VCG virtual coordination group

VCNOG Vice Chairman, Nuclear Operations Group

VCO voltage controlled oscillator

VCOPG Vice Chairman, Operations Planners Group

VCR violent crime report

VCXO voltage controlled crystal oscillator; voltage controlled oscillator

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

VDC volts, direct current

VDJS Vice Director, Joint Staff

VDR voice digitization rate

VDS video subsystem

VDSD visual distress signaling device

VDU visual display unit

VDUC visual display unit controller

VEH vehicle; vehicular cargo

VERTREP vertical replenishment

VF voice frequency

VFR visual flight rules

VFTG voice frequency telegraph

VHF very high frequency

VI visual information

VICE advice

VID visual identification information display

VIDOC visual information documentation

VINSON encrypted ultrahigh frequency communications system

VIP very important person; visual information processor

VIRS verbally initiated release system

VIS visual imaging system

VISA Voluntary Intermodal Sealift Agreement

VISOBS visual observer

VIXS video information exchange system

VLA vertical line array; visual landing aid

VLF very low frequency

VLR very-long-range aircraft

VLZ vertical landing zone

VMAQ Marine tactical electronic warfare squadron

VMC visual meteorological conditions

VMF variable message format

VMGR Marine aerial refueler and transport squadron

VMI vendor managed inventory

VNTK target vulnerability indicator designating degree of hardness; susceptibility of blast; and K-factor

VO validation office

VOCODER voice encoder

VOCU voice orderwire control unit

VOD vertical onboard delivery

VOL volunteer

vol volume

VOLS vertical optical landing system

VOR very high frequency omnidirectional range station

VORTAC very high frequency omnidirectional range station and/or tactical air navigation

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

VOX voice actuation (keying)

VP video processor

VPB version planning board

VPD version planning document

VPV virtual prime vendor

VS sector single-unit

VS&PT vehicle summary and priority table

VSAT very small aperture terminal

VSG virtual support group

VSII very seriously ill or injured

VSP voice selection panel

VSR sector single-unit radar

V/STOL vertical and/or short takeoff and landing aircraft

VSW very shallow water

VTA voluntary tanker agreement

VTC video teleconference

VTOL vertical takeoff and landing

VTOL-UAV vertical takeoff and landing unmanned aerial vehicle

VTS vessel traffic service

VTT video teletraining

VU volume unit

VV&A verification, validation, and accreditation

VV&C verification, validation, and certification

VX nerve agent (O-Ethyl S-Diisopropylaminomethyl Methylphosphonothiolate)


W sweep width

w search subarea width

WAAR Wartime Aircraft Activity Report

WACBE World Area Code Basic Encyclopedia

WAGB icebreaker (USCG)

WAN wide-area network

WARM wartime reserve mode

WARMAPS wartime manpower planning system

WARNORD warning order

WAS wide area surveillance

WASP war air service program

WATCHCON watch condition

WB wideband

WC wind current

WCA water clearance authority

WCCS Wing Command and Control System

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

Abbreviations and Acronyms

WCDO War Consumables Distribution Objective

W-day declared by the NCA, W-day is associated with an adversary decision to prepare for war

WDT warning and display terminal

WEAX weather facsimile

WES weapon engagement status

WETM weather team

WEU Western European Union

WEZ weapon engagement zone

WFE warfighting environment

WFP World Food Programme (UN)

WGS World Geodetic System

WGS-84 World Geodetic System 1984

WH wounded due to hostilities

WHEC high-endurance cutter (USCG)

WHNRS wartime host-nation religious support

WHNS wartime host-nation support

WHNSIMS Wartime Host Nation Support Information Management System

WHO World Health Organization

WIA wounded in action

WISDIM Warfighting and Intelligence Systems Dictionary for Information Management

WISP Wartime Information Security Program

WLG Washington liaison group

WMD weapons of mass destruction

WMEC Coast Guard medium-endurance cutter

WMO World Meteorological Organization

WMP Air Force War and Mobilization Plan; War and Mobilization Plan

WOC wing operations center (USAF)

WOD word-of-day

WORM write once read many

WP white phosphorous; Working Party (NATO)

WPA water jet propulsion assembly

WPAL wartime personnel allowance list

WPARR War Plans Additive Requirements Roster

WPB Coast Guard patrol boat

WPC Washington Planning Center

WPM words per minute

WPN weapon

WPS Worldwide Port System

WR war reserve; weapon radius

WRC World Radiocommunication Conference

WRL weapons release line

Appendix A

As Amended Through 9 June 2004

WRM war reserve materiel

WRMS war reserve materiel stock

WRR weapons response range (as well as wpns release rg)

WRS war reserve stock

WRSK war readiness spares kit; war reserve spares kit

WSE weapon support equipment

WSES surface effect ship (USCG)

WSESRB Weapon System Explosive Safety Review Board

WSR weapon system reliability

WSV weapon system video

WT gross weight; warping tug; weight

WTCA water terminal clearance authority

WTLO water terminal logistic office

Wu uncorrected sweep width

WVRD World Vision Relief and Development, Inc.

WWABNCP worldwide airborne command post

WWII World War II

WWSVCS Worldwide Secure Voice Conferencing System

WWX worldwide express

WX weather


X initial position error

XCVR transceiver

XO executive officer

XSB barrier single unit


Y search and rescue unit (SRU) error

YR year


Z zulu

z effort

Zt total available effort

ZULU time zone indicator for Universal Time


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